Is Jet Oil better than Mobil 1 Synthetic? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 22 July 2019
  • While Jet Engine Oil is much different than motor oil, it was a fun comparison. Jet Engine Oil demonstrated amazing cold temperature performance and resistance to thermal breakdown compared to Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil. However, Mobil 1 Extended Performance had much better film strength. Please do not use Jet Oil in any engine other than a jet engine or it will likely cause damage. Please keep the video ideas coming, and I'll keep making videos!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • Shorne Pubique
    Shorne Pubique   1 days ago

    jet oil is probably replaced alot more regularly than the mobil so the additives are probably focussed on longer lifecycle... I wonder what happens with jet oil once they're done with it ? probably filter it and sell it as mobil 1. jk,.

  • Ian St
    Ian St   4 days ago

    New Olympics 2020

  • fieldcar 94
    fieldcar 94   4 days ago

    How could I go about sending you some vegetable glycerin to test as oil.

  • Viper 3C
    Viper 3C   5 days ago

    Since both of these oils are made for vastly different functions.  Maybe it would be better to test synthetic automotive oil against synthetic reciprocating aircraft engine oil.  Just a thought.  Keep up the interesting videos.

  • harrison rausch
    harrison rausch   6 days ago

    Hey Gabriel mind sending me some jet oil? Thinking of changing the oil in my air compressor...

  • Animoia
    Animoia   1 weeks ago

    But can it melt steel beams?

  • Tryhard Beagle
    Tryhard Beagle   1 weeks ago

    Why is this in my Recommended? Youtube on crack again

  • Pixel
    Pixel   1 weeks ago

    me: doesn't even have a caralso me: huh jet oil in a car

  • Andreas Larsson
    Andreas Larsson   1 weeks ago

    It would be superinteresting if you added Archoil to the jet oil!!!

  • Sergii Pro
    Sergii Pro   2 weeks ago

    The lubricity test results are questionable. If the testing cylinder is worn out it means that oil lubrication film is broken. In the engine, it should not happen. The metal parts should not have any direct contact with each other. In your test machine, you exceded contact stress for all oils. Plus contact surface is growing exponentially (very fast at the beginning, and slower and slower by the end) because of this fact if the wear spot is big enough, it is difficult to see the difference. I would recommend the following1) to reduce test duration not to create a big wear spot. On smaller spots difference should be bigger.2) Ideally, you should measure oil film breaking pressure, adding force to your machine until you see any wear to determine breaking pressure (contact stress) for each oil.

  • Fhantom99
    Fhantom99   2 weeks ago

    I put jet oil on my pancakes and honey in my engine...

  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer   2 weeks ago

    You should make the wear test with cooked oil too and cook it 10 times.

  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer   2 weeks ago

    Try to make the stand more align and steadier. Even if it was not crucial in this test it can be!

  • Cj Smith
    Cj Smith   2 weeks ago

    Well the jet oil wouldn’t have to last as long because the army changes it a lot

  • Frode Storbukas
    Frode Storbukas   3 weeks ago

    YouTube algoritms: you want to see what oil is the best?Me: ... U BET I WILL!!!

  • Colton Sanford
    Colton Sanford   3 weeks ago

    People's thoughts on Castrol 0W-20 vs competition like Mobil & Valvoline? Competition as in what you can buy at Walmart. Wondering for commuter car to elongate life as long as possible. Thanks!

  • Tony CJ
    Tony CJ   3 weeks ago

    Could you compare Valvoline synthetic vs napa oil synthetic. They're made by the same company. But is it the same or comparable in quality?

  • Owen Tofuri
    Owen Tofuri   3 weeks ago

    How could you dislike this video, i loved it atleast, Thank you project farm!

  • Dean Sapp
    Dean Sapp   3 weeks ago

    Jet oil is only 30 bucks a quart

  • Nopehahalolwut
    Nopehahalolwut   3 weeks ago

    Here's an Idea, which fuel additive is king based on price for performance: Techron, shell or any other. Let's find out if it's worth it paying 20 bucks at Costco for a box of Techron or not.

  • Erik J
    Erik J   3 weeks ago

    What's the takeaway? Use jet engine oil in your vehicle

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt   4 weeks ago

    Thank you for spending so much time doing these test for the rest of us! Having said that, lol, is there any way you can do a friction test on the bearings again after the oil is cooked. I am just curious to know how these oils perform once they are broken down.

  • Gilberto Portillo
    Gilberto Portillo   4 weeks ago

    I wonder how much better would be synthetic motor oil (mobil 1) vs regular motor oil. Thanks and keep up your good work

  • martin peaspanen
    martin peaspanen   1 months ago

    Had a surprise with Mobil One synthetic. I had some quarts in my basement for about 5 years. Pulled them out to change the oil on my Cub cadet and it had darkened with age. Looked like the cooked oil. Wonder if it is as good as the very light fresh oil? There isn't an experation date.

  • Jonathan Escamilla
    Jonathan Escamilla   1 months ago

    First I wanna say thank you for all your hard work! and second could you do more oil tests? Like Castrol oi??

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear   1 months ago

    Turn on captions then start at 00:57 teehee.

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario   1 months ago

    The freezed oils look delicious for some reason

  • GetDASE
    GetDASE   1 months ago

    Is it possible for you to make a perfomance test on all the snowmobile 2stroke oils? Like the brands : BRP XPS, POLARIS VES, ARCTIC CAT OIL, And some budget brands?

  • Don Walker
    Don Walker   1 months ago

    Loving your style Bro , much love from The U.K. 💖

  • ThePolarBearProductions

    Me: Knowing jets fly at extremely high altitude and extremely cold tempsJet Oil in -15 degree Freezer: Am I a joke to you?

  • Techie007
    Techie007   1 months ago

    Hey, could you test Mobil 1 synthetic 0w-20 versus the new Mobil 1 synthetic 0w-16 motor oils? Would be curious to see how much thinner the 0w-16 is and how it compares to the tested and proven 0w-20 stuff.