• Published on: 06 February 2019
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  • Runtime : 6:25
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  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher   7 hours ago

    There should be a flag with just a wiimote on it

  • Trez Kin
    Trez Kin   10 hours ago

    Yeah im a gamerG - where did my dad go?A-

  • Yeti
    Yeti   10 hours ago

    I'm surprised nobody just used the flag of Kyrgyzstan for their flag.

  • cosmo
    cosmo   11 hours ago


  • Luka Cetkovic
    Luka Cetkovic   13 hours ago

    Who werne't play that 90's game when your parents don't what to bay you network

  • GDAch
    GDAch   4 days ago

    1:52 "No, John, i can't pause Fortnite"

  • Weebs
    Weebs   5 days ago

    Single ❌taken❌original comment❌

  • FatalMLGpro 1
    FatalMLGpro 1   5 days ago

    Are use that five dollars put it into savings for a year made it build up interest then after that I bought a stock that stock is now worth $10 millionStonks

  • Amos Phelps
    Amos Phelps   6 days ago

    5:26 who else noticed that in his bookmarks it says "where'd my dad go" and ""

  • Boba101
    Boba101   6 days ago

    When the flags have consoles but not mobile:

  • scott avila
    scott avila   1 weeks ago

    Overwatch❌Fornite❌Single❌Neutered❌Taken❌Minecraft✔Roblox✔Smash Bros✔Animal Crossing (the memes)✔Gamer✔

  • MJGaming65
    MJGaming65   1 weeks ago

    He used teardrop from bfdi in the thumbnail

  • Communist Hjonk
    Communist Hjonk   1 weeks ago

    Me, watching jack say minecraft is for seven year olds in 2020:

  • Exstreamise
    Exstreamise   1 weeks ago

    With that Sonic and Mario gif, I always hear Take On Me in my head and it makes me laugh every time.

  • Andy Bradley
    Andy Bradley   1 weeks ago

    1:27 was watching this while drinking a glass of water and almost choked

    BARRY JACKSON15   1 weeks ago

    “True gamers wait til marriage, then a little after that.”

  • Felix Productions
    Felix Productions   1 weeks ago

    By getting a sponsor you are therefor encouraging capitalism

  • Ellipufff
    Ellipufff   1 weeks ago

    2:21 that's the Danish flag stupid

  • Logan Shubert
    Logan Shubert   1 weeks ago

    Is it bad that I actually smelled the Cheetos