Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Far From Home In Tingle Minutes

  • Published on: 17 December 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home, the follow-up to Homecoming, made plenty of money and is a pretty good time. It's not as good as Homecoming, and there are a LOT of things drones can do that you didn't realize drones could do. Oh, and sins like crazy.

    Thursday: Lovey-dovey sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 19:42
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  • Nathan Griffith
    Nathan Griffith   2 hours ago

    yes cinimasins,because it's impossible for the same person from differant universes to look the same,which means they would be portrayed by the same actor in a movie,so i'm calling bull** on that sin of j jonah being played by jk simmons

  • Jadyn Lee
    Jadyn Lee   2 hours ago

    cant believe he didnt mention the pic mysterio used to out peter... it was so awful i went 😭😂💀💀💀

  • HeroesDie12
    HeroesDie12   7 hours ago

    Nothing... there's nothing wrong with this glorious movie featuring my absolute favorite Villain!

  • Soul LP
    Soul LP   15 hours ago

    14:09Thank you for travelling with Deutsche Bahn

  • Zachary Tan
    Zachary Tan   1 days ago

    Also nobody talks about this but the tribute to the fallen heroes at the beginning should have been impossible to exist. I mean, they used actual movie footage which of course does not exist in the actual universe where this tribute was created. It’s not like someone was flying in midair and took a stock photo of the Vision right? Not like Spiderman was there at that exact moment either and we even saw him set it down (camera) somewhere else in (I think) Homecoming. It wasn’t like people took those pictures to use as stock photos. Most movies tend to do this with their news scenes where they take impossible shots to use as the news crews’ footage.

  • Matthew Hopkins
    Matthew Hopkins   1 days ago

    This was almost a great movie, it was only sidelined by the fact they put SJW crap into it; even though it was little .

  • Mr. Bruh
    Mr. Bruh   1 days ago

    You’re channel is equivalent to the emoji movie

  • Sloopy
    Sloopy   1 days ago

    When the sin came up about how Ned could’ve fallen on the tranquilizer dart and shoved it further up his neck, like I’ve wondered that EVERY SINGLE TIME that someone has gotten shot with one of those

  • Luc_YT
    Luc_YT   2 days ago

    if he blipped his ID WOULD say he was 21... it’s not like the year he was born changed...

  • Laura Oueddir
    Laura Oueddir   2 days ago

    That "thing" next to Aunt May on the plate is a sage smudge. It's like incense and is used by spiritualists, Wiccans, hippies etc... to cleanse a space of negative energy. It is not a white chocolate covered pretzel stick with raspberry sauce...lol

  • Ryan Paye
    Ryan Paye   3 days ago

    This entire video, particularly Jermey’s comments about Mysterio, really show how little he knows what he’s talking about(i.e. the source material).

  • KIA Alpha
    KIA Alpha   4 days ago

    Half of these aren't even problems 🤦🤦🙄

  • Fish Bo
    Fish Bo   4 days ago

    4:30 manny delgado is the pefect reference there

  • Raichu753 Siordia
    Raichu753 Siordia   4 days ago

    Says Sony should take spiderman over Me: oh that's why there is so many dislikes

  • Frek
    Frek   5 days ago

    The real sin is when they play Slovakian music in Austria on their way to PRAUGE! Did noone in the studio realize how stupid that is?

  • Bruce Novotny
    Bruce Novotny   5 days ago

    Looks like they strayed far from the original Spiderman storyline...these days everything has gotta be overcomplicated and overaction...

  • mroracal
    mroracal   5 days ago

    I don't know about Europeans loving Americans but black guys are all the rage in Germany right now after I left the service I stayed in Germany two years just to get laid btw that fat kid wouldn't get any play in any country except a cannibal one

  • Robot plays
    Robot plays   6 days ago

    Technically, when that guy blipped, the ID would still say be was 21 because time doesn’t change

    YEETSKEET2001   6 days ago

    10:10 this part makes no sense. He’s making fun of something HE said, not anything related to the movie. He does this frequently but man this is just dumb. Also, 10:48

  • CheyChey :P
    CheyChey :P   6 days ago

    "I'm just a normal, neighborhood Spiderman.""B*tch please, you've been to space"

  • James A
    James A   6 days ago

    "Another person touches that door you and I are going to attend another funeral."

  • Calvin Null
    Calvin Null   1 weeks ago

    In Endgame, other universes in the multiverse got screwed.

  • MistakenGaming17
    MistakenGaming17   1 weeks ago

    4:03 I have always felt he did that intentionally... the rub on the shoulder at the end always makes me think

  • Lil Valor
    Lil Valor   1 weeks ago

    “Europeans love Americans”sin.....I think the joke was missed on this one🤔

  • Lanfusmcnuff
    Lanfusmcnuff   1 weeks ago

    It's actually Europeans wwho love Americans. If you're a decent looking white dude from the United States and you literally go anywhere, the women come to YOU

  • Punctuwuation420 69
    Punctuwuation420 69   1 weeks ago

    I dare someone to make a timestamp of all the sins. I ain't doin sh*t

  • Marco LadrondeGuevara

    ok, this is confusing, but if the blip was universal, then what are the odds that every planet, solar system, and galaxy is in the exact same place as they were pre-blip? Wouldn't most people re-appear in the vacuum of space somewhere?

  • GamerOfNature
    GamerOfNature   1 weeks ago

    Boh actually means "come" in hebrew... And i actually thought that she told him to come over

  • Theo Wesly
    Theo Wesly   1 weeks ago

    16:42 That's a device that can controls very dangerous weapons and peter just hang it in his t-shirt?!

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith   1 weeks ago

    So if the car is moving at a constant speed, Peter would be moving with a constant speed. The only thing that would slow him down is the air resistance.

  • Jdog
    Jdog   1 weeks ago

    f**k jameson

  • Luigi Boi
    Luigi Boi   1 weeks ago

    Wait... why did the band members keep their instruments when they get blipped? And why does everyone keep their clothes?

  • TheJackOfTrades
    TheJackOfTrades   1 weeks ago

    8:05 because there is something far deadlier than anything that could be anticipated(Dramatic pause)SONY COPYRIGHTDUN DUN DUN

  • Mad Turnip
    Mad Turnip   1 weeks ago

    Okay, now I want a series about people blipping in and out of the world.