LakeShow Dazzles Through 10-Game Win Streak!

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Take a look back at the Lakers 10-game winning streak!

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  • Runtime : 12:4
  • LeBron James LeBron Bron Lakers LA Lakers Los Angeles Lakers NBA Basketball NBA Basketball Rajon Rondo Anthony Davis AD


  • Mcbeg33
    Mcbeg33   1 months ago

    2:10 no slow mo replay on that amazing play? That’s it NBA! Unsubscribe!

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7   2 months ago

    Lebron is on the injured list.12-26-19.

  • Bob Davis
    Bob Davis   2 months ago

    The Lakers Are Going To Be True CHAMPIONS.

  • I Am Trout
    I Am Trout   2 months ago

    Not one teaam was above .500 😂

  • L Arvind
    L Arvind   2 months ago

    Surround LeBron with the right pieces to summon LeThanos

  • Swa Sho
    Swa Sho   2 months ago

    How's your streak now bitch

  • asd djs
    asd djs   2 months ago

    is it just me or, they need to play stronger teams, i mean they played the mavs today and lost.. the only significant win in here is the suns

  • David Krušnik
    David Krušnik   2 months ago

    Luka said you had enough wins... Time to win against teams who are above 50% this year... For now Lakers are 50% against those teams!

  • Rez
    Rez   2 months ago

    Lakers have been kicking ass. I’d like to see the coaches give Lebron, Dwight Howard, McGee and Anthony Davis breaks through the season to keep them healthy and performing at their best in the playoffs.

  • Robert Brustad
    Robert Brustad   2 months ago

    Bucks 11 Game Win streak. NBA YouTube doesn't care. Lakers 10 Game Win Streak. NBA YouTube channel goes off. Y'all biased as hell

  • Eric
    Eric   2 months ago

    Easy to get a win streak going when you don't have to deal with the Raptors suffocating DEFENSE....Again Raps vs LA in the finals

  • Math Simon
    Math Simon   2 months ago

    Not a Lakers fan (we just beat you!) but I'm glad Caruso is getting his shine in the league.

  • ron davis
    ron davis   2 months ago

    I told my boy the lakers played a premature Dallas team the first time and that they were going to lose the next game and I was right. The lakers had the weakest schedule at the beginning because the NBA is on their sack. They made sure the lakers had time to gel before playing any tough teams

  • mr staygridin
    mr staygridin   2 months ago

    The mic on the backboard is major...🏀🏀

  • Jamie Hearsh
    Jamie Hearsh   2 months ago

    Tough week coming up for LA : Tues at DEN Wed at UTA Fri at POR : They will most likey win one game (POR) if they are lucky they may win 2 games

  • kevi86
    kevi86   2 months ago

    and then they meet Luka and the Mavs...

  • Cassie F
    Cassie F   2 months ago

    If LeBron wins the chip this year seriously he will really be the 🐐 cause at the age of 34 going on 35 and the level he still playing at is insane

  • Balbara Valdes
    Balbara Valdes   2 months ago

    Volvieron los larkes. Pudiendo ganar paseando hay dia que quieren comerse la pista despues que lo critican y hay dia como hoy que deben estar jugando video vidio

  • LegitPlays
    LegitPlays   2 months ago

    Bruh is the Lakers like the tallest team?

  • yhwhzson
    yhwhzson   2 months ago

    Lakers are physically the biggest team in the league.Too long at all positions.If you are playing against their defensive wing spans.It has to look as if you are playing against a team

  • Balbara Valdes
    Balbara Valdes   2 months ago

    Somo la.comunida. mas grande los larkes pero tienen que jugar cpn mas furia se.ben cansado cuando le toque la pelota al otro equipo bajar rapido estan flojo

  • Alvaro Hernandez
    Alvaro Hernandez   2 months ago

    Glad they never go Kawai after all he is playing like a tired old man.

  • Balbara Valdes
    Balbara Valdes   2 months ago

    Lebron estan jugando. Bien pero te beo cansado no mas taco soi baskebolista el taco es arina cambialo por serial o ensalada. Esa es tu buena dieta a tu edad #1

  • swagbank$
    swagbank$   2 months ago

    bruh just here to tell yall that Luka Doncic is dominating in the Modern NBA where the athleticism is untouchable all the way down to bench players. Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron are lowkey overrated cause they were putting up stats on mailmen and plumbers and random dudes you could find at the gym. That's why Lebron always needed help cause he needed to get carried like Kobe and Jordan. This man Luka is about to be the real GOAT. S/O the Future Youngest MVP & Future GOAT, Luka Doncic

  • John Kev
    John Kev   2 months ago

    Bucks more impressive with 11 game win streak with our 2nd best player missing But fuck small market mke amirite

  • ND Dahri Gaming
    ND Dahri Gaming   2 months ago

  • Lachlan 1
    Lachlan 1   2 months ago

    The bucks are on a 11+ game win streak so what about us?