How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on: 16 September 2018
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    Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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    How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY
  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • David Mills
    David Mills   29 minuts ago

    PURIFY?!?!yet another terraria reference

  • Comrade Dũng
    Comrade Dũng   4 hours ago

    Phase 5: Union of Moon Socialist Republic appear

  • EXE
    EXE   5 hours ago

    NASA: we gon do it in 2034Me: congratulations, you're a profet

  • Nawawi Awi
    Nawawi Awi   5 hours ago

    I just remember of other fact.Human become weak because of less force in space.

  • The Flame
    The Flame   7 hours ago

    How just hope that one day someone will just DO IT!

  • JoyTheGeek
    JoyTheGeek   8 hours ago

    Good job on motivating NASA to go back and start the gateway project guys

  • Derrick Liu
    Derrick Liu   13 hours ago

    Think about the gravity, I bet all Lunar kids will be weaklings on Earth.

  • ravens beast
    ravens beast   1 days ago

    Thus,the galactic revolution starts and also the western galactic civilisation just like the good old times-WW2 in space with a nanzi alien hitler

  • Nityag Nikam
    Nityag Nikam   1 days ago

    But wouldn't mining of moon affect the climate of earth as the tides are controlled by the moon

  • snokey
    snokey   1 days ago

    that weyland yutani reference at 5:20 is absolutely everything

  • Goredeus
    Goredeus   3 days ago


  • Insomnia Productions

    There is one unseen flaw though, children born on the moon will have weak bones meaning if the enter earths atmosphere there bones will be crushed making thin a far harder task

  • Matt Kovalev
    Matt Kovalev   3 days ago

    I wish I could visit Moon base one day...

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell   3 days ago

    60 years ago. Hmm. I thought it was 50 years

  • Nana K
    Nana K   3 days ago

    Germany flexing their budget surplus on all of us

  • alekzandaaaaaaa
    alekzandaaaaaaa   4 days ago

    Why do governments not invest more in space exploration/ colonisation? We're just using all of the earth's resources untill they've run out. We should start colonizing space really soon untill it is too late and the human race cannot survive anymore.

  • Justo Obligado
    Justo Obligado   4 days ago

    a lot less money would be needed if SpaceX did it

  • Scaitan
    Scaitan   4 days ago

    Uhoh...the coming of Weyland Yutani usually means the end of a colony.

  • Cpt Swoopty
    Cpt Swoopty   4 days ago

    Where can I sign up to be an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper!?

  • Luis Colin
    Luis Colin   4 days ago

    Came back here to see the Rose Tico cameo :3

  • KC Diaz
    KC Diaz   4 days ago

    I'd build a huge laser in phase 2.a.

  • paul guillory
    paul guillory   4 days ago

    i would definitely go there as soon as possible if it got made.

  • Math Machine
    Math Machine   5 days ago

    No wars on the moon! Someone please make this a law, you can do what you want there, but no wars

  • ron matheus dinos
    ron matheus dinos   5 days ago

    I swear to god if this happens and there are wars between clonies i have lost humanity in humanity

  • Mico Lim
    Mico Lim   5 days ago

    Nasa might not be doing it yet, Beacuse raids, Wars, and Revolutions could possibly happen, and if a country being attacked by another evacuated into the moon, the other country could possibly hijack the moon and stop the supplies. So it could be an bad idea to do it.

  • Tyler
    Tyler   5 days ago

    How much would we want to use concrete in a zero oxygen environment? It would only be useful inside structures.

  • John Kapusta
    John Kapusta   5 days ago

    These videos are like the modern version of fallout pre war ads

  • Javis G
    Javis G   5 days ago

    Weyland yutani at 5:18 😍👍🏼

  • Nocturnal 17
    Nocturnal 17   5 days ago

    This would be a cool videogame. To colonize the universe

  • Danny Corona
    Danny Corona   5 days ago

    space exploration is like Darwin's law times 100. so this can be good to improve and push the human race. or a start to a crazier class system.