Hypnotizing Josh Duhamel & The Late Late Show Audience

  • Published on: 04 November 2015
  • James welcomes hypnotist Richard Barker who selects a few audience members who are hypnotized and asked to take over hosting the show.

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  • Runtime : 9:31
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  • G F
    G F   3 days ago

    Of course it's a fake. You can show that on youtube. But in a show like that it's really ridiculous. The show is ridiculous.

  • Synced
    Synced   1 weeks ago

    Wow I feel so gullible to believe this after seeing the comments...

  • Manan
    Manan   1 weeks ago

    where did the woman go?

  • Rozan Majeed
    Rozan Majeed   2 weeks ago

    One of the worst acting i ever watchedπŸ˜‚

  • The Sweet Escape
    The Sweet Escape   2 weeks ago

    People searching for evidence that it's fake are funny :)

  • rick racine
    rick racine   2 weeks ago

    YAP this is really bad as a magician i can promise you this is fake, more over there was like 3 girls in the beginning and like only one shortly after and three guys whats up with that

  • Henk
    Henk   3 weeks ago

    I call absolute bullshit on this...

  • Remsangzuala Hnamte
    Remsangzuala Hnamte   3 weeks ago

    I feel sorry for the 2 friends .....Raising their hands for the whole time

  • jessel balute
    jessel balute   3 weeks ago

    This is the worst scripted hypnotyzing performance ever but i like the hose his very funny

  • jessel balute
    jessel balute   3 weeks ago

    No offence but i think its all scripted because a saw some mistakes

  • _HYDRO 1
    _HYDRO 1   3 weeks ago

    Did anyone else come to the comments to see if it’s fake

  • Mysterious May
    Mysterious May   4 weeks ago


  • Ebony Johns
    Ebony Johns   4 weeks ago

    Josh moves his mouth when it’s meant to stay closed, and at 7:58 the girl moved

  • Freekill
    Freekill   1 months ago

    Hypnotizing is fake is jame is the one who pick i would have believe it by if the one going to hypnotize someone is the one who pick better not believe it

  • Shreyash K
    Shreyash K   1 months ago

    This is soo real πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅

  • diy
    diy   1 months ago

    This was the most obvious fake hypnotism...

  • Gordon Cavanaugh
    Gordon Cavanaugh   1 months ago

    Next we will be back to pyramid power sharpening razor blades.

  • Adri- anne
    Adri- anne   1 months ago

    That couldn't have been more fake.

  • Ahzantay Hickman
    Ahzantay Hickman   1 months ago

    While it may or may not be fake it is still entertaining

  • Rakhi Chowdhury
    Rakhi Chowdhury   1 months ago

    Why did it feel like they all are acting or faking it !πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Ugh n Drey
    Ugh n Drey   1 months ago

    I knew it was fake and scripted before it was started when he picked the volunteers but he didnt even chose the 2 ladies