For Honor being cursed

  • Published on: 10 June 2019
  • poking my demons away

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  • Runtime : 11:21


  • Paul - ThatOneGuy
    Paul - ThatOneGuy   4 days ago

    I also have a funny face Emblem in For Honor. Unfortunately i play on PS4, so i want be able to meet Zanny in a Match. :(

  • raginrenat 73
    raginrenat 73   5 days ago

    I think that zanny would be a good singer1:26

  • Todarki
    Todarki   6 days ago

    Roman wants to have a communist flag on his cape

  • Random Ram
    Random Ram   2 weeks ago

    Roman step on a crack and he breaks mommas back

  • HaZi
    HaZi   2 weeks ago

    1:19 rep 54 warden

  • urmom 300
    urmom 300   2 weeks ago

    I’ve seen People use centurión like nothing but he to me is the hardest hybrid

  • Oof Da Doof
    Oof Da Doof   2 weeks ago

    1:48 and this was why raider was nerfed

  • KoabraFang
    KoabraFang   3 weeks ago

    It's not edge walking it's a busted analog stick, because it's an old and worthy controller.

  • Fisse Duncan
    Fisse Duncan   3 weeks ago

    1:35 zanny the true face iq here!Another comes in

  • jacob rigoni
    jacob rigoni   1 months ago

    Zanny makes the funniest shit I swear to god every time I watch a video I end up crying because I'm laughing so hard.......Roman misses billy....

  • DeDe_ HDD
    DeDe_ HDD   1 months ago

    Roman came from war back and finaly could see his wife and children

  • CoCo Lemon7
    CoCo Lemon7   1 months ago

    1:49 who else found this satisfying af

  • edou440
    edou440   1 months ago

    This man lives in a anime and names every single move

  • K1NG_P4ND4
    K1NG_P4ND4   1 months ago

    Roman is still planning when and where to propose to PK

  • Thatcher Main
    Thatcher Main   1 months ago

    Seeing that middle mask in the thumbnail really made me want to crusade, thankfully he didn't have the cat ears otherwise the nobushi would have to meet my trebuchet

  • Muhamin Ahmed
    Muhamin Ahmed   1 months ago

    I get startled each time I hear that alarm because it’s my wake up alarm

  • Mr. Grunt
    Mr. Grunt   1 months ago

    ROMAN PUNCHROMAN KICKROMAN STABROMAN LEAPROMAN depressed cuz his wife divorce and took childs and cry’s himself to sleep

  • Poli
    Poli   1 months ago

    I see no problem with that Nobushi mask...

  • C C
    C C   1 months ago

    Fuck to pay the Can you play granny please also do a Reveal face bill please please

  • C C
    C C   1 months ago

    That is a bit of a girlfriend and she will have a whole oh hohohohohohoho

  • Kahgotcha
    Kahgotcha   1 months ago

    How do you make the creeper emblem?