MUST TRY Singapore CHEAP EATS! Hawker Street Food Tour of Singapore

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
  • On this food adventure, I went on a cheap eats in Singapore to see what best items you can get at the Hawker Center street foods. And there are many different types of dishes from different cultures like curry, noodles, rice, pork, chicken, etc.
    #singapore #hawker #hawkercenter

    ✧ First Street Teochew Fish Soup
    ✧ Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice
    ✧ Roast Paradise (Old Airport Food Center)
    ✧ Ah Tai Chicken Rice
    ✧ Ah Chew Desserts
    ✧ Soon Li Yong Tau Foo

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  • Runtime : 18:18
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling   3 months ago

    To my AMAZING mother and ALL the moms in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

  • V
    V   1 days ago

    You ve got a cold here I can tell. Hope you’re feeling better

  • Lauren Yew
    Lauren Yew   6 days ago

    Who eats Yong tau foo in the middle of the night???

  • Jorel Boston
    Jorel Boston   1 weeks ago

    Im going to singapore in 2 weeks.....Brothers gonna get his Southeast Asian on...i hear and see alot about how beautiful the country is and tasty the food is....i cant wait

  • Ilana van Vuuren
    Ilana van Vuuren   1 weeks ago

    Mikes videos just always makes my day. And I always love the t-shirts and music he uses

  • Sergio Carrillo
    Sergio Carrillo   1 weeks ago

    Love the music you play good for us to calm down and take things good hahaha you know love the food you show

  • Mike Maha-Su
    Mike Maha-Su   1 weeks ago

    No BBQ duck in Singapore? Or it s not popular there?

  • YGhappyvirus
    YGhappyvirus   2 weeks ago

    MIKEYYYYYYY would you move to Singapore?

  • berrygummy
    berrygummy   2 weeks ago

    I don’t understand that yong tau fu place only open from midnight to 3 am??? Who eat around that time??!!!

  • Berenice
    Berenice   2 weeks ago

    try the 可口面 at bukit panjang and the soi 19 wanton mee at jurong east

  • Millennial Travel Confessions

    I'm watching you diving into that pork belly all I want right now is a portion for myself 😍😍 it looks insane! Surprised to see you eating it with fork instead of 🥢 preference?

  • Ng Say Keong
    Ng Say Keong   2 weeks ago

    I live in Singapore and I know better food

  • jiayee Thoe
    jiayee Thoe   2 weeks ago

    You need to try “Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice” at Katong Shopping Centre

  • Edgar Arvin Perez
    Edgar Arvin Perez   2 weeks ago

    Excited to go on the place you went there in SG. Will be there in 2 weeks!!!

  • Edgar Arvin Perez
    Edgar Arvin Perez   2 weeks ago

    Excited to go on the place you went there in SG. Will be there in 2 weeks!!!

  • df990649
    df990649   2 weeks ago

    why don't you give Malaysian food a try ? :)

  • Chan Glen
    Chan Glen   2 weeks ago

    Oh mann, you should really try the white chicken rice at Chinatown market on level 2. Shop name Heng Ji. Give it a go when you're back here! Thumbs up!!

  • Ruadhagain
    Ruadhagain   2 weeks ago

    LOL he said he'll take a number two

  • Sea
    Sea   2 weeks ago

    His videos do not help when on a diet...

  • moli1623
    moli1623   3 weeks ago

    Mike I was wondering how do you deal with foreign countries germs and avoiding getting sick?

  • DeaDei
    DeaDei   3 weeks ago

    I’m bothered by the fact that he eats rice with a fork. The Filipino in me is cringing.

  • Xkkj Gaming
    Xkkj Gaming   3 weeks ago

    Oh I love roast paradise food king recommended it

  • Carissa Ko
    Carissa Ko   3 weeks ago

    You have to use a spoon and fork when you eat! It's the Singaporean way!

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey   3 weeks ago

    I like this one best is very cheap and look good healthy foods very good thank you for sharing your beautiful food enjoy your holiday there thank you

  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape   4 weeks ago

    The new generation doesn’t want to take over their families stalls. The tradition is being lost day by day so eat as much stall food as possible before it’s gone for good.

  • tiffany ee
    tiffany ee   1 months ago

    The best hainan chicken rice is from Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice at the basement of Katong Shopping Centre!

  • Glutton Bud TV 饞嘴新頻道

    Fish soup in Singapore is healthy and tasty 😎 there are some other famous stall too, wish I can have it everyday!

  • Tm Media
    Tm Media   1 months ago

    Blk 58 marketplace New Upper Changi Rd, Selera Kita, BEST mee Rebus in Singapore. Been hunting the all stores in my life and that takes the cake. MUST. TRY.

  • Happy Michie Worriah
    Happy Michie Worriah   1 months ago

    Yong Tau fu heals wowww soulmate food.share the foodddd..haha or order one dessert and ...

  • Happy Michie Worriah
    Happy Michie Worriah   1 months ago

    Tian yum as u ate.. haha u still bought ..toa payoh chicken rice.grren juice or tea