USA vs Brazil 4 - 1 All Goals & Highlights | 2018 Tournament of Nations

  • Published on: 11 February 2019
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  • นอมา อาแว

    เรื่องชนปลากัด คือชนวนเหตุการณ์ เริ่มต้นฯ 11 - 12 ปี ณ.ตอนนั้นฯ

  • Héctor Daniel Flores

    how stupid to put the name of the channel everywhere, I liked the videos I enjoyed them completely, now they have that name everywhere what is the fear? really stupid to put the name of the channel everywhere and thus ruining the video.

  • Moinak Bhattacharya
    Moinak Bhattacharya   1 weeks ago

    Alex Morgan and rapinoe, both are quite a handful. Surprising that no marking for them, Brazil defense inadequate

  • My Name
    My Name   2 weeks ago

    Could we possibly get 1 more friggin commercial?

  • I am A fan
    I am A fan   2 weeks ago

    The referee stole a goal from Megan Rapinoe

  • Ismail Ketapang
    Ismail Ketapang   4 weeks ago

    Adriana''pertahan kan tim mu " moga yang terbaik di ajang komposisi ini

  • jdtrickster4
    jdtrickster4   1 months ago

    USA National Team's the best in the world. World champ, Olympic Gold medalist. USA#1

  • Isadora Martinez
    Isadora Martinez   1 months ago

    Alex runs so fast searching for that ball and makes the goal! Best goalscorer, for sure.

  • Joseph Fuentes
    Joseph Fuentes   1 months ago

    after mia hamm ,right now I haven't seen any body sensational as her.

  • I am A fan
    I am A fan   1 months ago

    Megan Rapinoe is the woman version to messi or Coutinho

  • HpGprojefe
    HpGprojefe   1 months ago

    a esa selección de Brasil femenina deberian quitarles todas sus estrellitas del escudo, ya que ellas no han ganado nada, esas son las estrellas que ha ganado la masculina... para eso que los gringos en su escudo se pongan tambien las 4 estrellitas en el escudo, pero no lo hacen, ya que esas 4 estrellitas son de la femenil...

  • Bryan Guzman
    Bryan Guzman   1 months ago

    Alex Morgan bebeshitaa..eres la mejor team USA ❤⚘👌🇺🇸🎖🏆

  • Omar Islam
    Omar Islam   1 months ago

    Not tryna be sexist but mens football is way more entertaining and better i just think womens football is just boring

  • Vanessa P
    Vanessa P   1 months ago

    Notice how when the US Women's skill begins to overpower opponents, how the opponents start taking more cheap shots at the US players?USWNT is miles ahead of the competition.

  • Anders Midnatt
    Anders Midnatt   2 months ago

    Brazil has Marta, but USA has Lavelle, Rapinoe, Heath and Morgan. This explains all.

  • A Adan
    A Adan   2 months ago

    was it own goal?

  • E MU
    E MU   2 months ago

    Alex Morgan 👍👍💪💪

  • 仲本正吉
    仲本正吉   2 months ago


  • kharis kresna kurniawan

    and somewhere in the world they forbid women to play football because of religion, how dumb...........

  • Gus Jones
    Gus Jones   2 months ago

    Why don't you show the same goal over and over again? did.

  • Drew Veflin
    Drew Veflin   2 months ago

    at 10:03 why did i think that was abby wambach and glennen doyle at first glance

  • Freedom Storm
    Freedom Storm   2 months ago

    EQUAL PAYFirst ... you’re being lied to. SHOCKING, I know.In terms of their pay as percent of the gate, women are paid 50% more than men.If men get 10% of the gate, then women get 15% of the gate.IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX.IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HOW MANY PAY TO WATCH.

  • ybet1000
    ybet1000   2 months ago

    Don;t want to sing or stand for the national anthem? Want to disrespect our flag , people, anthem whilst representing it/them ?..Then pack your bags and get the f out of here....

  • hanano nina
    hanano nina   2 months ago

    البرازیل لعبو احسن منهم