Painting 🎨 iPhone 11’s 📱

  • Published on: 24 March 2020
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  • Runtime : 7:37
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  • Queen Vee
    Queen Vee   1 hours ago

    Hey Marko I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️ you are very talented 👌🔥 keep up the good work 👏👍. Also want to enter the give away because I'm currently using a bummy Android phone because my phone is broken 😬😩

  • Lyrical Clouds
    Lyrical Clouds   1 hours ago

    I didn't watch the livestream, i think im not one of the winner😂

  • mona vanshu
    mona vanshu   1 hours ago

    "Iphone 11 entry ""Done"Why : I want the i phone as I am a student and I require it for my studies and also I am an good artist and if I will get it I can make rough drawings on it first and then i can draw it on paper and it will also help me to see your videos and help me to look more drawings on internet marko please give me i have requested my mother a lot but she cannot afford an apple phone so please give Me I require a phone a lot to text my friends marko I you will give me this I phone you will be my willwisher and a God for me as i always pray to God to give me a i phone Marko I also feels that I am unlucky as always I participate in a giveaway and I couldn't win it so I'm trying again please give me this marko and I am also inspired to see you drawings and try to make them and right now I am using an android phone which really hangs and my friends also make me upset by saying that you are using an android phone and they all have I phones please marko give me this as my birthday is also coming and it would be my birthday present also And also I have participated in every giveaway but I have won nothing and now I feel that I am unlucky so marko please give me this you will be my God Love you bro !

  • Lyn Johari
    Lyn Johari   2 hours ago

    ''IPHONE ENTRY''''DONE''Why: because i don't have a fon.. and i need the fon.. I HOPE I WIN.. and i love your design and your video.. tq

  • strawbhree
    strawbhree   2 hours ago

    " Iphone entry "" Done "" Why: Because it's gonna help me achieve my passions in life. "

  • Andi Krisna Adiyatma
    Andi Krisna Adiyatma   3 hours ago

    "iPhone entry""done"why?: using an iPhone that is painted by you must be very cool. and I will show off to my friends hwhwhwhw

  • Oscar Giovanni Montaño Velazquez

    "Iphone entry""Done"Why: the designs are amazing however i have never had an iphone and i would like one and it would be wonderful to have it with your design

  • JiaKeong Lau
    JiaKeong Lau   5 hours ago

    “iphonr entry”“Done!”Why:“juz let me be a fan of iPhone!” commented from Samsung Note 5

  • Camila Hernández
    Camila Hernández   5 hours ago

    "iPhone entry""Done"Why: It would be very cool to have an iphone this different and precious

  • Josue Salas
    Josue Salas   6 hours ago

    "Iphone entry""Done"Why: i never had one

  • Marcus Martinez
    Marcus Martinez   6 hours ago

    “iPhone entry”“Done” Why: I don’t think I’ve ever really had enough luck in life to win anything. whoever ends up winning this giveaway, congrats!

  • Corryn Mitchell
    Corryn Mitchell   6 hours ago

    “iPhone Entry”“Done”Why: Bc I’d love to have a piece of your amazing artwork, and my need for a new phone is real 😂.

  • Gurjot CEO
    Gurjot CEO   7 hours ago

    giveaway Done because sony phone really sucks I love you bro I am your big fan it doesn’t matter what phone you will give or not give me but why do it doesn’t matter because you are my favourite youtuber and in all phones there is your creativity can you please give me any of those it really doesn’t matter please can I get one please bye love you bro

  • Charlotte Black
    Charlotte Black   7 hours ago

    “iPhone entry”“Done”Why: Because it is my moms birthday and I really want to make her happy!! And I love your talent and wish I had it💗

  • Juice Kidd
    Juice Kidd   8 hours ago

    "iPhone Entry""Done"Why: because dont have any gadgets and I came from Philippines🤞🏼🙏🏽

  • Danae Poliquin
    Danae Poliquin   8 hours ago

    It gyu bro don't give up you have so much talent 😍😍

  • Britt Adams
    Britt Adams   8 hours ago

    “iPhone entry” “done” why-I have been wanting a new phone because I have an Android

  • Natalie Briseno
    Natalie Briseno   9 hours ago

    “Phone entry”DoneWe don’t have the money to buy it

  • ruati ii
    ruati ii   9 hours ago

    "iPhone entry""Done"why: i really want to use the iphone

  • Ella Elpa
    Ella Elpa   9 hours ago

    "IPhone entry""DONE"Why: my phone is vivo and lots of lots of cracks my mom wont let me buy a new phone cause this is my last phone and i want to get some new phone for myself I always keep saving some money and getting some other youtuber to get some free giving phone but i didn't get any of it but its up to you who will u give it to thanks marko and btw no.1😚💖💕

  • sukma
    sukma   9 hours ago

    "IPhone entry""Done"Why: I don't know...

  • upri uprii1k999
    upri uprii1k999   9 hours ago

    "iphone entry""Done"Why: i really wan the phone because i don't have any money to buy some phone like that, and now my phone is broken☹️

  • Yurie Cumigad
    Yurie Cumigad   9 hours ago

    "iPhone Entry""Done"Why: because my phone died fast and i half to charge it agen like 3× and i realy want to win because i cant buy one so hope i win😊 like your costom iphone by the way😍😊

  • Iyah Amil
    Iyah Amil   10 hours ago

    I wish that marko give me iphone 11 because my phone sometimes is not working you know hang my phone

  • Christian Salvatierra
    Christian Salvatierra   10 hours ago

    "iPhone Entry""Done"Why: I need one it would help me a lot specially in studies but I can’t afford it, i hope I win"

  • sam Gomez
    sam Gomez   10 hours ago

    "iphone entry'"done"mine got stolen a week ago :(

  • Ray
    Ray   10 hours ago

    How to win an giveaway?

  • Aaliyah Drew
    Aaliyah Drew   10 hours ago

    “iPhone entry”“Done”Why: my phone is very slow and a android

  • Ghinna Naida
    Ghinna Naida   10 hours ago

    "iPhone entry""Done"Why: like your design, and never have iphone before

  • Snack Elements !
    Snack Elements !   11 hours ago

    “iPhone entry” “done” I need a phone I don’t have one

  • Jason H
    Jason H   11 hours ago

    The cactus design on his moms phone is my favourite

  • linus 05
    linus 05   11 hours ago

    "Iphone entry""Done"Because my android is broken and I need a new one