Anime Food Explained with Denzel Curry, Thundercat, and Zack Fox | Gochi Gang

  • Published on: 26 November 2019
  • From beloved series like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, to the films of Makoto Shinkai and Studio Ghibli, food has always been a massively important part of the anime-viewing experience. But what makes the food in anime look so incredibly delicious? On this episode of Gochi Gang, Reina Scully sets out to have a cartoon-themed feast with anime obsessives Zack Fox and Thundercat. But before Reina can dig into two iconic anime dishes—pancakes and omurice—she’s meeting rapper and comic book-lover Denzel Curry for a manga shopping spree. From a drawing lesson with manga artist Misako Rocks, to a deep-dive into titles like Food Wars and Sweetness and Lightning, Reina is about to embark on the ultimate anime food adventure.

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  • Runtime : 17:36
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast   4 months ago

    What's your favorite anime? Which do you think has the most delicious looking food?

  • C. Mfoumou
    C. Mfoumou   5 hours ago

    Surprised they didn't mention food wars lmai

  • KingJolly420
    KingJolly420   6 hours ago

    Denzel in his own little world when he draws

  • Byron Mayer
    Byron Mayer   6 hours ago

    I love much of just a normal guy Denzel is. Not trying to cool guy anyone just being himself and that’s rad

  • Arfian Rama
    Arfian Rama   15 hours ago

    I choked on my ice cream when Denzel mentioned Zoids,

  • Xander Martinez
    Xander Martinez   1 days ago

    This is why zel sounds so angry in his raps people be doing him dirty lmfao

  • Danny Maurice
    Danny Maurice   2 days ago

    you can't take Zack Fox or Thundercat anywhere

  • James Medina
    James Medina   3 days ago

    I just want to watch anime with all these homies. It'll just be big vibes

  • Matt Wix
    Matt Wix   3 days ago

    Would love to see an episode on Final Fantasy XV's absolutely incredible food, they put serious work into making it look tempting as fuck.

  • Tracy Vision
    Tracy Vision   3 days ago

    Bro I used to watch Yu Hakusho all the time but I watched it as a kid so I never knew what it was called all I could remember was the word stargun thank you denzel

  • Dennis Dillard Jr
    Dennis Dillard Jr   5 days ago

    He mentioned outlaw star gene starwind was that nigga its lit

    JESSE RVZBYY   5 days ago

    I fast forwarded to see Zach Fox. He’s the show.

  • robert willis
    robert willis   6 days ago

    I dont usually stray from action and fighting oriented anime/manga but I highly recommend Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) even though there's no fighting. It's dope.

  • robert willis
    robert willis   6 days ago

    If you watch anime dubbed in english, you probably still watch cartoon network.

  • Kevin Bonin
    Kevin Bonin   6 days ago

    Here for the anime food. Dont care who these fools are or what they have to say.

  • Keith Graham
    Keith Graham   6 days ago

    How does an Asian anime fan pronounce Naruto incorrectly? like seriously, they don't even say it how most Americans say it in the english dubs.

  • PhiZo Official
    PhiZo Official   6 days ago

    Everyone draw something on the omelette in ketchup! Zack draws a coochie

  • psuedospike
    psuedospike   1 weeks ago

    Everyone loves Reina Scully! Great wholesome video!! :D

  • Scumbad
    Scumbad   1 weeks ago

    2:18 Yu Yu Hakusho was the shit

  • Verty
    Verty   1 weeks ago

    Why do black people only watch trash anime for casuals? You can tell they don't know jack when they say "animes".

  • J S
    J S   1 weeks ago

    thank you for this, I didn’t know about any of these shows until now. proceeds to binge watch everything

  • T4K3SH1
    T4K3SH1   1 weeks ago

    the example for trapmusic was lil john right? im not sure about that :D

  • brassberry
    brassberry   1 weeks ago

    Hot Take: watching anime in Japanese is fun, but i watch in English if i don’t want to concentrate on the subtitles to understand

  • E. A.
    E. A.   1 weeks ago

    As a Black woman it is sooooo lit to see Black men express themselves freely, feeling safe and sharing what they love. Thank you so much for creating this video everyone it's so awesome ! <3 Much love

    NOALIASAQUARIUS   1 weeks ago

    don't forget that Zack Fox is wearing a cap that says "xerox"

  • TreaHugger
    TreaHugger   1 weeks ago

    this dude denzel said samurai champoh...........

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme   2 weeks ago

    Wait...Hmmm..What in hell his ketchup drawings at @11:20 ....It sounds like he said..Penis and coouch! LOOL Please tell they;re just messing around and didn't actually draw something like that....LMAO!!! Great video! I personally LOVE food manga and have gotten so many great recipes from the books, or just learned enough about it so I can try to make my own! "Iron Wak Jan!" is another great food/food battes type anime. There a ton more but my mind is horrible at remembering names...LOL

  • Julian Dusett
    Julian Dusett   2 weeks ago

    Bruh don’t forget Oishinbo!! That’s the classic food manga

  • K!TT
    K!TT   2 weeks ago

    Maaaaaaan o wanna hear what these rappers got to say about some low profile Anime shit like serial experiments lain or shaman king