Is Jet Oil better than Mobil 1 Synthetic? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 22 July 2019
  • While Jet Engine Oil is much different than motor oil, it was a fun comparison. Jet Engine Oil demonstrated amazing cold temperature performance and resistance to thermal breakdown compared to Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil. However, Mobil 1 Extended Performance had much better film strength. Please do not use Jet Oil in any engine other than a jet engine or it will likely cause damage. Please keep the video ideas coming, and I'll keep making videos!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • Bill Hubbard
    Bill Hubbard   1 days ago

    Surprised they sell jet oil in 1 litre cans. You'd probably need a truckload to do an oil change on an A380

  • Adam Howard
    Adam Howard   1 days ago

    I fly 747's the engines run about 20 qts they burn about 2-4 qts a day. keep in mind these engines run almost constantly. Its actually amazing what this oil does!

  • GunsOfThePhoenix
    GunsOfThePhoenix   4 days ago

    You can use the jet oil in SOME roots type superchargers as a bearing gear oil. Though make dead sure it will be compatable. An example. Some Mercedes superchargers (i.e. some of their V8 ones), you can use jet oil with and it will run perfectly, other ones you need EATON type oil.

  • Brock Lee
    Brock Lee   1 weeks ago

    VIDEO IDEA: Get the "Velocity of Flow" during all of the Flow Tests.Example: In this video at 5:45 - The distance between the Jet Oil winning over the Motor Oil was 8-inches; but, also knowing how much longer took for the Motor Oil to finally get across the finish line would be beneficial in order to get as much information as possible. With the Distance AND the Time we can calculate the Velocity of Flow (VoF) for everything you Flow Test. And, all it would take is putting a Timer somewhere in the shot during the Flow Tests.I just thought it was funny that you had to speed the video up by FIVE TIMES to get the Motor Oil to FINALLY cross the finish line. Which made me think, "Man! HOW MUCH SLOWER was that Motor Oil compared to the Jet Oil? That Cold Rating must be terrible." Anyways, this made me realize it would be a good idea to know the Velocity of the Flow. to help people judge which Motor Oil they should use in colder Climates/Weather.Thanks for the video. Take care and stay safe out there.

  • Michael Maness
    Michael Maness   1 weeks ago

    I'll never forget the smell of turbine oil while refurbishing lm 2500/6000 engines

  • ferdie fox
    ferdie fox   1 weeks ago

    Similar properties but better flow... is it just thinner?

  • Sinister Veritas
    Sinister Veritas   1 weeks ago

    Just an FYI, when you calibrate your scale, you should never touch the calibration weights with a naked hand. The oils from your hand will alter the accuracy and precision. Anyway, great videos. Love them all!

  • Edible Cactus
    Edible Cactus   1 weeks ago

    I’d like to take a guess that the jet oil did poorer on the lube test or whatever because it’s not designed for as much friction that the auto oil is. But I’m no professional and I can definitely be wrong.

  • phillip miller
    phillip miller   1 weeks ago

    Oil volatility test ignores possible weight gain. E:x: old alkyd paint, when dry weights more than when applied. Guess why...

  • rdaystrom
    rdaystrom   2 weeks ago

    Your tests are great. Thanks

  • Tcho Laury
    Tcho Laury   2 weeks ago

    Danm bro! Wher can i get some jet oil for my car?

  • adam toth
    adam toth   2 weeks ago

    Maybe you could test the best product to restore compression on 4 stroke motors

  • Terry Arcemont
    Terry Arcemont   2 weeks ago

    Great fun video for these staying home times. Thank you

  • B C 08
    B C 08   3 weeks ago

    Have you ever thought about a Gear oil championship? Valvoline SynPower vs. Mobil 1 gear oil vs Amsoil Severe Gear vs. Red Line gear oil vs. Pennzoil synthetic vs Motorcraft synthetic vs AC Delco synthetic vs SuperTech synthetic vs Lucas synthetic!

  • BTD
    BTD   3 weeks ago

    How much is a qt. of jet oil?

