Is Jet Oil better than Mobil 1 Synthetic? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 22 July 2019
  • While Jet Engine Oil is much different than motor oil, it was a fun comparison. Jet Engine Oil demonstrated amazing cold temperature performance and resistance to thermal breakdown compared to Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil. However, Mobil 1 Extended Performance had much better film strength. Please do not use Jet Oil in any engine other than a jet engine or it will likely cause damage. Please keep the video ideas coming, and I'll keep making videos!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • Garrett Gilliland
    Garrett Gilliland   17 hours ago

    Video Idea: Can you repair a thrown rod through the side of an engine block with JB Weld?

  • Chris Rock
    Chris Rock   2 days ago

    Interesting. Jet oil never gets changed, there are no scheduled oil changes on Jet engines. They do tend to need oil added regularly. It doesn't get changed because oil doesn't wear out, as many believe. It gets dirty and cant perform when dirty, thus the additives to make it last longer for vehicle use, Jet oil however does not get dirty as there are no internal combustion engine byproducts to dirty it up.

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy   2 days ago

    I put jet oil in my Audi. Now I fly down the freeways!

  • Антон MYGT_RU
    Антон MYGT_RU   3 days ago

    Отличное видео. Добавлю от себя еще немного информации.

  • wolfgang1691
    wolfgang1691   4 days ago

    Hey how are you, I wanted to know if you had a direct contact I had a few questions I’d like to ask if that’s possible?

  • Dan N
    Dan N   4 days ago

    Jet oil is made from animal fat. It stinks. Not the same product. I worked on t 58 turbo shaft engines back in the late 70s and found that the oil in the aircraft had never been changed. The engines have been changed but we just disconnected the oil lines and dropped the engines. The oil lubricates a series of bearings and is never in contact with anything like piston walls. We would clean filters and send in oil samples every so many hours. The engines turned at 20,000 rpms

  • "Mr Mate" Z   5 days ago

    Can you try 5w 30 oil in C4 It’s a special low ash oil for diesel cars with DPF next 👍

  • darknova000
    darknova000   5 days ago

    See how long the jet oil can last in your lawn mower!

  • Sam H
    Sam H   6 days ago

    This is no test man, put it in a motor. That’s what it’s made for.

  • Algomi
    Algomi   1 weeks ago

    Ok them ill modify my miata to run on jet oil 😂

  • Komer West
    Komer West   1 weeks ago

    Beat it by more the eight inches. That's what she said

  • m sneed42
    m sneed42   1 weeks ago

    Royal Purple motor oil vs mobil one

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders   1 weeks ago

    Maybe a VOA (Virgin Oil Analysis) would be interesting?

  • Jason Ozment
    Jason Ozment   1 weeks ago

    Here's an ideal for you. I would like for you to take a regular 49cc engine and see how much horsepower you can get out of it using mods.

  • 737tech
    737tech   1 weeks ago

    As an aircraft mechanic for United Airlines, we have cases of that oil in the hanger. Enjoyed the test :)

  • Kire
    Kire   1 weeks ago

    Can't melt steel beams

  • Legatus1982
    Legatus1982   1 weeks ago

    My Bike Engine runs now, 2 Months on Jet Oil and it runs better!

  • Victor Wright
    Victor Wright   1 weeks ago

    After seeing the bacon grease test, why not try peanut oil, vegetable oils, canola oil, cottonseed etc.

  • Jim Bos
    Jim Bos   1 weeks ago

    What fun. I always tune in to Project Farm when there's a new one out.

  • 2drx4
    2drx4   2 weeks ago

    Mobil Jet II is one of the least impressive turbine oils that's still commonly available, as it was formulated in the 1970s. Unfortunately you should have tested Mobil 254 for a somewhat more modern turbine oil.

  • john grimm
    john grimm   2 weeks ago

    @Project Farm You should try MIL-PRF-7808. I believe the characteristics of it is different from the mobil jet oil ii.

  • jerrboy
    jerrboy   2 weeks ago

    Motor 1 Motor oil beats jet oil by .002 "The mobile oil clearly did a lot better than the jet oil" No it definitely did not, he did this with the gorilla tape too. I wish he didn't have such a bias, it becomes a little disheartening.

  • Miyu Miyu
    Miyu Miyu   2 weeks ago

    I tried drinking jet oil and then Mobil 1 Synthetic.. . . That's pretty much it, i'm replying to this inside my coffin.

  • Classical Rips
    Classical Rips   2 weeks ago

    Does running bleach through an engine clean up carbon deposits?

  • Ira Patterson
    Ira Patterson   2 weeks ago

    I was thinking Rotella T6 5w-40 vs Amsoil metric 10-40 motorcycle oil. 😁

  • Ira Patterson
    Ira Patterson   2 weeks ago

    Where can I send some oils to be pitted against eachother in your tests? I'd be more than willing to send the oils if you would be willing to test them.

  • thecrownedone
    thecrownedone   2 weeks ago

    Hey PF, have you ever tried changing the oil in your lawnmower like this:

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma   3 weeks ago

    Please experiment on used engine oil (from vehicle after ~3000 km but filtered) vs same brand new engine oil....... Thanks.

  • Milhaus
    Milhaus   3 weeks ago

    I'm guessing that getting that kind of temperature performance from the jet oil requires sacrificing wear additives. Obviously the people who own multi-million dollar jet engines would want the additives if it was possible.

  • R W
    R W   3 weeks ago

    Could you do a test on Mobil 1 v twin 20w50  vs a cheaper brand such as silkolene v twin 20w50. A lot of people swear by the mobil 1 saying it gives much more protection especially at high temps. Would love to know if the mobil 1 is worth the extra money.

  • Coby Sampson
    Coby Sampson   3 weeks ago

    Please do this test with Motul 300V 10W-40. Thanks!