My First Primark Haul

  • Published on: 25 February 2017
  • I've been waiting YEARS. And yes, it was a wild ride! Happy Friday my bbs!

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  • Runtime : 11:7
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard   3 years ago

    happy friday bbs! next video coming at u soon - my top 10 favorite lipsticks ❤ look out for it on monday! :) <3

    FREEKY MODZ   21 hours ago


  • kanna kamui
    kanna kamui   1 days ago

    i thought you went to the UK ,but oh well,i guess not yet.

  • Bunny - Misfit System

    as a british person this is so weird as primark is where i get 99% of my clothes so its so normal to me

  • Megan Lay
    Megan Lay   5 days ago

    I'm from the UK and our Primarks are generally regarded as trash 😂 the bedding is quite nice and it's good for cheap pillows and duvets and lil decorations. But the clothing disintegrates quickly and normally the floor is covered in stock 😂 good for socks and tights 👌

  • Cryptic Pics
    Cryptic Pics   1 weeks ago

    Come to a Primark in England for the true experience :)

  • Catcopper 45
    Catcopper 45   1 weeks ago

    That’s no primark! Where are the chavs? The clothes scattered across the floor?

  • rachmach
    rachmach   1 weeks ago

    Ok I know this is like 3 years late but "You can never have too much Harry Potter merchandise" still rings true. I applauded.

  • Stranger Sez
    Stranger Sez   1 weeks ago

    I’m too cheap for any other shop so I love primark

  • Jess Skye
    Jess Skye   1 weeks ago

    I think all the British people agree that where she went wasn’t really “ Primark “ 😂😂

  • Shelby G.
    Shelby G.   1 weeks ago

    Primark= Impulse buying x1000

  • May McGowan
    May McGowan   1 weeks ago

    Primark's are everywhere in England (at least near my home town) so this was very entertaining to watch😂

  • Shannon Dyas
    Shannon Dyas   1 weeks ago

    Haha in Ireland Penneys is not a shop it's a religion

  • Diana Bautista
    Diana Bautista   1 weeks ago

    I hadn't heard of Primark and now I need to find one. LoL

  • Tess K O'Callaghan
    Tess K O'Callaghan   2 weeks ago

    Safiya “I’ve never been to primark” Me “I’m a Canadian, and I’m Scottish so I’ve never heard of half the things you mentioned so it’s ok”

  • Ellie Shaw
    Ellie Shaw   2 weeks ago

    It’s pronounced preeeemark 😬👌

  • Holly-Mae x 2004
    Holly-Mae x 2004   2 weeks ago

    I might as well just live in Primark I'm in there so much !💕

  • Alyeska Romero
    Alyeska Romero   3 weeks ago

    Idk what happened but my Alaskan butt thought that it was called Prismark with an “s”

  • Paddy Quinn
    Paddy Quinn   3 weeks ago

    Primark is the Irish way to say it. its pennies and btw you say it like preemark

  • Candyflossm !!!
    Candyflossm !!!   3 weeks ago

    I’m here in England getting most of my clothes from there

  • Clara Citra
    Clara Citra   3 weeks ago

    4:43 if u like to putting that pillow between your leg, why dont you buy a 'guling' ? I swear you will like it 🙈🙉

  • Izzy DelTergo
    Izzy DelTergo   3 weeks ago

    I'm doing a binge watch of Safiya's videos and just notice i live right near that mall. It's really big but i know where everything in the mall is. I shop way to much ;).

  • Fabio Galletti
    Fabio Galletti   3 weeks ago

    I kinda miss those Vlog-ish, at ease, in-the-wild content.When world get back to normal, kinda hope to have those "rolling around" back, in between the contents I love.Maybe for Ty's channel?

  • Azdika Afsana
    Azdika Afsana   4 weeks ago

    i had this friends' hoodie and two other hoodies from primark, three pairs of fluffy slippers they were so good

  • mersudaa
    mersudaa   4 weeks ago

    I thought she said moomins and stars... I'm too tired. I guess moomins could be celestial beings 🤷

  • PecanSandees23
    PecanSandees23   4 weeks ago

    Love Primark. The cashiers, even when crowded, move quickly. But no, you cannot purchase online.

  • Pajama Pie
    Pajama Pie   1 months ago

    I want a Sadira Nygaard reacts to the A Very Potter Musical series because she was just singing from Potter Puppet Pals.

  • The Wolf pack
    The Wolf pack   1 months ago

    I can see two primark shops from my bedroom window.