CIA Disguise Expert Creates New Ear for 5-Year-Old Girl

  • Published on: 27 November 2019
  • A 5-year-old girl born without her right ear saw her life change when a CIA disguise expert outfitted her for an unbelievable prosthetic. Callie Foreman is a typical kid who loves drawing and gymnastics, but was born without an ear, due to a condition known as Microtia. Callie's parents, Meghan and Brett, just want their only child to be happy. “She wants it so people don't look at her and point and stare because it makes her uncomfortable,” her mom said.
  • Runtime : 1:27
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  • K-Bun!
    K-Bun!   1 months ago

    Aww this girl is so cute!!!

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea   2 months ago

    Well now if she wants to pierce her ears only one will hurt.

  • Aidan Murray
    Aidan Murray   2 months ago

    Wait? She can’t listen to bohemian rhapsody

  • Chocolate Strawberry
    Chocolate Strawberry   2 months ago

    I like how she embraces her ear and puts a Bobby pin to show it off ❤️

  • iiFxdinqLxve
    iiFxdinqLxve   2 months ago

    My brothers best friend had to have an emergency surgery to remove his right ear. He has to use a hearing aid, and his speech isn’t good. I don’t know if he’s taking speech therapy, or not.

    MAXGUTMAN   2 months ago

    The man has brown hair and the woman has red hair. something’s wrong. I can feel it

  • Jen Dark Energy 384400
    Jen Dark Energy 384400   2 months ago

    The CIA also creates military coups in socialist countries to steal their natural resources, it also orchestrates war on behalf of the weapons manufacturers and helps elect criminals into office to screw working class people. You can build all the ears you want, it doesnt change the fact the CIA is a despicable organisation that should be dismantled immediately 👍

  • Kim Scott
    Kim Scott   2 months ago

    Imagine being late for something and then realizing when you get there you forgot your ear

  • Knockout Gaming
    Knockout Gaming   2 months ago

    My bff has 1 ear it look a little smaller though he is 11

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman   2 months ago

    That's awesome and no surgery. So many people could benefit from this idea

  • Annaliese Perez
    Annaliese Perez   2 months ago

    My friend has the same condition, he had no ear, but in the summer they gave him one, this made my day

  • Jake Playz
    Jake Playz   2 months ago

    I have Microsia which makes me have a twisted ear.

  • samir 1873
    samir 1873   2 months ago

    What about when she grows, do they have to make a new ear

  • Pringle. Person
    Pringle. Person   2 months ago

    Why not just cover the ear with the hair instead of pushing it away? Less money-