‘The GOAT’ | Game of Zones Series Finale S7E4

  • Published on: 21 May 2020
  • The battle between the Realm and the Dream Team has been decided, while the one true GOAT has been named. The epic conclusion of the series is here. (@StateFarm)

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  • Runtime : 12:25
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  • Busani Mhlanga
    Busani Mhlanga   46 minuts ago

    I get that this was to mock Game of Thrones' terrible ending ( Cause that shit was trash fr fr ) But damn there were so many different story lines in the league before it was stopped, we couldn't make more episodes and incorporated those into it, before making your point, like how you did with the other seasons (Cause you did it beautifully before that's why this GOZ was amazing). This just left me disappointed cause the whole 7th season was just bad

  • Leon
    Leon   1 hours ago

    I hate Kyrie

  • Leon
    Leon   1 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about when they told Rudy gobert to touch Jordan’s face😭

  • Millz Lane
    Millz Lane   1 hours ago

    Who else ignored Paul Pierce standing up at the end.

  • Moshe
    Moshe   1 hours ago

    The only 🐐 is Kobe

  • Thaya rasa ukiiij
    Thaya rasa ukiiij   1 hours ago

    No i loved game roof zone that can't be the end and i would miss it too and game of zone is literally my life

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy   2 hours ago

    The Last Dance Battle is full of darkness and hard to see, but still more visible than the battle of white walkers in GOT

  • Serious
    Serious   3 hours ago

    They trolled LeBron like a MF 😂

  • Scooter Ball
    Scooter Ball   3 hours ago

    Normally we’d be getting another episode of Game of Zones right now 😔

  • Isaiah Stewart
    Isaiah Stewart   3 hours ago

    Paul Pierce lost HORSE to Zach LaVine. GOAT LaVine.

  • Anwar Wallace
    Anwar Wallace   3 hours ago

    Paul pierce definitely not the goat...😂😂😂

  • Carter Hudson
    Carter Hudson   4 hours ago

    I thought we were supposed to be better than game of thrones here :'(

  • Nockulus
    Nockulus   6 hours ago

    “I beat Jordan in his prime , I just didn’t have the cameras on”

  • Corey A. Moore
    Corey A. Moore   8 hours ago

    Another absolute gem ... minus the ending😂😂

  • Daniel McCauley
    Daniel McCauley   12 hours ago

    It makes sense that it's over cuz GoT is over but I mean just rip off another older show and do the same thing this is too good. HBO has at least 3 or 4 all time classics you could do. Sopranos, 6 feet under, The Wire, Deadwood pick anyone and do a similar thing.

  • Paul Ly
    Paul Ly   12 hours ago

    Ha, basically how Game of Thrones ended. A bit WTF moment

  • Eddy Shluger
    Eddy Shluger   13 hours ago

    Lechoke compared himself to the superman. Very funny.

  • Mos Real00
    Mos Real00   13 hours ago

    It just dawned on me that Paul Pierce got up and WALKED off...lol!

  • Bob Young
    Bob Young   13 hours ago

    Kyrie: stories, battle blah blah blahGrumpy boys: *looks at each otherKyrie: also if we don't rebuild this, we won't be rich anymore and we'll have to get real jobs.Grumpy boys: I'm in! That Sounds good! Works for me! You got it!

  • Joe Bruce
    Joe Bruce   13 hours ago

    Only 4 Fing episodes wtf !!!

  • Jaded Gamer
    Jaded Gamer   14 hours ago

    Well at least it followed in game of thrones footsteps and let me down as well. Terrible, terrible ending didn't even have the decency to show us everyone on the dream team.

  • Elyaguara
    Elyaguara   15 hours ago

    Also like how the farmer is literally Jordan Farmar

  • kenkyuen
    kenkyuen   16 hours ago

    They missed a good reference.When Lebron said “I am the Goat!” Someone probably Jordon should have said “Any man who says I am the Goat is no true Goat” a reference to GoT where Tywin says anyone man who says I am the King is no true King. And also Jordon never said he himself was the Goat.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu   18 hours ago

    Kareem's hook sword being a nod to his signature shot lol.

    JOSEPH RDDAD   18 hours ago

    My God LeBron is suffering from the media even in this cartoon