Is Jet Oil better than Mobil 1 Synthetic? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 22 July 2019
  • While Jet Engine Oil is much different than motor oil, it was a fun comparison. Jet Engine Oil demonstrated amazing cold temperature performance and resistance to thermal breakdown compared to Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil. However, Mobil 1 Extended Performance had much better film strength. Please do not use Jet Oil in any engine other than a jet engine or it will likely cause damage. Please keep the video ideas coming, and I'll keep making videos!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • AngelZeppelin
    AngelZeppelin   11 hours ago

    I would be interesting to see those oils battle it out in 2 engines just to try and see what happens. Maybe mix the 2 together and you’ve got the worlds best oil

  • samspace81
    samspace81   1 days ago

    The twin screw IHI supercharger on my 2006 E55 AMG Mercedes uses Mobil Jet Oil II, stuff smells like a barnyard when its burned and used. 233,000 miles. I drain it and replace every 50,000 miles or so

  • Quiet Kid
    Quiet Kid   1 days ago

    The us wants to know your location

  • Ajinkya Bandagale
    Ajinkya Bandagale   1 days ago

    Can we use mobil 1 extended performance engine oil in bikes?? Because on the mobil 1 website it only shows cars while the oil grade is similar to my bike which requires 10w30.

  • Gen Cent
    Gen Cent   2 days ago

    this reminded me i forgot to buy honey

  • Jeffrey James
    Jeffrey James   2 days ago

    I'd bet the jet oil has less additives that contribute to the volumetric lossin the Mobil 1 with heat

  • Mr Eyeball
    Mr Eyeball   3 days ago

    Didn't test if it would melt steel beams.

  • Lawrence’s World
    Lawrence’s World   3 days ago

    I work at an airport and I fuel planes so this will be interesting to watch

    NINTU   4 days ago

    New game discovered : oil racing

  • Darien Annos
    Darien Annos   4 days ago

    I’m 12 why am I watching this I don’t even understand half the words he is saying

  • John O
    John O   4 days ago

    Just a warning, Mobile Jet 2 is extremely carcinogenic, especially the vapour.As a aircraft engineer I've poured thousands of cans of it (and other brands) and always use barrier creams and gloves.I believe cancer is the leading killer of aircraft engineers (A&P Techs) so be careful.

  • Evans Berrocal
    Evans Berrocal   6 days ago

    I dig your videos. Please do a better job when comparing items. Like doing a small in video picture of the other items so we can view all the items properties at the same time. Creating a table or something of the sort.

  • JabbaDG
    JabbaDG   6 days ago

    Why does he sound like the Martian from Loony Toons without nasal congestion?

  • YourBroBlogan
    YourBroBlogan   1 weeks ago

    Fuck sleep I’m riding the algorithm wave baby

  • Jojo Boy
    Jojo Boy   1 weeks ago


  • Danny Comsa
    Danny Comsa   1 weeks ago

    One more lubricity test to do. After you do all the heat/freeze tests - how about adding one. Return the oil samples after testing to base line temperature then see how it performs against itself. Does the heat/freeze change the nominal temperature "race". In other words heat a sample test it, freeze the same sample, test it, then allow it to come to room temperature and test it against the base line oil/temperature at room temperature - that's the same sample that is heated/frozen then room temperature against the same new oil.

  • skunkjobb
    skunkjobb   1 weeks ago

    If my car is a Chrysler Turbine Car, I guess it's ok to use the jet oil. Unfortunately, I'm only dreaming, I don't have one of these.

  • NinjaOnANinja
    NinjaOnANinja   1 weeks ago

    I feel like the jet oil was cheated when you tested how well it did in the grind test. It didn't have oil recycling. I feel like that wouldn't happen in a real environment.

  • mixter7x7
    mixter7x7   1 weeks ago

    turbine oils ie 2380, 2389, mobil jet II, 297, etc are made for ball bearing / needle bearing /( rolling anti friction bearing ) engines not requiring a heavy fluid layer between the surfaces. these oils ARE NOT made for babbit style friction bearings and bushings. these oils DO NOT form the boundary layer necessary to float a crankshafts, camshafts or connecting rods. turbine oils are designed to lubricate - yet have lower viscosity preventing the oil from making heat and parasitic accumulated power losses through fluid friction. yes- these oils will perform at greater ranges of temperature without freezing or burning as they were designed for that specific purpose. the fist stage bearing of a fan engine can easily be operating at - 80F while the first turbine bearing is operating at 550 c ( 1000 F )turbine oils are ester base. they resist forming carbons. you cannot have carbon forming on / in bearings or scavenge lines. ester turbine oils keep / float carbon in a dissolved state. i personally use them as an oil additive in my engines to prevent carbon from forming inside the engine. about 1/2 qt to 4 quarts of full synthetic. you cannot find a spec of carbon inside my engines. turbine oils were not made for reciprocating piston engines. neither do we drive nails with spoons. we use the tool designed for the job.

  • Kevin Bihari
    Kevin Bihari   1 weeks ago

    One of the few times where 0.5 inch is impressive

  • Jorge C
    Jorge C   1 weeks ago

    Mobil 1 Extended Performance Vs Mobil 1 Annual ProtectionThat’s one I would love to see! I wonder which one protects better and better on cold starts

  • nik doces
    nik doces   1 weeks ago


  • Kevin Yu
    Kevin Yu   1 weeks ago

    maybe that's what rotary engines need

  • me ow
    me ow   1 weeks ago

    Of course it's better!Mobil Jet oil TWO > Mobil ONE2 > 1

  • Collin yan
    Collin yan   1 weeks ago

    im about to put jet oil 2 in my car, it was designed for it though

  • Xehemoth
    Xehemoth   1 weeks ago

    Your car will run fine on 1 oil change per 10,000 miles.

  • dino8402
    dino8402   1 weeks ago

    Jet oils are also made for high altitude... the temperature at that level is well below freezing... so cold is no problem...

  • Ojas Devam
    Ojas Devam   1 weeks ago

    Why is it not good for modern cars?

  • RedEyedJedii
    RedEyedJedii   1 weeks ago

    Can u use a blend of half jet oil and half synthetic motor oil in a 99 Jeep 4.0L?

  • MegaPoxie
    MegaPoxie   1 weeks ago

    Can you buy a jet fighter engine and do some tests with motor oil in it? 😊

  • Mike Castellon
    Mike Castellon   1 weeks ago

    Can you do a test comparing olive oil to bacon grease?

  • grovermatic
    grovermatic   2 weeks ago

    9:47 Well... maybe my vehicle is a jet. :-P