Secret Diet of Myanmar MONKS!!! Live to 100!!

  • Published on: 25 March 2020

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    ADDRESS: Shwe Sar Yan Padoda Road, Pathein Gyi Tsp, Mandalay

    🇲🇲 BREAKFAST: Deep fried tofu, fish curry with tomatoes, fried chilli rice.
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    ADDRESS: 30th Street, between 66th and 67th Street

    🇲🇲STIR-FRIED CHICKEN BUTTS: Chop up all the veggies and mash the garlic. Prepare a hot pan with cooking oil and add ginger, garlic, chilli, onion, chicken butts, carrot, bell pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, chicken powder and salt. Add sweet thick soy sauce and scallion and stir.

    🇲🇲BOILED BEEF TRIPE AND TONGUE: Marinate beef tongue and tripe with salt, garlic, ginger and rice wine. Boil for 15 mins. Stir-fry the beef tongue for a bit. Serve with the biel sauce (ground coriander, basil, herbs mix with biel juice)

    🇲🇲GRILLED DOVE AND SPARROW: Marinate the birds with garlic, ginger, paprika and rice wine. Grill for 20 minutes.

    💸PRICE: Chicken Butts - 2500 MMK/$1.77 USD | Boiled Beef Tripe & Tongue - 5000 MMK/$3.55 USD | Grilled Dove & Sparrow - 1200-1500 MMK/$0.85 - $1.06 USD

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  • T Raja
    T Raja   32 minuts ago

    Mr.SONNEY Very nice to see your dedication to your work. Excellent

  • Azereah Mishael Bustaleno

    foods and culture = knowledge (this is what u learn from watching this wonderful show) thank soony side 🙂

  • PS Kumar
    PS Kumar   1 hours ago

    I can not express my emotional feelings Sunny after watching your this video. This is one of the best of your all video series.

  • Bikram Thapa
    Bikram Thapa   2 hours ago

    did you know why you were asked to sit and eat with younger monks there ??

  • Sai Mine Pan
    Sai Mine Pan   3 hours ago

    Thanks for coming our country...Myanmar🇲🇲❤️

  • Sarah Violette
    Sarah Violette   3 hours ago

    It's the best and amazing show from you, you really touch me by showing us the the live style of monks. Thanks and food is peace ✌️

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller   4 hours ago

    So what do the monks do for the community,do they have a sort church service,or counsel

  • Sophia Yoon
    Sophia Yoon   4 hours ago

    I am actually from Myanmar but it feels wired cas I understand everything they are saying

  • Zenkia 00
    Zenkia 00   4 hours ago

    Thanks for your respect on the monks and my country's traditional food

  • Zune Lei Hnin
    Zune Lei Hnin   4 hours ago

    You are so amazing!! Being a monk is not easy. If u learn more about Buddism in depth, u will find out how amazing and wonderful it is.

  • T- boy
    T- boy   4 hours ago

    if you really want to know that what Buddhist monks eat then you need to visit india 🇮🇳 and nepal🇳🇵 because the real buddhist Monks live here

  • mursi kamaal
    mursi kamaal   5 hours ago

    Proud to be a Muslim. bcz there is no God but One. Thank God am a Muslim and when die with imaan

  • shenizer
    shenizer   5 hours ago

    Sonny is such a hyper vlogger and here acted all mellowed down to mingle in the clan! Lol.. shepherd in the sheeps.. respect though! 😋

  • Vivek
    Vivek   5 hours ago

    Eat sparrow ?! But they so cute n smol Birbs... I cri...

  • Khai First
    Khai First   7 hours ago

    1000% fake monk! smoke, eating meat... late night visit brothel...

  • Flamango
    Flamango   8 hours ago

    Phew ur not actually bold LOL

  • Agremen
    Agremen   8 hours ago

    I am crying just thinking this beautiful world is going to hell right now... :(

  • Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus   9 hours ago

    What’s crazy is that I’m Burmese and he has been part of my culture more than me

  • Dmvdon 22
    Dmvdon 22   10 hours ago

    I got the FBible Hmu on Telegram - dmvdon

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous   11 hours ago

    these monks seem like freeloaders

  • 江城银
    江城银   12 hours ago

    His receding hairline has fully receded.