• Published on: 01 July 2019
  • Steve Harvey asks all the EX girlfriend / wife / Boyfriend / Husband questions and gets some shocking answers!
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  • Runtime : 13:2
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  • Danielle Turay
    Danielle Turay   4 days ago

    Y’all know damn you got that man in the first video ruined his life 😂

  • HP 88 PN
    HP 88 PN   1 weeks ago

    Love how Steve points at the #1 spot to turn over at 3:35 lmao

  • Spidey Man
    Spidey Man   1 weeks ago

    The first guy 8 hrs later laying in bed all cozy & cuddling with the wife ☺️So what do you mean better 😳

  • Faith Lynn
    Faith Lynn   1 weeks ago

    I would hate to find out my husband started dating a man after a divorce.

  • Boom12
    Boom12   1 weeks ago

    Eaten by hyenas??

  • Edie Polar Bear
    Edie Polar Bear   1 weeks ago

    1:39 the answers are priceless. I could not stop laughing. Omg 🤣😂😭 "kill"

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD   1 weeks ago

    7:00 That family just spilled all the secret on Family Feud.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD   1 weeks ago

    We all know why she's going salsa for.

  • Hazard1nc Gaming
    Hazard1nc Gaming   1 weeks ago

    0:20 someone's about to be in the dog house lolEdit was fixing time link and also adding that this is the best one yet! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jurciii 09
    Jurciii 09   2 weeks ago

    3:30 lmao I love how he said "we're not divorced!"

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks   2 weeks ago

    People stupid OJ Simpson kill the girl and no visitations that's stupid she got the kids

  • Just Shadz
    Just Shadz   2 weeks ago

    Stripper/ judge judy? I don't get the comparison


    6:07 what’re the chances that her ex is on the show and the question is abt exes and divorcing 😭

  • Dbz Boy
    Dbz Boy   3 weeks ago

    First guy said that shit with confidence 😂

  • SpartanKyloVadr _45
    SpartanKyloVadr _45   3 weeks ago

    Every pretty, good looking, & attractive woman (white, black, mexican) will have something weird with them at ALL TIME!!! 😂😂😂

  • Shelly House
    Shelly House   3 weeks ago

    Id tell every one shes got a slip an side lol tiny winnie

  • Nihar Bendre
    Nihar Bendre   3 weeks ago

    The dude who said "no kids visitation" Needs to get out of his mommys house

  • JakeOrion
    JakeOrion   3 weeks ago

    Freeze it at 0:25That's a classic OH STEIN moment from all 3 of them! lol

  • Jay
    Jay   3 weeks ago

    What sex??? What was the first one lol

  • Jigs Arquiza
    Jigs Arquiza   3 weeks ago

    This sounds racist, but why are most black women loud?

  • Aloyus Knight
    Aloyus Knight   4 weeks ago

    Max: KILL HER.Me: Here, your going to need this. (hands the guy a 50 caliber desert eagle)