Playing Episode: Love Life

  • Published on: 15 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 27:18
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  • King L
    King L   14 hours ago

    im sad it was just socks lmao

  • audrey c
    audrey c   1 days ago

    Julien: "I can't believe this game exists its horrible"Jenna: "dare or truth"Julien: "dare come on! Daaare"

    HYDRANGEA   1 days ago

    You guys should play date arianne

  • Liz S
    Liz S   1 days ago


  • Taylor L
    Taylor L   2 days ago

    pls do another this was so funny

  • HempaArt
    HempaArt   2 days ago

    Petition for Jenna to make a part two

  • Madison Potter-Moen
    Madison Potter-Moen   3 days ago

    lawyer jenna: attempted manslaughterjury with limited knowledge of the law and different requirements for charges: yes.

  • Lynn Wolf
    Lynn Wolf   3 days ago

    I think it's time for part 2 😄❤

  • Jacinta A
    Jacinta A   4 days ago

    Pleaseee do a part 2 for everyone in isolation (which is everyone) haha !!

  • nako's lily
    nako's lily   4 days ago

    i'm seriously a child but the "beech" kills me every time

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte   4 days ago

    Why have you not made any more of these videos? That was hilarious

  • ya like jazz
    ya like jazz   4 days ago

    "That shirt looks good, it would look better under the hood of my car"

  • Lisa Tried 17
    Lisa Tried 17   4 days ago

    Who falls for a guy who casually flirts with girls even when in a relationship. That's a major turn off! If you get together, he'll just do to you what he did to his past girlfriends. Anyway, this is just a game, I gotta calm down.Btw, watching this for the nth time, I still can't wait for part two.