NBA's Top 100 Plays of 2018

  • Published on: 01 January 2019
  • Time to countdown the top 100 plays of the 2018 calendar year!

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  • Runtime : 27:40
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  • rowena hardy
    rowena hardy   1 months ago

    Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are the best handlers in the nba

  • Clément Thomas
    Clément Thomas   2 months ago

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  • MMusic
    MMusic   2 months ago

    KD dagger shot should be number 1 no debate.

  • Thing
    Thing   2 months ago

    How are you gonna put lukas game winner at 5 and lebrons basic floater game winner above it at 4

  • Cikun Sports
    Cikun Sports   2 months ago

    Steph curry game 2 dribbling backwards and hits a dagger 3 in the finals was one off the best shots that year and not even one steph curry play fucken haters and your nba ratings are down I wonder fucken why half the highlights are lebrons u promote only one man and now it's costing you

  • Marlon P
    Marlon P   3 months ago

    #34 play is Giannis, which is #34

  • World Fish Cutting
    World Fish Cutting   3 months ago

    As my bull fan: I hope we'll be getting at least one game First game: Clay Thompson, in his 14th against us, killing 3

  • Km Tacos
    Km Tacos   3 months ago

    How come LeBron in the Cavs??

  • chris carter
    chris carter   3 months ago

    If you think curry need to be on this my question is for shooting 387 3s

  • Im gril
    Im gril   4 months ago

    Her yerden cıkıyo cedi aq

  • Arian
    Arian   4 months ago

    Mad golden state fans below

  • jamie deka
    jamie deka   4 months ago

    Two buzzer beaters behind a decent Kyrie handles and some good blocks bruhhh

  • Dream Beaver 41
    Dream Beaver 41   4 months ago

    Wooooooow Klay makes NBA 3 point history and it’s the worst play of the year??? Smh

  • Rob Worth
    Rob Worth   5 months ago

    #62 that's some I know I'm getting hit so here's the prayer throw.

  • Daniel Khan
    Daniel Khan   5 months ago

    LeBron literally owned the entire list!!!

  • General Dominic
    General Dominic   5 months ago

    Why is the thumbnail lebron in the cavs but this is 2018-19 season man leGOAT in the lakers

    VIDSURFER   5 months ago

    BEST DUNKS OF 2019

  • monta ellis
    monta ellis   6 months ago

    Ok, did Giannis just took an allley hoop and jump over Hardaway Jr's head to get it ?? Ohh boy !!

  • 류태환
    류태환   6 months ago

    WTF rose is so touched i will remember it. Aren't you

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker   6 months ago

    If you don't watch the WNBA, would you watch it if they lowered the rim, so they could dunk?

  • Kailash Karki
    Kailash Karki   6 months ago

    I think there should be more Giganus from bucks

  • Jormatic
    Jormatic   7 months ago

    Did he say "Blake Griffin gets gummed...hard!" 1:41

  • Apoliyøn Kairū
    Apoliyøn Kairū   8 months ago

    Not a single Curry video hereCurry: 51 pts legendary October 24 2018

  • justin ching
    justin ching   8 months ago

    THis is wRonG. JR Smith's running in the wRoNg direction should be NuMbEr 1