Will a Gas Engine Run on Kerosene? Lets try it!

  • Published on: 26 March 2018
  • Hundreds of those leaving comments requested I put together a video testing the use of kerosene in a gas engine. I tested 4 engines and they all successfully ran on 100% Kerosene. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for supporting the channel: https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm
  • Runtime : 10:50
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  • Mark Krause
    Mark Krause   8 hours ago

    WoW , I never knew , I did know that the main ingredient to SeaFoam is Kerosene .

  • velcroman11
    velcroman11   9 hours ago

    Did you try altering the timing on the Go-Kart engine to get rid of the ping.

  • Teling2
    Teling2   1 days ago

    I ran an Olds Delta 88 on pure kerosene and it ran fine except that it put out quite alot of white smoke. after getting gas it ran fine for years.

  • Jim Mooney
    Jim Mooney   1 days ago

    Given the rising cost of gas, maybe some additives and engine adjustments would make kerosene viable for non-performance use, like just getting to work - short run non-highway.

  • Dane Kappler
    Dane Kappler   1 days ago

    Instead of the statement, "I think it had more carbon buildup", why not have an objective statement like, "I weighed the carburetor after and found it had __ mg more carbon buildup."

  • Sqeeky Kleen
    Sqeeky Kleen   1 days ago

    What material did you use on your see thru engine???

  • Sqeeky Kleen
    Sqeeky Kleen   1 days ago

    Awesome I didn't know that would work. I loved watching the burn.

  • Kenzofeis
    Kenzofeis   1 days ago

    Ignition timing, compression and valve timing and jets are optimized for gasoline, so of course it is optimal for what it is optimized for.Mixing paraffin/kerosene and gasoline helps to approach those parameters. You should try in a motor with injection.Ah, in addition, intake manifolds of old could be made with "hot spots" to preheat the fuel/air mixture, this would help, for a lawnmower you could try to put warm paraffin in the tank.Beware, the vapour is dangerous as it can "close down" the lungs, causing suffocation.

  • Ken Grimm
    Ken Grimm   1 days ago

    Back in 1974, I had a worn-out 1961 Comet with bad rings and low compression; it ran BETTER on 100% kerosene than on gasoline. However, it would not start on cold mornings without spray ether, unless I added a small amount of highly volatile Coleman Fuel (benzine? pentane?) to the tank.

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly   1 days ago

    great test! Hey can you do LPG/propane next?

  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy   1 days ago

    What if you put Kerosine or Diesel in a Glass Jar and put a tube to Carb intake other tube pressuring fuel jar from the exhaust. Like a GEET Engine ? Look up GEET to explain better how to set up. TY 👍👍👍

  • aj no name aj no name

    Very good interesting video I often wondered how kerosene would work I have heard about it working in tractors after the tractor was started on gas and running a few minutes good video thank you

  • cs512tr
    cs512tr   2 days ago

    great vid and demonstration mate

  • Steve Proper
    Steve Proper   2 days ago

    There's a Youtube video about running an engine with high ammonia to gas ratio. I had never heard of such a thing, never thought of it as a fuel. The video is called 'Ammonia vehicle by the KIER'. Wonder if you could run a lawn mower like that?

  • Gerald Arnold
    Gerald Arnold   2 days ago

    Will a kerosene heater work with the proper mixture of diesel and gas or alcohol?

  • Minuteman
    Minuteman   2 days ago

    Try Kerosene with a bit of Redex :)

  • Chris Fox
    Chris Fox   2 days ago

    I have an 81 dodge d250 with a 318la in it we run kerosene in it all the time you must start on gasoline to warm it up then switch to kerosene works really well

  • Ken Quesenberry
    Ken Quesenberry   2 days ago

    Kerosene will run a gasoline engine; however, it will ruin hydraulic lifters.

  • undercrackers56
    undercrackers56   3 days ago

    Ah! It is nice to see someone doing their bit for the environment.

