The Division 2 - Before You Buy

  • Published on: 17 March 2019
  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) seeks to follow through on the potential of it's predecessor. How does it hold up? Let's talk.
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  • Runtime : 11:17
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  • Rapture
    Rapture   5 days ago

    Its like $8 rn, should I buy it? Or is it shit?

  • Hyper Myth
    Hyper Myth   1 weeks ago

    im watching this because its 1 dollar last time lol

  • Beachboytyler
    Beachboytyler   1 weeks ago

    Just bought it for 9$ mainly just because I seen the character customization last year and never got the time to buy it ✌️

  • S.A.
    S.A.   1 weeks ago

    BAD GAME. Like all Tom Clancy games - starting with Rainbow Six. Do not know what studios did these games, all these years, but these games are wasted of money and time.BEFORE YOU BUY: DON'T!

  • RaiD Nick
    RaiD Nick   1 weeks ago

    I hate this game because RDS is cheating and doing exp glitches

  • Yorha13
    Yorha13   2 weeks ago

    can i play The Division 2, OFFLINE?

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish   2 weeks ago

    Do I need to be a ps+ member (always online) to play this game?

  • Edward Helb
    Edward Helb   2 weeks ago

    I bought the steelbook edition of the game

  • loukas one
    loukas one   2 weeks ago

    this is on sale on ps store and i am tempted, i mean it looks nice but what about world war z?

  • Rohan Chowdhury
    Rohan Chowdhury   3 weeks ago

    If anyone still coming here to find it out - DON'T BUY IT. Is a piece of garbage. I spent hundreds of hours on this game, to end up with dissatisfaction and no fun at all. Don't buy it. Go play something else.

  • Baba-yaga
    Baba-yaga   3 weeks ago

    If I knew what is was gonna be like before it came out I'd have saved a lot of money.

  • Charmeine Global
    Charmeine Global   3 weeks ago

    The Place is Beautiful but it has no cars, it doesn't make sense and game the character isn't life. It's just shooting game the special is Beautiful Scenery. Just that, the game is fit for kids but not for people who want have like real life experience

  • Colten Harris
    Colten Harris   1 months ago

    whos watching because its on sale on the stadia store

    TVBUU   1 months ago

    Only playing the free trial for the ela skin on rainbow six lol

  • Mylo _
    Mylo _   1 months ago

    who here is watching this bc its free??

  • Muhammad Motheen
    Muhammad Motheen   1 months ago

    Can anyone gameshare the Division 2 on PS4 with me please?

  • Fodo Fodo
    Fodo Fodo   1 months ago

    Is that online game or offline ?!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy   1 months ago

    LGR, OutsideXbox and Gameranx are my three personal favourite channels on youtube. I love the before you buy videos.

  • Messenger
    Messenger   1 months ago

    It wasn't bad at all, number 1 was better though. This is still a 9. I have about 250 hours on number 2 (you can have well over 1.5k, 250 isn't much tbh) they fucked everything up with Warlords sadly. Majority if not all builds pre patch are useless. I made a decent one in about a week, but I doubt i'll do another massive grind for a Top Tier 1. If you're still thinking about buying I would. There's a lot of content in this game .You can play it solo, and it always seems to be on sale on PSN. The player base has gotten smaller since I was last playing a few months back (though I can still find games pretty quickly, DLC or main)

  • A-ROD 23rd
    A-ROD 23rd   1 months ago

    Got this for $3 on Xbox about 3-4 weeks ago, then last week got some movies to watch during quarantine, and Xbox gave me a bunch of i game credit for this game, so finally decided to start it last night... best $3 spent for sure

  • SuperJulianAnt
    SuperJulianAnt   1 months ago

    I realy enjoy the division 2 youst boght it 😊

  • St0ne d4gger
    St0ne d4gger   1 months ago

    Who is here cuz their bored in quarantine

  • Chance K
    Chance K   1 months ago

    This game is a hard pass even if it's free at this point.

    BOPIS   1 months ago

    This game went so cheap that it's basically a demo overall, the longer you play the more you realize you're reaching a paywall to the expansion.

  • Malcolm PADMORE
    Malcolm PADMORE   2 months ago

    Here's why I get frustrated with this game. The setting is in a post apocalyptic environment. Everything is quiet and scarce right?... So how the heck do NPCs and enemies be walking casually around when down the block there is a whole firefight?!! Why aren't NPCs and enemies going after crates? (Not supply drops all loot)How can you snipe from a mile away and the enemy knows exactly where you are? Same thing with seeker mines.

  • The hardy boys
    The hardy boys   2 months ago

    Xbox is offering it to me for $10.49+ for buying some movies earlier. Should I buy? Yay or nay?

    RUFIORUFIO   2 months ago

    Yeah game sucks wish I would have not bought the expansion. I feel like I was ripped off 😔

  • Aayushman sharma
    Aayushman sharma   2 months ago

    Is it possible to play it offline, or the internet is essential?

  • Mr Cookie99
    Mr Cookie99   2 months ago

    Who watched this after the bought it?

  • The Path To Eternity
    The Path To Eternity   2 months ago

    I bought this game for $3 and played it for 2 hours and have not touched it again. It wasn't for me. 🙁