Cris Carter is alarmed by the Cowboys loss to the Jets, talk Texans win | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on: 14 October 2019
  • Cris Carter and Nick Wright talk about the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets Week 6 matchup and discuss what has been going wrong lately with the Cowboys. The two also talk about the Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs game and the play of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

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    Cris Carter is alarmed by the Cowboys loss to the Jets, talk Texans win | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    First Things First
  • Runtime : 10:55
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  • Andrew
    Andrew   6 months ago

    These guys would rather swallow glass than admit Darnold is a good QB. Clowns

  • Dyslexic-vipr
    Dyslexic-vipr   7 months ago

    I love how no one gives the jets any credit for anything the jets have many injury’s and we had a QB comeback off of Mano

  • Percy Williams
    Percy Williams   7 months ago

    You tube is really good and very informative..thanks.

  • Poxous
    Poxous   7 months ago

    Nerd guy is straight reading... ESPN sucks.

  • brent young
    brent young   7 months ago

    Chris Carter and Brian Baldinger and Steve Young ; NEW G.M.'s and Coaches OF A NEW DALLAS NFL FRANCHISE at the Cotton Bowl ; Rodger Staubach Owner ;26 YEARS OF "Hollywood Smoke Machines", WITH NO REAL CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL ; and championship football IS A TRUE HEART!!!!!!!(7llove Brother brent! 💘ACTS 2:38 True Holiness SalvationHONOR GOD ; HE WILL HONOR YOU.

  • Space Donut
    Space Donut   7 months ago

    0-4 team that got there QB back who was a rated a top sneaky pick up in fantasy because he was set to have a good season lets at least state all the facts instead of riding the they lost ot an 0-4 click bait title everyone is doing

  • Jared S
    Jared S   7 months ago

    Or maaaaaaybe a third string QB was holding the team back and the Jets are actually good.

  • Codey Snow
    Codey Snow   7 months ago

    Y'all acting like the colts are the worst team in the league. Could've sworn they made the playoffs last year? The colts dissected the chiefs. Jacoby is a better QB than he gets credit for. Y'all sleep on the colts that's okay but I better not hear y'all praising them when they go deep in the playoffs.

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns   7 months ago

    Cowboys have been over hyped for 25 years in a row now. Dak would be a backup QB on 31 other teams.

  • PJ
    PJ   7 months ago

    What is nick looking at? Lol

  • carles mauricio
    carles mauricio   7 months ago

    Jason Carrot is Jerrah's puppet, we all know that! No way Dak gets paid now.

  • Jason Hamilton
    Jason Hamilton   7 months ago

    Dallas shouldn't never got rid of Cooper and Beasley for Witten to come back, Zeke. is way overrated, o line needs improvement, needs a new defence.

  • ridewave444
    ridewave444   7 months ago

    When good organizations get a few key injuries they overcome them for the most part. Whenever Dallas gets a few key injuries it seems to always be devastating. Why? Because they always seem to be THIN talentwise, but more so it exposes their lack of quality coaching.

  • hawkinsdj99
    hawkinsdj99   7 months ago

    how is nick wright allowed on any other media besides radio??? He just looks so much like a weasel.

  • Jaime Echegaray
    Jaime Echegaray   7 months ago

    The Cowboys are in a deep hole. The problem is multi-factorial starting with Jerry, Jason, injuries, Def & Off coordinators, a number of players and morale.

  • RTG UG
    RTG UG   7 months ago

    Jerry Jones, Steven Jones are the sources of the losses. Its time for Jerry to sell the team!!! give this comment some thumbs up clicks!

  • DeSean Mustard
    DeSean Mustard   7 months ago

    i don't think i ever wanna hear CC laugh again...

  • Evan Mitsakis
    Evan Mitsakis   7 months ago

    No, he went for it on 4th and 3 because he had no faith in kicker .

  • AirmanRob
    AirmanRob   7 months ago

    Jason witten catches a touchdown, they call a bs opi penalty costing them 4 points. They lost by two, in a game without both starting tackles, the number 1 and 3 receivers. The receivers that did play dropped 6 passes of daks 12 incompletions. Missed a 40 yard field goal and the jets get away with a push off at the top of Robby Anderson’s double move to get wide open for 7. Once again, these shows aren’t watching the game or paying attention to plays that get taken away. Cowboys are still a very good team, probably not on the level of the 49ers or Seahawks but they are right below them.

  • cool azul
    cool azul   7 months ago

    Why is no one bashing the Eagles. They lost and have the same record as Dallas. Folks have Cowboy derangement syndrome . Get a grip kids.

  • D2 Music100
    D2 Music100   7 months ago

    The Jets ain't bad, they been playing with a 3rd team QB. Dallas cant even win with their 1st😂

  • David M
    David M   7 months ago

    The Cowboys need a COACH. Not Casper Milktoast.

  • Jon doe
    Jon doe   7 months ago

    Watson is way more clutch then Pat He had A chance to tie the game with about 5 minutes left and choked stop giving this guy excuses you know what Watson did seal the deal on a clutch 1st down

  • kenso 55
    kenso 55   7 months ago

    Lets fire the white coach which he deserves to be fired and hire a black coach. That always works! Black hosts don't criticize black players or coaches. Has anyone else noticed that?

  • Eugenius Bear
    Eugenius Bear   7 months ago

    How to beat the Chiefs?........get to Mahomes ankle any way you can. How can the Chiefs win? whatever you can to protect that ankle.

  • Eugenius Bear
    Eugenius Bear   7 months ago

    The NFL really needs to elevate the visibility of offensive linemen and create or elevate the importance of the award for the best O-lineman of the year. We are seeing the importance of the O-line in the improved results for D Watson and the fall-off in P Mahomes and D Prescott. On a related note, the lack of an O-line speaks to just how good Kyler Murray is doing too.

  • papi isgoldtv
    papi isgoldtv   7 months ago

    So Dak is pose to say in his head in not throwing Jason the ball he was on Monday night football last year foh 😂😂😍😍😍

  • juan catfish
    juan catfish   7 months ago

    No pass rusher. 3 years and counting. Lose to a team with no wins? Trade or draft a monster pass rusher ( Hailey, Jones, Martian, White, Lilly, Pugh, etc.) This is not rocket science. Look at all S.B. winners, they have a great pass rush. Keeping the other team from scoring helps Dak. No pressure. Garrett time in Dallas is coming to the end.

  • Joshua Grosvenor
    Joshua Grosvenor   7 months ago

    KC reminds me of the Manning Colts when they had a really good offense but the defense was trash and they couldn't win when it mattered until they got a competent defense.

  • irrelevant ideology
    irrelevant ideology   7 months ago

    If I watch them try to run the ball up the middle the whole game again I'mma lose my mind.

  • isaac 2tall
    isaac 2tall   7 months ago

    Noones fault people are hurt that's it lol calm down

  • 4040chocolate
    4040chocolate   7 months ago

    Love seeing when these guys try and save face lol

  • Snoop Brown
    Snoop Brown   7 months ago

    Wait wait wait CC... you said we was good... Smh

  • Pimp Tracks
    Pimp Tracks   7 months ago

    Running a QB sweep with back up lineman Jerry doesn’t wanna pay Dak

  • Pimp Tracks
    Pimp Tracks   7 months ago

    And jerry says it’s not all Jason Garret fault True cause jerry part of the problem too A fool and his money