Peter Dinklage on Game of Thrones Fans & Emmy Win

  • Published on: 20 September 2018
  • Peter talks about crazy 'Game of Thrones' fans, winning his third Emmy award, the possible spoiler he released during his speech, shooting the final season of the show, and reveals his favorite shows growing up.

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    Peter Dinklage on Game of Thrones Fans & Emmy Win
  • Runtime : 5:28
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  • unknown
    unknown   3 days ago

    Half man ! Half man! Half man!

  • ashish
    ashish   5 days ago

    He's one of the best actor in got

  • sij 80
    sij 80   1 weeks ago

    The funny thing is he actually did win that fourth Emmy after this interview😂😂😂. Beautiful

  • sij 80
    sij 80   1 weeks ago

    Very Good looking guy and very very good actor

  • Meanwhile in China
    Meanwhile in China   1 weeks ago

    Sorry, but I dont like this guy. He always has some kind of unfriendly attitude to most people. It would be awesome if he could be more like the actual Tyrion.

  • Prophecy of Sin
    Prophecy of Sin   1 weeks ago

    here we see the fearsome pirate fannybawns in his natural habitat

  • wesxmm
    wesxmm   1 weeks ago

    This guy is so cool

  • Van Poll
    Van Poll   2 weeks ago

    What a great Actor. He did such great work on GOT.

  • iClutchDubz
    iClutchDubz   2 weeks ago

    A man is still here in 2020. A man can not simply let go game of thrones.

  • 123 Data!
    123 Data!   2 weeks ago

    This dude is an Alpha male...

  • bbyflip1
    bbyflip1   3 weeks ago

    Thank you Jon snow for not letting my man get burned by drogon 😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok   3 weeks ago

    What if Game of Thrones create a movie with better ending just like Breaking bad , only this may save got

  • Ali raza
    Ali raza   3 weeks ago

    He resembles most to Indian Muslim actor Ajaz khan

  • Rupam Deka
    Rupam Deka   1 months ago

    That's Tyrion fooking Lannister

  • Byzantine Boi
    Byzantine Boi   1 months ago

    There’s few actors I like and who’s names I remember but he’s so memorable you’ll never forget Peter Dinklage

  • Chiku Ritz
    Chiku Ritz   1 months ago

    Its sounds like he's faking the American accent.. He has become English for GOT..

  • Val
    Val   1 months ago

    Remember when we thought Tyrion has Targaryen blood and he's gonna ride one of the dragons at the end fighting the white walkers? I was pretty convinced when he unchained the two dragons in the pyramid.

  • Val
    Val   1 months ago

    The British actors were robbed at the emmy's

  • Nayem Islam
    Nayem Islam   1 months ago

    One of the fav character❤❤❤❤❤

  • mudblud
    mudblud   1 months ago

    I dint even know he American

  • Erica Lynn
    Erica Lynn   1 months ago

    I’m saying this in his got accent .... it’s so weird hearing him speak like me in American lol

  • Nithish Yuvi
    Nithish Yuvi   1 months ago

    Before got, I remember him in underdog😂😂😂

  • michelle fuller
    michelle fuller   1 months ago

    He does a british accent so convincingly, its shocking to hear him speaking like this. lol

  • fimicolos
    fimicolos   1 months ago

    Dinklage: we have one season left though. UUUGH!Me: he knew.

  • JB Cheema
    JB Cheema   1 months ago

    First Yank to do a British accent that couldn't be spotted!

  • Elis Phantomhive
    Elis Phantomhive   1 months ago

    Peter Dinklage is so good at being British that you feel like he’s faking that American accent

  • Bhargavi
    Bhargavi   1 months ago

    I feel like all these main actors knew we would all be disappointed by the last season, before the season aired

  • U P
    U P   1 months ago

    His speech before blackwater battle was so amazing.

  • Nicksiz
    Nicksiz   1 months ago

    The 3rd award for the same show is not the 3rd acomplishment in your career in my opinion. It's just a repeat..

  • 369
    369   1 months ago

    He isn't nearly as funny, i'm disapointed.