  • Ali Almutawa
    Ali Almutawa   3 weeks ago

    Change the wheel before u try another oil

  • Alberto Vicinanza
    Alberto Vicinanza   3 weeks ago

    “Please don't use jet oil inside your vehicle?”But what if my vehicle is a jet?

  • Fabio Facco
    Fabio Facco   3 weeks ago

    If you have a car it is Mobil 1, if you have a jet it is mobil jet.

  • Coleman Adamson
    Coleman Adamson   4 weeks ago

    4 minute plus mark.....LOVE the music!!! BUT then the 5 minute mark comes and the music sucks again....LOL

  • robert retka
    robert retka   4 weeks ago

    Flying at about 38,000 ft. alt.. It says it is -56 deg. F. outside. Oh my, become a meat popsicle very fast out there.

  • JohnnyJim J
    JohnnyJim J   4 weeks ago

    The biggest difference is the viscosity - also, jet engines run at much, much higher speeds, where lower viscosity is a big plus, and there aren't many parts that slide against each other like in a piston engine. It would have been a better test to run oils of identical viscosities, perhaps a 0W weight for the motor oil would be close enough?...

  • Adriel Menezes
    Adriel Menezes   4 weeks ago

    Don't put jet oil in your car. Unless your car have a jet engine

  • Alby Mor
    Alby Mor   4 weeks ago

    Jet oil is crazy toxic would be another reason not to use it in a car

  • erik freedom
    erik freedom   1 months ago

    you should test extreme engine oils like maxima racing oils.

  • Robert Lawrence
    Robert Lawrence   1 months ago

    I use AMSOIL and now feel vindicated in my choice. Forty years ago I used it in my Volvo and one day when checking out the oil level I found there was no oil on the stick. I discovered the oil drain plug was missing. I got a replacement with no ill effects on the engine, go figure. I still drove the car to get a replacement plug. To bring up another idea what about grease for power tools like drills, portable grinders, and saws, etc. I am wondering if the Lucas Red & Tacky could be used in them or is there an entirely different grease required for gears. Back in the day I used to repair power tools but did not pay attention to what type of grease we used in the shop. Cheers .,. Bob

  • Sparda D'Mon
    Sparda D'Mon   1 months ago

    I think my car flies as is so i'll disregard your warning, get me some jet oil and become a freeway pilot! 😂🤣

  • Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper   1 months ago

    In eastern Germany and the USSR they used HQ hydraulic oil or transformer oil for Mig jet engines! Not Motor oil.

  • J R
    J R   1 months ago

    I am a aircraft mechanic & have added 20% mobil jet oil with 15w-40 on oil changes. From my testing I have noticed a decrease in temperature on the gauge of my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 with 265,000 miles. Filters are cut open no metal found on inspection. Engine quieter warming up also noted.

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga   1 months ago

    Geeeze Sammy, this coffee has a funny taste to it, what do you think?

  • rigman031977
    rigman031977   1 months ago

    I'm going to assume that Mobile makes more than one specific engine oil for multiple applications. Automotive, aero, diesel ect...

  • rosco p Coltrane
    rosco p Coltrane   1 months ago

    I was using the Mobil 1 oil. Right when I hit 15001 miles the engine imploded

  • Edward Abraham III
    Edward Abraham III   1 months ago

    Hey project do ams oil 0w-40 vs the jet oil shown in this vid next please

  • Byron Harano
    Byron Harano   1 months ago

    No no. You don't want to use lubricating gearbox oil for gas turbine engines in your automobile reciprocating crankcase. The tolerances of bearings in gas turbines are much more tighter requiring a very thin weight "zero" viscosity oil. Gas turbine oils are required to withstand the very high RPMs of lubricating parts and the super high heat of gas turbines. Lubricating oils for gas turbines have lower anti-foaming agents, additives like zinc and detergents. Plus not to mention the Prohibitive Costs $$$$.00 per quart of gas turbine oils per hours of run time or miles between oil changes. Mobile One Oil does manufacture gas turbine oils for the US Military MIL-L23699. Seems like good idea, but replacing your good old Wal-Mart brand synthetic oil manufactured for reciprocating engines with lubricating synthetic oils for gas turbines engines is a poor decision and can cause considerable damage.