ASMR Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Merrell Twins

  • Published on: 05 February 2019
  • We attempted ASMR but with a twist! New Videos Every Tuesday


  • Runtime : 16:41
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  • Trap Suspect
    Trap Suspect   1 hours ago

    XD when nessa talked hecka loud it made me laugh for so long

  • R T
    R T   4 hours ago

    Roni actually has a lovely whisper for ASMR

  • Mrs M
    Mrs M   10 hours ago

    This video is one of one of my favorite videos are this feels so well like saying that it made me fall asleep and I find asleep for two hours but I would like if you cut the wood is my face I watch it a lot and I does the people to Asa more because council so yeah that’s why I want to say that this is my fave video and I love this Asa might I will he want to see another Asa Mark you guys making this video

  • Fluffy and Steph
    Fluffy and Steph   21 hours ago

    I would have whispered softly after spraying freshener you like that

  • Michaela G
    Michaela G   1 days ago

    Anyone that said Nessa is good at playing flute first not a flute or saq or recorder I'm a flute player and it's not the best at all. P.s love you I'm not trying to be mean.

  • adara alcacio
    adara alcacio   3 days ago

    roni chewing on carrots'[ nessa 'now your going to have carrot breath' mad me laugh so hard XD

  • adara alcacio
    adara alcacio   3 days ago

    yay nessa because its always yay roni or poor roni no fair to nessa

  • Sary Garcia
    Sary Garcia   3 days ago

    I died when they concentrated on the fidget spinner then jumped when it hit the mic😂💀💀💕

  • Janica LA BROCCA
    Janica LA BROCCA   3 days ago

    love you merrelltwins you are both funny and kind i love your videos :)

  • The Challenge Sisters_1

    after Vannessa rubbed her nails together I wanted to try it out, and it was so satisfying so I kept on doing it for the next 5 minutes or so(@ 0:40)🤣😅💕

    KALIYANYA BOO   3 days ago

    They r so cute and I love them both like this is to nessa--- and to veronica----🤗

  • Allie Barker
    Allie Barker   4 days ago

    I can’t believe I watched ASMR for 16 minutes straight

  • stevenjervi abuan
    stevenjervi abuan   4 days ago

    The second you click on the video they are already laughing😂😂😂I love them lol

  • Kennedy D
    Kennedy D   4 days ago

    supposed to be asmr but half of the time it's just pure awkwardwhen I tell you I ugly don't even know😂😂😂 favs were the punching gloves and the saxaphone😂👇watching in 2020??👇

  • Micaela Levisha RD
    Micaela Levisha RD   6 days ago

    If there is no laughs this video is very nice for the people who cant sleep

  • Tori Dang
    Tori Dang   6 days ago


  • Mrs.Chimmy BT21
    Mrs.Chimmy BT21   1 weeks ago

    2:34 when nessa sprayed it I kinda smelt it??!?!!!!!

  • Saima Adnan
    Saima Adnan   1 weeks ago

    You guys should of done a shampoo bottle with a little bit inside cuz when you squirt it, it sounds like a fart😂 xxx ily guys

  • Amare Hammonds
    Amare Hammonds   1 weeks ago

    Bruh who's watching during the corona disaster?😧😧😤😤😤

  • Melek Sami
    Melek Sami   1 weeks ago

    ‏I love you so so much you’re so funny always I always watch your videos and I like them all to have the title of the bar

  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto   1 weeks ago

    The last one nessa had the toy microphone Where can I get one

  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto   1 weeks ago

    Nessa is not very good w the flute n the other small instruments

  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto   1 weeks ago

    This is better n more fun then the original try not to laugh challenge

  • Les Les
    Les Les   1 weeks ago

    Roni: tries so hard to make nessa laugh but just makes it so weird

  • Les Les
    Les Les   1 weeks ago

    nessa: gets scared but does not laugh