Rapsody Raps Powerful ‘Nina’ And ‘Serena’ Performance! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

  • Published on: 09 October 2019
  • Rapsody performs a ‘Nina’ and ‘Serena’ at the 2019 Hip Hop Awards! #HipHopAwards #HipHopAwards2019

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  • Runtime : 4:54
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  • A bL
    A bL   1 days ago


  • King Of the North
    King Of the North   1 weeks ago

    Y’all can keep fronting she caught both Kenny and Cole slipping! Until they get that back on her she the best rapper alive!

  • SA H
    SA H   3 weeks ago

    Rhapsody too much for the headless, dead crowd in that room... She's above and beyond all them. Spiritually, Mentally, Ethically.Sister was spitting some fire.! Made them women and men in their feel a little uncomfortable... HahhahaThese sheep's ain't on her wavelength.!

    HIMANSHU GAUR   1 months ago


  • Tia Joy
    Tia Joy   1 months ago

    She's underrated period 😊💛

  • Alex Johnny
    Alex Johnny   1 months ago

    She raps better than 90% of the rappers out there. Much love.

  • Ceci Kilo
    Ceci Kilo   1 months ago

    The sun will always rest on black women!!! She is a gift from THE ELOHIM!!! I love her!!! Big ups to Rhapsody!!

  • OYN !
    OYN !   2 months ago

    Rapsody Americas Greatest Fear

  • Black Beauty Domme Supremacy

    See what had happened was ... She completely mind scalped that audience they were NOT ready! Queen totally blew them away with her profoundly phenomenal words of Black Power and 💯facts. Wwwaaaayyyy too deep, not naked enough, melanine too dark for some, too powerful, not talking about her p*ssy, unapologetically don't give a f*ck, revolutionary and woke🌷

  • Dee Marie
    Dee Marie   2 months ago

    idc, i’d be that one chic standing and vibing with her...dopest mc and only mc on repeat with me!!!

  • Jae Paul
    Jae Paul   2 months ago

    And look how many views this joint got... smhBut listening to this song, Rapsody contradicting herself big time. Really hurt her whole message.

  • Ronaldo Malcom
    Ronaldo Malcom   3 months ago

    I thought it was cool that Meg was vibing to it. Especially when one would see these two has being on opposite sides of the spectrum

  • wen i
    wen i   3 months ago

    So annoying the lack of recognition this girl talent get but y'all want to listen to cardi b smh

  • Mike B
    Mike B   4 months ago

    Best female artist to ever touch the mic

  • Aryel T
    Aryel T   4 months ago

    Rapsody respect Queen💯🥰

  • PropheSAY
    PropheSAY   4 months ago

    Glad she got this platform, since the Grammy's shut her out... but damn that audience was dry.

  • Valencia Vasquez
    Valencia Vasquez   4 months ago

    She's on point blsnk peri-odd. Love her vibe & lyrics..fly fire

  • Mark Ellzy
    Mark Ellzy   4 months ago

    Bruh people in the comments talking about the crowd being dead. I don’t think their dead first of all them award shows are really long. And second this ain’t that type of performance to dance to this is one for the people to be quiet and listen

  • pieceofvibe
    pieceofvibe   5 months ago

    0:46 skip the whack intro by Duval...

  • BlackQueen0109
    BlackQueen0109   5 months ago

    She is #1 lyricist right now!!!!! This is so fire!!!!!! The band is fire!! This arrangement is fire!!!! This is #1 rap performance of the decade!!!


    Sadly the crowd don't understand they slaves n rapsody prolly only 1 in that building that is free...rip nipsey

  • B King
    B King   5 months ago

    Why was I cheering for this queen the entire verse lol.

  • Christopher Brown5
    Christopher Brown5   5 months ago

    Being from or near the 252 and making it this far in the game is a blessing!

  • N Daniels
    N Daniels   5 months ago

    You cant tell me she aint listen to da brat!! That bounce and flow