Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show

  • Published on: 16 January 2018
  • This week we're celebrating hitting 2 million subscribers with maybe the most cartoonish cartoon food ever imagined: the every-meat burrito. While we were unable to procure any giraffe, jackal, or naked mole rat, the combination of every commercially-available meat ended up tasting like something far worse than chicken. Follow along as we get that taste out of our mouth with the every-pork burrito!

    Thank you everyone for helping me hit 2 million subscribers!!!

    Shout out to Alvin Cailan for the tortilla factory recommendation!


    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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  • Runtime : 13:11
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  • Rayzel Hanifah
    Rayzel Hanifah   2 hours ago

    For your next challenge i would love to see if u could make the “Ed sauce” from the movie “Good Burger”

  • Alex Guevara
    Alex Guevara   6 hours ago

    Hey babish to remember my favorite show regular show why don’t you do beson’s microwave wings

  • Ronnie Walturz
    Ronnie Walturz   11 hours ago

    i like how he’s walking around the city in an apron

    WHEEZE   15 hours ago

    Technically, if the every meat burrito truly has every animal meat, then Rigby and Mordecai are cannibals.

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores   16 hours ago

    The all meat burrito was a huge fail. Makes mostly all pork burritos.

  • Muk Sul
    Muk Sul   17 hours ago

    He shouldove cooked all the meats and then put the meat in a burrito

  • Haru哈入 困
    Haru哈入 困   20 hours ago

    ( only weebs can relate )No one:Babish ( sorry i don't know your name 🙏 ): ahhh , another regular show food Also Babish: KA GEN BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!

  • La Baguette 69
    La Baguette 69   1 days ago

    The Real Question Is......Did It Taste Like Chicken 🍗 😂

  • Elusive_Driver 720
    Elusive_Driver 720   1 days ago

    Which is why you NEVER cook different meats at the same time! It could lead to problems later.

  • Jihad Toom
    Jihad Toom   1 days ago

    Not suitable for vegans/vegetarians

  • Yevgen4000
    Yevgen4000   1 days ago

    2:38 Babish literally just looks like a baby with a beard

  • Alex Gardner
    Alex Gardner   1 days ago

    The ad for this video opened with "eat less meat" and I was like you don't know why I'm here do you

  • Hayden Man
    Hayden Man   2 days ago

    Babish kinda looks like that IT guy from B99 (only when he has glasses on)...

  • Gloria Wang
    Gloria Wang   2 days ago

    notice how he DID NOT get horse meat though

  • Liam Rackham
    Liam Rackham   2 days ago

    Seeing this much different meat in a short amount of time makes me feel like an ex girlfriend

  • Rrrush
    Rrrush   2 days ago

    Has he made steamed hams...probably not since it can't really be possible ...maybe..

  • surRael Arts
    surRael Arts   2 days ago

    I imagined it would taste awfully gamey as hell

  • Jeny Bean
    Jeny Bean   2 days ago

    Hey Babish! I just wanted to tell you that I love your videos :)

  • TessHM
    TessHM   2 days ago

    Nobody:Babish: chee-chuh-roh-nays

  • Raymond Tremblay
    Raymond Tremblay   2 days ago

    WTF white rice! Where the hell is the orange riceStill loved this video even if your accent butchered the names of the meats

  • chivoCHIVO
    chivoCHIVO   2 days ago

    despite the fact he used shitty salsa that pork burrito look good as helllllllllll