TikTok Girls LYING about their BF's cheating for attention

  • Published on: 10 October 2019
  • The new tiktok trend is for tiktok girls to be LYlNG about their Boyfriend Cheating on them for attention it seems...

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  • Runtime : 15:27
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  • Atozy
    Atozy   5 months ago

    I didnt include this in the video but this trend get's a 10/50 on the Earl chart. This will be explained in the next TikTok video. You can find my tiktok @atozywastaken ALSO DON'T SEND H'ATE TO ANYONE INCLUDED IN THIS VIDEO!

  • sircorneilous
    sircorneilous   55 minuts ago

    8:31 me in 2020 no coronavirus is taking over the world

  • Glaxel
    Glaxel   1 days ago

    Is kissing the middle school equivalent of sex? Or are there a lot more 12 year olds having sex than I thought?

  • ReDrUm235
    ReDrUm235   2 days ago

    I hate being apart of the gen z era

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow   3 days ago

    Atozys seems like the type of dude at school that hangs with the gamers and has very few friends but actually is pretty funny and cool.

  • Idk at this point
    Idk at this point   3 days ago

    It’s always girls accusing their bfs. Also they would have to know the song to lip sync

  • Canada Jane
    Canada Jane   4 days ago

    Times like these I WISH I WAS A MILLENNIAL

  • don shaji
    don shaji   4 days ago

    I lost some brain cells now were have they gone ¿

  • TheTrueMayo
    TheTrueMayo   4 days ago

    no i do not think next decade is better

  • Sara Love
    Sara Love   5 days ago

    Do you think 2020 will be better 😂😂😂😂😂😂 No Atozy. Its not.

  • im DUN with yøu
    im DUN with yøu   5 days ago

    i hate how the first girl talks.. she adds like uhhhh to the end of everything 🤣

  • Joe Rough
    Joe Rough   5 days ago

    I’m watching this in 2020, and when Atozy said “do you think 2020 will be better”. I’m sitting here like um no. (2020 is bad)

  • Loup Garou Film
    Loup Garou Film   5 days ago

    “I hope 2020 starts of better”Should you tell him or should I

  • No U
    No U   5 days ago

    Why is the song hella fire 3:45

  • Friendly-1ntrovert
    Friendly-1ntrovert   6 days ago

    Well. I if I see one more video of shitty people on Tik Tok I’m quitting it. I just feel bad for the people who genuinely try to make good content. I’ve even seen good content. Artists, cosplay builders, singers, musicians, and other fun memories shared in the platform. But it’s all ignored because of all this shit. I just wish people weren’t so trashy.

    YOUNG NICOTINE   1 weeks ago

    So am the only one that's says I'm hanging the the boys, cause you know I am when she asks

  • zara cream
    zara cream   1 weeks ago

    My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend!Bf:letting dog lick his faceBest friend: bark(Im making this cus im bored in quarentine)

  • Paper Straw
    Paper Straw   1 weeks ago

    “You think next decade would be better?” pfft if only you knew..

  • Ch1l1C0nCarnag3
    Ch1l1C0nCarnag3   1 weeks ago

    deep inhale "HEY Guuuuuyyyyys~" Okay, no girl who just found out her boyfriend is cheating on them would sound like that if they in any way cared about that relationship.I've found out I've been cheated on, and it fucking devastated me... and I'm a guy. Girls are generally a LOT more emotional.

  • Eve McLoone
    Eve McLoone   1 weeks ago

    8:31 oh god this part is painful to look back on

  • Edgy Carrot
    Edgy Carrot   1 weeks ago

    8:28 Atozy: "Do you think next decade will be better?" Everyone in March 2020: 😬

  • Nirvana Delev
    Nirvana Delev   1 weeks ago

    “These gen z kids” nooo we don’t claim them.

  • The Lucas
    The Lucas   1 weeks ago

    8:30 “do you think next decade will be better?”Who’s gonna tell him

  • Jayson Fuller
    Jayson Fuller   1 weeks ago

    one of the reasons why tiktok is the worst app

  • Andreea Delia
    Andreea Delia   1 weeks ago

    "You think next decade will be better?" Hello from 2020 in quarantine 💯

  • Michael Govea
    Michael Govea   1 weeks ago

    Why arent any of them mad at the guy... I mean hes the one that cheated ln her. They only ever mention the bsf 😂😂😂

  • Tristan Brown
    Tristan Brown   1 weeks ago

    “You think next decade will be better?” it somehow became worse than lest decade

  • ShibouFRFX
    ShibouFRFX   1 weeks ago

    Imagine how one of these girls felt if the bf was talking to her best friend trying to figure out a good present for her. Salty af no doubt.