AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist

  • Published on: 30 July 2019
  • AMAZING Kids You Wont Believe Exist! These people and kids have talent, its incredible they actually exist! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Check out my Riddles Playlist Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!

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  • Runtime : 10:37
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf   10 months ago

    Which one of these skills would u want???

  • Rebi X
    Rebi X   3 minuts ago

    I have brown eyes

  • manpreet kaur
    manpreet kaur   1 hours ago

    You are the best I Love your videos from rubaand from Aseel

  • anti boy 5000
    anti boy 5000   2 hours ago

    I have eye's that have all colors but you have to look kind of close and I can make a flower with my tounge

  • M Bosch
    M Bosch   4 hours ago

    My eyes are pink and purple:)

  • Ss Blondies
    Ss Blondies   4 hours ago

    Sssniperwolf: My back hurts looking at that! Me:.. I can fit in a children's suitcase.... 😐

  • Travel Style
    Travel Style   4 hours ago

    Me in third grade: has back pain me sure he so much that now I'm tooooooo flexible lol

  • Joel Jesus Meza
    Joel Jesus Meza   4 hours ago

    At 2 years old i knew so many Things Idek How ○~○

  • Lillian Garcelon
    Lillian Garcelon   4 hours ago

    what is so bad about being a bookworm? I started reading harry potter when i was... like... five!!! i used to read about ten books a week but then screens got in my day.

  • Stephanie King
    Stephanie King   6 hours ago

    I already know almost everything there is to know about through school AKA iron pyrite and most minerals and crystals

  • Stephanie King
    Stephanie King   6 hours ago

    I have color changing eyes which in the day are brown green but at night they are blue gray it's weird right?🤔

  • Fafa Azzahra
    Fafa Azzahra   6 hours ago

    I have black eyes!Any one else have black eyes?

  • E.J
    E.J   6 hours ago

    At 1:51 i can do that im not flexing but yea my head touches my thight to at the suitcase part

  • Ronda Watson
    Ronda Watson   6 hours ago

    Orange I'm a kind on one of my gudies anuocct

  • Ariiviq
    Ariiviq   6 hours ago

    Fun Fact: Alexander Hamilton had an IQ of 155

  • Riley Hineman
    Riley Hineman   7 hours ago

    When I was 2 I could read the bedtime stories back to my parents

  • Riley Hineman
    Riley Hineman   7 hours ago

    My best friend’s brother has 2 different color eyes

  • Gummy Arts
    Gummy Arts   8 hours ago

    I can put my legs around my hipBut nobody ever knew me

  • C Sim
    C Sim   8 hours ago

    I started walking growing hair and talking and have theeth when I was to because my birthday take forever

  • em turp
    em turp   10 hours ago

    The back does it by practice!

  • Billy Colman
    Billy Colman   10 hours ago

    Smarter than Obama is not a very high standard

  • Kelly Reeves
    Kelly Reeves   10 hours ago

    Me: read all the books in my house. Also me: so does that mean I am smart?