Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

  • Published on: 30 September 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.


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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World
  • Runtime : 8:49
  • meat eat animals vegetarian vegan chicken steak sausage bacon burger cows calf cattle animals pigs sheep pork beef poultry farmland water dairy milk protein calories food health greenhouse gas CO2 animal rights animal liberation antibiotics ecological organic sustainable unsustainable lab meat satire funny


  • Deborah Reilly
    Deborah Reilly   3 hours ago

    We should start processing vegan people because they are like 99.9999999% grass

  • MadMax
    MadMax   6 hours ago

    The meat industry needs to be cut down and needs to be entirely produced locally instead of large farms. Maybe have meat once a month to make it a special thing again.Honestly meat should be considered a delicacy and luxury; and hopefully we can become a plant based society in the future.

  • lonelee
    lonelee   13 hours ago

    meat yummy. wish schools would teach us to kill and butcher our own animals.

  • Spiders, Inc.
    Spiders, Inc.   20 hours ago

    I want to see a video of My Big Hairy Nuts - In A Nutshell

  • Lawman22
    Lawman22   1 days ago

    Cool, still going to eat it

  • OJK
    OJK   1 days ago

    'WE kill BILLIONS of animals yearly, we are the HILTER-STALIN's of history to animals. So the moral of the story is, enjoy your steak. Now what is even more important than the billions of deaths caused yearly by selfish narcissistic advanced apes? Im glad you've asked! The answer is free shit! Signup on skillshare for free if you are fast! GOGOGOgogogogo!!!

  • Rebel Riot
    Rebel Riot   1 days ago

    I love how incredibly fair these guys are to both sides of the issue, including pointing out how much suffering is caused by the meat industry. But of course, for many vegans that is nowhere near enough. I will say this: being an asshole is pretty bad for your well-being, so maybe that alone is enough to say the vegan lifestyle is the most unhealthy.

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here   1 days ago

    Who would know an informative video would be so disturbing and horrifying

  • Entriex
    Entriex   1 days ago

    Ha you vegans aren’t good people

  • E Do
    E Do   1 days ago

    Bob's beges

  • WGMC
    WGMC   2 days ago

    Vegan Gains wants to know you're location

  • Nellowz
    Nellowz   2 days ago

    I had... no idea... just when you think this world cant be any crueler it gets worse wether the posibility is theoretically or it is right in front of your eyes but your ignorance lets it slip.

  • Jason Chan
    Jason Chan   2 days ago

    6:31 Samuel L Jackson, this is a tasty burger!

  • FA Rocks
    FA Rocks   2 days ago

    Honestly if I could eat vegis I wouldn't eat meat but I just can't seem to be able to get a decent cut of greens down my throat X'D Call it how badly I was raised but honestly always hated the big animal slaughter houses...Ironically enough I am from a region where our relatives had their own farms and barns for chickens, vegis, cows, and lamb...And let me tell you that animal who was free to roam over the green planes of Blacksea and the meat they sell in the big cities had a massive difference..Also their cattles were too friendly and tried to lick my hand as I petted them >.>

  • Nautiliam
    Nautiliam   3 days ago

    I may be won't eat a lot less, but I'll try to go more often to the butcher, and check the origin of the meat