How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on: 16 September 2018
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    Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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    How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY
  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • CuppaJoe1
    CuppaJoe1   16 hours ago

    Why not start now?The U.S. Who is over 20 trillion dollars in debt: Sorry, can't affordInstantly turns around and buys a 9 billion dollar aircraft carrier

  • Vladimir Gluten
    Vladimir Gluten   19 hours ago

    and then the moon separate into a different colonyLuners: 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘶𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds   22 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt:Moon Lord (Terraria): I am going to end this man's whole career!

  • PixelCat Mitchell
    PixelCat Mitchell   1 days ago

    People who make Kurzgesagt should make their own country and rule the moon.

  • Maniae Official
    Maniae Official   1 days ago

    We should build a moon base. Then we should build space only aircraft that travel between moon base to meteorites.Mars base is far off. Why use atmosphere to Mars craft. Use atmosphere to moon. Then moon to Mars.

  • Deydrania Smith
    Deydrania Smith   1 days ago

    Fake science. No mention of the fact that human beings can't survive in 0.06G, eh?

  • John Gillespie
    John Gillespie   1 days ago

    Large lava tube caves on the moon can be sealed off and pressurized and used as greenhouses to grow a variety of plants for food and to recirculate breathable air. Large tracts of land on the surface of the moon can be covered with sheets of solar cells that are rolled out on the ground to produce electricity. This electricity can be used to power led lights to sustain the plants. Lunar dust can be sifted and processed to extract the minerals needed for plants to grow. Along with the lunar dust, recycled human bio waste can be processed along with mulch from discarded plant waste along with fertilizer from the Earth to make rich soil for growing new plants. Water from lunar craters can be added as well. If one side of the moon is shaded for a few months, no problem, have many solar cell farms all over the moon connected by fiber optic cables. This way no one on the moon is ever without power because fiber optic cables can cover the moon, bringing electric energy and telecommunication to any settlement or greenhouse on the moon.

  • TFDRezk
    TFDRezk   1 days ago

    I need to live during this time...

  • Scorpion Blade
    Scorpion Blade   2 days ago

    Us government:4 trillion a year on military : D5 billion on a moon base D :

  • Victor Silva
    Victor Silva   2 days ago

    Ummmm Haven't you watched the movie "The Time Machine" ?

  • Paulo.heuman Rodríguez

    The life in the moon wouldn’t last one year, the moon has protected earth from asteroids by 5,000,000 years, so we would get showered by asteroids every day, millions of innocent people will die and thousands of billions of dollars would be basically be thrown to the trash

  • Nancy Zhao
    Nancy Zhao   2 days ago

    看到了好多可爱的细节!I like it!

  • Derek Gratton
    Derek Gratton   2 days ago

    these videos are so addictive. have a break after 3 lessons, maybe watch a kurzgesagt video, and three hours later, im hooked, and i realise i haven't done any of my quarantine work.

  • corrado alamanni
    corrado alamanni   3 days ago

    But should we colonize the hardest part of earth before colonizing our solar system? The sahara is almost unhibited and so are the poles they should be easier than the moon or mars.

  • EJ Falame
    EJ Falame   3 days ago

    Earth: Creative ModeMoon: Survival ModeMars: Hardcore ModePluto: Impossible Mode

  • Shrug guy
    Shrug guy   3 days ago

    Flat mooners will exist in a decade, im telling ya

  • Padfoot Montgomery
    Padfoot Montgomery   3 days ago

    I would of done so much better in school if we were taught in this visually appealing video

  • I Potato You
    I Potato You   4 days ago

    "it's hard to get governments interested in long-term investments in the future of humanity" true!! Because the government leaded by some old crap boomers

  • Mic_Glow
    Mic_Glow   4 days ago

    Current "space law" states you own only the stuff you put up there. So even if you put down a habitat or a mine, you don't own the ground or resources and anyone else can just waltz in and take it (as long as you don't touch or destroy any equipment). This makes private sector and countries unwilling to settle there. New law needs to be written. Perhaps an international fund you buy the land from and payment goes to each member.

  • Bacon pro
    Bacon pro   4 days ago

    soon-United state of Moon???-United state of Mars

  • YoNiMePeino 2018
    YoNiMePeino 2018   4 days ago

    But people living in the Moon would be physically weaker because they would get used to the Moon's gravity, weaker that the Earth's gravity. There is a really interesting episode (or movie, I can't really remember) of Doraemon. They get to another planet and Nobita is like a superhero with hyper strenght because the gravity of the planet is low

  • angry man in a panda mask

    20billion is cheep for government prices cant take it from the military but there is 20billion to go around for something that could provide resources back if cared for enuff

  • BVEsun sun
    BVEsun sun   5 days ago

    moon weak gravity is a hazard for child to grow up.

  • C Gremm
    C Gremm   5 days ago

    "Sadly, it's hard to get governments interested in long terms investments that would benefit humanity"In other words: "TRUMP WONT DO IT"

  • C. Castle
    C. Castle   5 days ago

    Imagine if the government is doing all this right now without us knowing.

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm   5 days ago

    Yes,but I keep worrying that this alien slugman might blow it up

  • cameron burke
    cameron burke   6 days ago

    Moon : We the people of the Moon declare independance!!Earth : 8:35

  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones   6 days ago

    To bad fucking huge ass asteroids hit the moon all the time and that means thousands of people will die .This moon thing wasn't well though out😐😪😴