How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on: 16 September 2018
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    Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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    How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY
  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • Gaming Labs
    Gaming Labs   6 hours ago

    Born to late to explore the world, born yo soon to explore the galaxy, born just in time to browse dank memes.

  • Chuck Solutions
    Chuck Solutions   7 hours ago

    Dude...The native Americans were not murdered in the millions... most (up to 90%) died bc of diseases and there was no germ theory at the time. Were some terrible things done, yes, but mostly it was just two cultures meeting and trying to do their best. No malice intended.I'm so sick of the white guilt that gets snuck into EVERYTHING.Otherwise I really appreciate what you do

  • Fluf Pet
    Fluf Pet   1 days ago

    If there's industry. There's possibility..

  • Julian Hollander
    Julian Hollander   1 days ago

    Kurzgesagt is so mean. 'But you where born to early to be part of it', but born just in time to be sad.

  • FMPT
    FMPT   2 days ago

    What a coincidence. Face 2 is starting in 2024 by NASA

  • Mark Tresztian
    Mark Tresztian   2 days ago

    Seriously, why are we always killing each other, when we could start intergalactic space empires instead?

  • Jamie
    Jamie   2 days ago

    People on the moon must get cool passports

  • Javier Coronel
    Javier Coronel   2 days ago

    Actually the hypothetical moon people would be selenites

  • RGB2SKY 72
    RGB2SKY 72   3 days ago

    Moon: sooo earth what do you call my humans?Earth: earthlingsMoon: what why?Earth: beacause they came from meMoon: oh yea right

  • KitkatKate
    KitkatKate   3 days ago

    or, you know.. you can just go to the mars in 2024, thats fine too..

  • Jack Pada
    Jack Pada   3 days ago

    its funny how he says "the moon is hard... but we like doing hard things" similar to how jfk said "we go to the moon, in this decade and not any other, not because it is easy, but because it is hard"

  • Cheeseng Sim
    Cheeseng Sim   3 days ago

    Kurgehagst: We are good to do hard things. Me: Nope, not me.

  • Futeran
    Futeran   3 days ago

    how would they protect from asteroids?

  • Francis Aselin
    Francis Aselin   3 days ago

    Economics is the answer. If you produce a product or mine a resource unavailable on Earth than then it will happen.

  • CowyC
    CowyC   3 days ago

    Before we even damn do this we humans aren't united yet.Russia and America are still enemies, having different beliefs and plus america has gotten more enemies like iran and probably north koreaFirst of all- "who would control the moon? who makes the decisions?"I mean, we arent doing anything about world peace, government corruption, and povertyWe could do this, but we can't. Resources and effort and even determination to do so won't solve this but rather unification of all the countries, sort of a communist government.

  • Bradley Ballinger
    Bradley Ballinger   4 days ago

    Would a child raised on the moon even have the ability to visit/move to earth? they'd have much weaker bones.

  • David Simmons
    David Simmons   4 days ago

    I dig the inclusion of the Weyland-Yutani insignia at 5:21.

  • David Mcmillan
    David Mcmillan   4 days ago

    Does anyone know if the voice thinks up this stuff, or does it just read it?

  • killerbrainjuice
    killerbrainjuice   4 days ago

    And now we have plans to build one by 2024. How exciting.

  • Horse Nuggets
    Horse Nuggets   4 days ago

    When a base on the moon could be built for 40bn and a railway between London and Birmingham costs 100bn

  • panchi shah
    panchi shah   5 days ago

    NOOOO... moon is too fragine to mine... it will cause disaster in tidal systems of earth and mental issues in humans, since it affects us

  • Koala Plays
    Koala Plays   5 days ago

    My son will be a alien or the son of my son or the son of my son of my son

  • Angel Lozano
    Angel Lozano   5 days ago

    We need China to send someone to the moon so the US will want to build a colony there to still be the best

  • Viktor
    Viktor   6 days ago

    5:24 Weyland-Yutani. Those bastards now on the moon as well. Whats next?

  • Eric J
    Eric J   6 days ago

    You don't need a whole bunch of people up there, just Robot Kevin Spacey and some clones of Sam Rockwell.