How To Stay Positive

  • Published on: 20 June 2014
  • In every single negative scenario, there's always a positive no matter how bad it may seem!
    I'm often called a "negative thinker" but that's only because people don't really know what's REALLY going on in my head and how overly positive I am! :D

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  • eddie war
    eddie war   19 hours ago

    3:24 me every night when I try to sleep.

  • Gator
    Gator   1 days ago

    I love catdog

  • IronEpic
    IronEpic   3 days ago

    Well technically if the glass is empty it’s still full of air

  • iluvpikachu
    iluvpikachu   1 weeks ago

    Ok, this is getting out of handIf you filled it halfway, the glass is half-fullIf you emptied half of it, the glass is half-emptyEdit: Before I hear this crap, imagine it's in a vacuum chamber so the glass isn't full of airalso, imagine that it's a liquid with no oxygendon't give me your smart garbage

  • 로라 [Laura]
    로라 [Laura]   1 weeks ago

    Needed this in midst of this Coronavirus insanity

  • PancakeLover
    PancakeLover   1 weeks ago

    Bruh the problem is I say all this stuff out loud lmao. This is why people get annoyed w me when they are sad

  • Raycrax !
    Raycrax !   2 weeks ago

    How to stay positive: don´t let electrons get to you

  • King Connie Bonnie
    King Connie Bonnie   2 weeks ago

    The glass is obviously half empty I don’t see anyone pouring water into the glass so that means its not filling up

  • OhMirawrr
    OhMirawrr   2 weeks ago

    I won’t recommend being positive now

  • Alisa
    Alisa   2 weeks ago

    Ryan should probably watch this when he is having a mid life crisis right now

  • Summer Bhiv
    Summer Bhiv   2 weeks ago

    Watching Ryan’s videos is the only thing keeping me sane during social distancing/isolation. Anyone else agree?

  • J Wallace
    J Wallace   3 weeks ago

    LoL He literally called himself a pessimist in another video XD

  • Sean choi
    Sean choi   3 weeks ago

    2020anyone??? alll by myselfffffffffffffim kinda loneluwhy r u still readingwhy havent u liked yetbe postivedont get corona be safe wash your handsyour still readingnighhiga

    I Is PUSHEEN   1 months ago

    What if your best friend gets hit by a bus and killed, and then some kid in high school gets run over by a car and then you figure out that your grandparents are in China and might die from the corona virus and you were already severely depressed and wanted to kill yourself? Oh, and, your parents can’t help because they’re busy managing your brother with PANDAS (not the good kind, search it up) and your other brother with screen time addiction and anxiety and you can’t talk to them at all? What can you find positive in that situation?

  • Tesco Meal deal
    Tesco Meal deal   1 months ago

    Friend : I just got diagnosed with HIV Me : don’t worry, just stay positiveFriend : 👁 👁 💧👄💧

  • Mani Sowmya
    Mani Sowmya   1 months ago

    Feeling Negative? x saying negative! = positive result.

  • Melanin and Curls
    Melanin and Curls   1 months ago

    Follow my Spotify and google podcast for positivity: Positive Vibes Sis 💋🔥✌🏽

  • Pro Odermonicon
    Pro Odermonicon   1 months ago

    ...great now i have captivated ADHD in my least I'm a bit more positive now!

  • Gamer Dhanvi
    Gamer Dhanvi   1 months ago

    0:11 Are you sure that's spoilt milk and not ninja melk

  • Biblio
    Biblio   1 months ago

    It’s not being negative, it’s preparing yourself for the worst

    PRODIGY   2 months ago

    My Dog AND Cat died on the same day :(Well at least there are more of the same breed 😃👍