  • Frankly Frank
    Frankly Frank   3 days ago

    My first car as a teen was a -59 Opel. To save money I used to mix gas with keroseen 60,/40. Worked fine if driving longer stretches. However,engine need to be warm...will not ignate cold on that mixture..

  • Plainsman1300
    Plainsman1300   3 days ago

    The Ford Model T was designed to run on kerosene.

  • Skippy
    Skippy   3 days ago

    Extensively used in the past. Tractors were run on Kerosene. The key was to get the Engine hot first using Gasoline and then switch over to Kerosene.In Australia it was commonly used during WW2 in cars. Mixed with Petrol (Gasoline) or straight depending on the engine. The key was to get the engine hot to start with.Farmers especially used it. They had all the Kerosene for Tractors they needed but Petrol was rationed. I would not try it on Modern Cars though with Fuel Injection and there Emission control equipment.

  • Headhunter 1
    Headhunter 1   3 days ago

    A Diesel engine will work with 50/50 diesel/ kerosene.

  • Ann Onymous
    Ann Onymous   3 days ago

    And, seeing this, some idiot will decide to load up his kerosene heater with gasolinejust to see what happenswe refer to this person as Bernie. I'm looking forward to getting drunk at the funeral.

  • ralph edman
    ralph edman   3 days ago

    Like others have said...B&S once in an old repair manual said two tanks...start on gas then switch to kero. Thy also recommendd that 2hea gaskets be installed. That never made sene to me.. Never tried it either.

  • Walter Boswell
    Walter Boswell   3 days ago

    Dude you just keep getting better and better. You have got to be having a ball at this. Sometimes i laughed my asz off about the ideas. Keep it up my friend.

  • daddy don
    daddy don   3 days ago

    Kerosene is a cleaner diesel and you can run it in a diesel engine. Can you run diesel in a gasoline engine? nope.

  • dcbourbonireland
    dcbourbonireland   3 days ago

    Beware of paraffin washing effect to piston lining . In the war years they ran tractors using TVO tractor vapor oil . . This was generally 7 parts paraffin 1 part gasoline for hard work like ploughing earth and 3 parts gasoline and 4 parts paraffin when they moved tractor on the road unloaded at higher speeds . The compression ratio was 12 to 1 and they started tractor on 100 gasoline using a blow lamp heated glow plug . .The TVO was heated up by the exhaust and then when engine was warm enough switch to paraffin petrol mix . Switch off was done on pure gasoline to make restart easier . The problem is the engines need frequent oil changes as the paraffin no completely burned up would go into the oil sump via the piston lining impacting the lubrication of the oil in piston lining and later causing the lubrication oil to contain too much paraffin in what was called paraffin washing effect . To my knowledge Kerosene is really 1 part gasoline 7 parts paraffin and is great jet turbine fuel but lousy IC fuel typically creating more carbon and drop of 20% HP and needs pre heating via the exhaust heating to work properly . I owned a 8 hp Yamaha outboard in the 1970 era that was made to run on Paraffin but they recommend add some gasoline to the paraffin if it was really cold . The engine started on gasoline until heated then was switched to paraffin after that. It was for fuel safety I got that engine and Yamaha stopped to sell that engine before the 1980 era .Gasoline to my knowledge has some 5% to 10% paraffin in it as gasoline has some four or more parts to it combination of Toluene naphtha ethanol and other fuels . In Australia there is less tax on toluene so the oil companies sold gasoline with 100% toluene in it . As toluene is really suited to compression ratio higher than 12 to 1 and toluene and often used in racing cars is very toxic fuel .Also this was bad move and the stink coming from exhaust pipes was lethal to car users

  • Kiwi Bloke.
    Kiwi Bloke.   3 days ago

    Dad tried to run his car on Kerosene during the depression days . He said it made huge amounts of smoke .

  • Claire Valjakka
    Claire Valjakka   3 days ago

    Have you tried running a gallon of lacquer thinner with at least 10 gallons of gas in your car to clean up a fouled catalytic convertor?

  • ovila cote
    ovila cote   3 days ago

    they make flex fuel generators that can run on gas , kerosene , propane or other fuels.