UH OH Bronny James Is Catching LOB DUNKS NOW! Brandon Boston Goes Off!!

  • Published on: 04 December 2019
  • Sierra Canyon Had their Home Opener against Granada Hills and Bronny James is showing off his growth with LOB DUNKS NOW! Yea I know just last year we just starting to dunk! Well the young prince is growing up fast! Make sure you catch him and his Sierra Canyon squad in a gym near you. #Bronny #BronnyJames #SierraCanyon
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  • Tmack Boss
    Tmack Boss   4 months ago

    They so much bigger than the other team🤣

    TYMERE WHITE   18 minuts ago

    The other team is like cones were you hafto dribble throw them and make the layup and shoot

  • Yayan
    Yayan   4 days ago

    jesse and kristopher lol

  • Vinsoy TV
    Vinsoy TV   6 days ago

    That 7 foot center is a beast 😂

  • TheHypeBeasts
    TheHypeBeasts   1 weeks ago

    Lmao did y’all see him high five an opponent

  • That_kid
    That_kid   2 weeks ago

    They might as well just let all the freshmen play

  • Uni Puppet
    Uni Puppet   2 weeks ago

    Wait a minute is that mini Yao ming

  • Cam Daviz
    Cam Daviz   3 weeks ago

    4 is out there having jelly fam practice 👌🏾 lololol

  • All1k_ Ash
    All1k_ Ash   1 months ago

    No disrespect LeBron turning just like his dad traveling and shii !😂

  • Joe Lesure
    Joe Lesure   1 months ago

    Wait til bronny hit that growth spurt

  • Emman Mansalay
    Emman Mansalay   2 months ago

    (Bronny James) the future star player..👇 like if he next superstar NBA player.

  • Ev Rod
    Ev Rod   2 months ago

    Who is #3 on Sierra?

  • Chloe The American/Polish

    Nobody notices Jesser and Kris? Just me.. I watched their video while they were watching the game so they were recording during this game for YT

    HAZIFER HAZIF   2 months ago

    4:55 man what a team player, I am sure he could have taken that shot but he went for the assist knowing it would make these points so much more important

  • malevxlent
    malevxlent   2 months ago

    yo they have no dunkers while 95 percent of sc can dunk

  • Ibrahim Nasir
    Ibrahim Nasir   3 months ago

    man , Brandon Boston so mfn fineee 😍😍😍😭😭😭😍😍!

  • Gaung Gebta
    Gaung Gebta   3 months ago

    Brandon boston looks like xxxtentacion

  • Je'Quan Bethea
    Je'Quan Bethea   3 months ago

    on me why when he traveled he pulled his dad on that one. I"M DEAD

  • Raymond Greenwood
    Raymond Greenwood   3 months ago

    The school in the green kept shooting too fast not waiting for good shots. Not that it would help at all but still

  • Kolofaux
    Kolofaux   3 months ago

    Lil nigha tryna do his daddy's euro so bad soon