• Published on: 21 April 2018
    Heath and I talk about sleep paralysis; We recreate the F.R.I.E.N.D.S show intro!

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  • Runtime : 10:44
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  • Haley Bolton
    Haley Bolton   5 days ago

    sleep paralysis is when the part of your brain that controls your body movement is still asleep but the rest of your brain is awake. but sometimes you can hear noises and see things that aren’t there.

  • Busisiwe Thokozile
    Busisiwe Thokozile   1 months ago

    5:36 please pray whenever that happens, Scream the name of Jesus

  • Cheyenne Albert
    Cheyenne Albert   1 months ago

    Hahahaa I have sleep paralysis like once a month, if I'm stressed it happens more often. But I don't have that shadow demon

  • Rachel Reeves
    Rachel Reeves   2 months ago

    i used to get sleep paralysis all the time i did the same thing heath was talking ab like breaking out of it

  • XoRuby WhiteXo
    XoRuby WhiteXo   3 months ago

    Omg talking about that and I’m just aboutta go sleep and now I’m scared

  • Tyler Parry
    Tyler Parry   3 months ago

    Nah I gotta sleep now But I don’t think I will 😤😤

  • Leslie Marie
    Leslie Marie   3 months ago

    I’ve had sleep paralysis so many times. It usually happens when I’ve been drinking alot 🤷‍♀️

  • noah ottomanelli
    noah ottomanelli   3 months ago

    sleep paralysis is caused by when you're in your REM stage which is when you're just falling asleep, so your mind is awake but your body's asleep. this causes your mind to causes hallucinations that are obviously not real, unless your ass is haunted.

  • Reagan Felt
    Reagan Felt   3 months ago

    jonah said it u the most zany baby

  • Maliya
    Maliya   4 months ago

    Omg I would “wake up” in a dream and wouldn’t be able to move and had trouble breathing. But, now I’m learning that I had sleep paralysis. I hate that experience so much and would wake up breathing really heavily. I don’t have a demon watching me, though, like other people been talking about their sleep paralysis.

  • Cory Marshbanks
    Cory Marshbanks   4 months ago

    I have sleep paralysis almost every night shit really does suck so bad

  • — r u there?
    — r u there?   4 months ago

    Iv only had sleep paralysis once and it was very short but still terrifying (it probably sounds less scary than it was). So me and my brother were sleeping in the same room but on two different beds that were only a few feet apart. I was sleeping facing him but he was sleeping facing the ceiling. So my brother was already asleep and i was trying to sleep. I was still “awake” but i was in that stage were it was hard for me to keep my eyes open. And then all of a sudden my brother turns his head towards me (keep in mind the whole time this was happening his was was like shadowed out and I couldn’t see any facial details) and then he starts to sit up very slowly. All of a sudden he started to stand up and since we have a small room we were like about 4 feet apart. I knew what was happening because im very interested in sleep paralysis, so I started to tell myself it was okay and I finally sat up terrified. I looked over at my brother and he was just peaceful sleeping in bed. It still to this day slightly creeps me out.

  • fatima qurbanzada
    fatima qurbanzada   4 months ago

    I hear so many sleep paralysis stories and I'm so scared that I might get it.😨😨😓😓

  • Lani Johnson
    Lani Johnson   4 months ago

    it’s when a Spirit mess with you when you are half asleep that why my dad prays every night before he goes to sleep so he wouldn’t get sleep paralysis

  • Nile Wali
    Nile Wali   4 months ago

    I once read that sleep paralysis mostly (or maybe even only) happens when you're sleeping on your back but I'm not sure if it's true or not

  • Sofie Scomo
    Sofie Scomo   4 months ago

    Doesn't stress cause sleep paralysis?

  • Blue A
    Blue A   4 months ago

    Zane: has a fear of planes/flyingHeath: "I wanna experience something like that"Zane: "A PLANE CRASH?!"(3:29)

  • Alana Whiteside
    Alana Whiteside   4 months ago

    Heath and Zane are literally the cutest people I ever seen🥰😭😍❤️

  • jhaneil
    jhaneil   4 months ago

    i’m so fucking terrified omg why is this video scarier than any scary movie ever

  • Sunshine Guzman
    Sunshine Guzman   5 months ago

    guys start at 4:50 thats how many people i "cut" out of my life 😂

  • kaylee kate
    kaylee kate   5 months ago

    sleep paralysis is scary once i felt like someone was right next to me and it felt like it touch me on my head

  • Dedeypsm
    Dedeypsm   5 months ago

    Yup! My tata (grandpa) said it’s demons warning you.

  • Mya Akbar
    Mya Akbar   5 months ago

    If it ain’t about me let’s keke NEXT CANSE

  • jessica santiago
    jessica santiago   5 months ago

    Dude wtf when they started talking about sleep paralysis I got chills I heard of it before this but the part where they said something about screaming I started freaking cause it's happened to me multiple times

  • Isha Janjua
    Isha Janjua   5 months ago

    Damn now I’m scared asf😂. I wanna turn my lights on😂😭

  • Angie :P
    Angie :P   6 months ago

    I haven’t slept for 5 days bc of my sleep paralysis 😭🥺

  • Teddy studios
    Teddy studios   6 months ago

    Did you know there a female ghost that has sex with men and she like holds them down to where they can’t get up

  • Sarah Hudson
    Sarah Hudson   7 months ago

    Late to this. Watching all of Zane’s and Heath post. I wish I could tell them my personal thought on those dreams. :/

  • Isaiah Galvan
    Isaiah Galvan   7 months ago

    you have what is called sleep paralysis is where a demon possess you while you’re asleep you can’t move or speak. Hope you have a good life Hahahahahah

  • Spirited Manner
    Spirited Manner   7 months ago

    I think I had sleep paralysis once because I was awake and I was screaming at this thing on my light but I couldn’t get up no matter how hard I tried

  • Lizzie Wilson
    Lizzie Wilson   7 months ago

    Sleep paralysis is the devil sitting on you