Incredible Goals Of The Year 2019

  • Published on: 08 December 2019
  • 👍 Incredible Goals Of The Year 2019 ⚽🔥

  • Runtime : 10:28
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  • Lalo Figueroa
    Lalo Figueroa   3 days ago

    Faltó el de cristiano ronaldo cuando anotó gol con la cabeza cuando rompió record de altura.

  • A. Esen
    A. Esen   5 days ago

    What is the last song's name?

  • K R
    K R   6 days ago

    Add me on

  • Jonathan Osborn
    Jonathan Osborn   2 weeks ago

    Great goals scored this year. Ibrahamovic seems to have a contender every year, but for me, His what-do-you-call-it spinning side-back volley goal off that long pass is the best of the year. Partly, I have to judge based on how much luck there is for a goal, and plenty of these long goals are a bit of luck. Ibra does this sort of well timed, well placed, taekwondo shot often, similarly, while its not one of the BEST of the year, that Messi one-touch chip goal from the 18, so casual and confident. Almost anyone else, they might go for a one-touch banger, or miss-place a chip pass that goes in...but this, this is Messi being Messi.EDIT: I had been thinking the Suarez back-chip-curve was January this year. Tough one for me, between Suarez's and Ibra's.

  • Kevin Espinoza
    Kevin Espinoza   2 weeks ago

    Like si no viste goles de Cristiano Ronaldo y ni de Neymar

  • Frank Nakasako
    Frank Nakasako   2 weeks ago

    Sorry but the music on soccer comps is always so corny

  • TaeJoon Park
    TaeJoon Park   2 weeks ago

    Where is son’s solo goal . That is the best goal of 2019

  • Gloria Garcia
    Gloria Garcia   2 weeks ago

    Alguien me puede decir el nombre de la primera concion porfa

  • Gattu
    Gattu   2 weeks ago

    Aduriz vs Barça??

  • Ilhomjon Sharopov
    Ilhomjon Sharopov   3 weeks ago

    It is not goals of the year, you may rename it as goals of Messi in 2019.

  • Abdullah Bıyık
    Abdullah Bıyık   3 weeks ago

    olm score hedef olarak çevirilmiyor la :D 2019 yılının unutulmaz "golleri" diye çevireceksiniz

  • Kainan Bittin
    Kainan Bittin   3 weeks ago

    Messi faz golaços parecer simples de tanto que aparece kkkk

  • Kaden Kotila
    Kaden Kotila   3 weeks ago

    My players can’t score a tap in on fifa 20

  • vi gibson
    vi gibson   3 weeks ago

    People get excited about Son's goal, but i've warching Messi doing that while actually dribbling everyone in front of him since 2008.

  • Mauro Barragan
    Mauro Barragan   4 weeks ago

    7:29 y 10:06 Cracklitos Vela y Vega apareciendo viva Chivas

  • Nekoyasha00
    Nekoyasha00   4 weeks ago

    10:08 : A remix for Vela-Vela-Vela-Vela-Vela-Vela-Vela-Vela XD

  • el C-Cervero
    el C-Cervero   4 weeks ago

    Mucho Barcelona En Tu Vídeo Solo Digo Namás.!! 🤣🤣🤣