Meeting Ammar’s Family (Yes Theory in Egypt Pt.1)

  • Published on: 17 September 2017
  • This is the first episode of a our 7 part series in Egypt. We went through a lot of ups and downs and we can't wait to share those moments with you. Ammar's situation is very complicated and we'll share that with you another time. For now we hope you like this first episode! Much love to you and leave a comment telling us what you think we love hearing your thoughts.

    Thank you to Turkish Airline for covering our flights and to our friend Jerome Jarre for facilitating that!

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    Who are we?
    Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.

    Snapchat handle: yestheory

    Camera: Sony A7S Mark ii

    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer, Derin Emre
    Editors: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer
  • Runtime : 9:34
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  • weka301
    weka301   4 days ago

    That's how taxi and microbuses drivers exchange money on the road 6:48

  • Cake is Yummy
    Cake is Yummy   1 weeks ago

    I wanna go to Turkey just because of the airport lol

  • Styop Gayanyan
    Styop Gayanyan   1 weeks ago

    Sadly its like that in Armenia too im 16 i cant go back till im 35 when ur 16 they put you on the list and when youre 18 they take you sadly i cant go back i moved to LA when i was 8 and ever since that ive been here and i miss home so ik how he feels :(

  • irondasgr
    irondasgr   1 weeks ago

    Ammar could seek discomfort once again and take sometime to go back and fulfill his compulsory military service, so that he makes it up for his country which nurtured and educated him and also with his family who shall see him differently after that.

  • Dreygo Dreygo
    Dreygo Dreygo   1 weeks ago

    I have friend from South Korea family is a Jehovah Witness the son refuse joining the military because his Jehovah witness faith he was sent to jail 😟

  • londoloza mbokazi
    londoloza mbokazi   2 weeks ago

    wow was this before or after he got disowned by his father... so hurtful

  • Makingit China
    Makingit China   2 weeks ago

    lol his father was like: "nice to meet you finally", and one year after they release a video of his father sending him a letter telling him to leave those filthy people with bad influence LOL

  • bintlooda
    bintlooda   2 weeks ago

    I totally get what u mean @9:17 I have always said the same thing to family and friends, it was so surreal the first time I had a friend come visit me in my home country and saw her sitting in the same place as my sister and cousin so so surreal to have the two universes smashed together lol

  • Captain Saom
    Captain Saom   2 weeks ago

    TK 10? I just took that flight one year ago.

  • T Weiss
    T Weiss   4 weeks ago

    Jerome jarr the legend himself

  • Luke
    Luke   1 months ago

    1:30 I'd burn down that mess and simply move on...

  • j a
    j a   1 months ago

    I am not sure why it got to disowning him, especially when I never saw Ammar drink or do anything “totally” inappropriate. Sure some things were not in line with Arab traditions and religions and he sometimes pointed things like those out, but they were more on the minor side, nothing to be disowned about.

  • Aljohn Pentason
    Aljohn Pentason   1 months ago

    God bless all of you guys. Ammar, may Allah bless you. Greetings from the Philippines.😊

  • Lisa Beshay
    Lisa Beshay   1 months ago

    I loveee hearing the Arabic conversations, makes me almost feel like I’m home 💛

  • AdishGaming YT
    AdishGaming YT   1 months ago

    Watch Jeff Ross roast ammar

  • arun maxx
    arun maxx   1 months ago

    People who unliked this video should die soon.. useless people for this world😑

  • Amaan Storm
    Amaan Storm   1 months ago

    I’ve only discovered Yes Theory and subscribed yesterday. The videos are absolutely excellent, and some have completely changed my view on my own life and the direction it’s headed in. I just watched Ammars video where he openly discusses his father and the choice he has been forced to make between his life and his family. I noticed the comments were switched off so found this video to comment under.I too have been in the same position with a father that has little understanding of anything outside of his own experiences. Call it it a fear of something they haven’t experienced it it whatever you wish, but it was such a painful time I didn’t want to live through. Sometimes you have to take your ability of understanding and acceptance and stretch it as far as you possibly can to accommodate the expectations of someone you love, because you love them or because they’re blood. Love is unconditional and blood isn’t a choice. Like Ammar, I had to push through and keep doing what I was doing. I had no other choice. It was either that or absolutely depression because you’re expected to relive someone else’s life through their control. Now my dad has come to appreciate the good in me. He still can’t connect the way I know he would like to, and parts of me are still and will always be alien to him, but he accepts that I have to do what I have to do and he tolerates parts of me because of our blood connection. Things are so much better now and I don’t suffer from the constant worry, stress, depression or any other negative feeling that I felt when I was being forced to take a path that was someone else’s life/dream. Well done Yes family.

  • Alaa Rezq
    Alaa Rezq   1 months ago

    Ammar is really a great human i wish i can meet him one day❤

  • Alaa Rezq
    Alaa Rezq   1 months ago

    Two worlds and it's the first time they're meeting I felt that :''')

  • Krizi B
    Krizi B   1 months ago

    5:57 i was scared of bad pixel. ufff

    ARSHAD KHAN   1 months ago

    The smile in Ammar's face is more than worth a million .

  • Potato Joe
    Potato Joe   1 months ago

    Hello Ammar im Seif from Egypt الله يكون في عونك

  • Nahed Tairelbar
    Nahed Tairelbar   1 months ago

    أنا كنت عايش ف السادات ف أي منطقه إنت ؟

  • Ashraf Tamra
    Ashraf Tamra   2 months ago

    Hope a happy ending for Ammar and his family

  • mariam manfaloty
    mariam manfaloty   2 months ago

    i love rewatching the egypt videos it makes me so proud that im egyptain

  • Adil Al Awadhi
    Adil Al Awadhi   2 months ago

    I saw the video about being disowned. Let me talk to your Dad.

  • Ima Karimah
    Ima Karimah   2 months ago

    I don't remember I ever hug my ma, just kiss her hand and all that but I can never remember I hug her... Maybe when I was young. We're not so touchy in the family and I kinda feel I missed something and I don't know if I'll be brave to hug her... Strange, isn't it... And shameful for I have no courage to do so.

  • Ima Karimah
    Ima Karimah   2 months ago

    I love how hyperbolic Matt is... That's just so cute awwww love him heapppps 😍😍😍😘