Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

  • Published on: 24 March 2020
  • HIt them with the ole zap hands - it's Honest Trailers for Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

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    Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
    Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole

  • Runtime : 7:25
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  • na Oleon
    na Oleon   35 minuts ago

    “Luke just got Talented Misses Ripleyd”😂😂😂😂

  • PurplePanda Guy
    PurplePanda Guy   1 hours ago

    I liked it when Star Wars movies didn’t expect you to read all the books

  • forbes foo
    forbes foo   2 hours ago

    They literally pulled a “ready player one” at the end

  • UrbanRose
    UrbanRose   2 hours ago

    dont know if youve done this yet but steven universe the movie?

  • chainfire
    chainfire   3 hours ago

    Just watching these clips... this really was one of the worst put together trilogies of all time... How do you have one of the best franchises paired with all the money, personnel and resources that Disney has and still end up with this.. at least the prequels had awesome saber duels

  • Aravind M
    Aravind M   4 hours ago

    say 'i don't love you, i loooove you !'.

  • joel jojy
    joel jojy   5 hours ago

    u forgot the dialogue i am iron man and one from star wars and im all of the jedi

  • Marcelo Briseño
    Marcelo Briseño   5 hours ago


  • Soviet McDucc
    Soviet McDucc   6 hours ago


  • fco2121
    fco2121   7 hours ago

    Hones Trailers - Outbreak , Contagion and Osmosis Jones

  • Jillian L
    Jillian L   12 hours ago

    You can thank Disney for this piece of garbage because they cut out an hour of the movie, and make J.J. have a lot of stress.

  • Niklas S.
    Niklas S.   16 hours ago

    I liked it.Please dont kill me

  • EvilJ069
    EvilJ069   16 hours ago

    Better than the actual movie!

  • Troy Bennett
    Troy Bennett   18 hours ago

    This video would be hilarious if it wasn't so true😞

  • Dennis Lafferty
    Dennis Lafferty   18 hours ago

    I actually liked The Rise of Skywalker, but this is hilarious

  • Preston M
    Preston M   19 hours ago

    Still had a lot of fun watching it.

  • Eloy Stikker
    Eloy Stikker   23 hours ago

    I thought this movie was okNow I think it's garbage. Thanks Honest Trailers

  • albertftw
    albertftw   1 days ago

    They literally just went full on mad libs with the End Game script to create the final act for this. Still enjoyed it because more Star Wars is better than no Star Wars.

  • Klamath 2046
    Klamath 2046   1 days ago

    The only folk this film pleased was the Reylo fangirls

  • Let's Sample This
    Let's Sample This   1 days ago

    Screen Junkies Hey! I loved this movie. Compared to the Force Awakens and the disaster that was Last Jedi, Rise of SkyWalker had more “right” than what was “wrong”. However your Honest Trailer was so awesome, so funny. This was a great Honest Trailer, guys and gals. Keep it up!

  • Cap'n Mo
    Cap'n Mo   1 days ago

    I love how much the new flicks are hated. The response is awesome. I love it when people are so childish when they don't get what they think they deserve. Top shelf entertainment.

  • Russ By
    Russ By   1 days ago

    I'm starting to think I'm the only one who liked the new films. However, I do hope they bury the Skywalker saga and do more stand alones or create their own trilogy outside of the original. It can tie in like Rogue One or be something on it's own like Knights of the Old Republic, Clone Wars, or a Rebel unit fighting the Empire.

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi   1 days ago

    C3PO: “the only consist character across all nine films”

  • Nidhin James
    Nidhin James   1 days ago

    Finn throughout the Trilogy: RRRRREEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • malloc_free
    malloc_free   1 days ago

    Meh SW IX was more like a very well funded piece of fan fic. Would love to see Raisy Diddlys reaction to your comments on her go-go-acting-skills.

  • TheRanda Poto
    TheRanda Poto   1 days ago

    It accomplished the impossible, it united fans, by making none of them happy 😂😂

  • Mike Laplante
    Mike Laplante   1 days ago

    I had no intention of seeing this... but this makes me wanna see it for the comedic value.

  • René Ramos Rocha
    René Ramos Rocha   1 days ago

    This was so hard to watch. So sad Star Wars ended up like this.