Will a Gas Engine Run on Kerosene? Lets try it!

  • Published on: 26 March 2018
  • Hundreds of those leaving comments requested I put together a video testing the use of kerosene in a gas engine. I tested 4 engines and they all successfully ran on 100% Kerosene. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for supporting the channel: https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm
  • Runtime : 10:50
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  • JoJo NoNo
    JoJo NoNo   1 minuts ago

    Dad was telling me about people running kerosene in their cars in WW-II since everything was rationed. People would dump a five gallon can or two of kerosene in their gas tanks to get back and forth to work since they had to burn something if their gasoline ration stamps didn't hold out. Most people don't know that diesel engines will run on just about anything that looks like fuel so on the battle field you might have to fill up the trucks or tanks with gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, mineral spirits, whatever.

  • Miles O'Roads
    Miles O'Roads   9 hours ago

    Mowed our yard once as a teen with kerosene. In tall grass sounded horrible and rolled white smoke. Mom said it had to be mowed before I could leave and we was out of gas,so.....

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis   13 hours ago

    Should try JP.4 ( jet fuel ) or Av -Gas

  • Second Fleet Actual
    Second Fleet Actual   16 hours ago

    I have a question. In an emergency can you run a gasoline engine on nothing but fuel additives like Lucas and such

  • gotanmp3
    gotanmp3   16 hours ago

    Not sure if anyone else pointed this out yet, but that wasn't kerosene. The stuff the hardware stores sell in the plastic containers as kerosene is actually stoddard solvent. Big difference being, it has a lower flash point than is typical of kerosene.

  • Keith Babola
    Keith Babola   19 hours ago

    Lawnmower doesn't have timing adjust. But if it takes longer to burn maybe advanced timing may help

  • Satish r R
    Satish r R   1 days ago

    Aviation fuel is another name for kerosene, all aircrafts run on kerosene

  • h bethune
    h bethune   2 days ago

    perhaps a turbo would sort things?

  • Luis Prieto
    Luis Prieto   2 days ago

    how about trying some of those test on weedeater, chainsaw, trimmers.

  • Maurice Upton
    Maurice Upton   2 days ago

    Kerosine could be used in the Ferguson 28, was called vaporising oil.I think they used it as it was cheaper and not rationed like petrol during the WWs, but now it's more expensive.My father can also remember they had a coke/water burner on the side of their car for producing carbon monoxide, car engines would run on carbon monoxide too. Browns gas generators were also used on tanks in the Western Desert during World War 2, after the war they were ordered to remove them, they we're not for public use.Watching from Auckland New Zealand.

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall   2 days ago

    Kerosene also has another use put some into the diesel tank and cleans the injectors instead paying good money for snake oil injector cleaner ! /UK

  • John Perkins
    John Perkins   3 days ago

    Will kerosene bring down skyscrapers at freefall speed? Apparently the answer is yes.

  • Jay Igaboo
    Jay Igaboo   4 days ago

    back in the early 70s my oldest bro ran his motorbike fora while on paraffin9 as we Brits call kerosene).I forget if it was his 650 Triumph or his 600 Norton Dominator, but it was thereabouts.He had to prime it with petrol to start it, and had fitted a tap to supply petrol, it ran fine for months,until he burned out a valve and reverted to petrol.I believe the stiff penalties attached to using a much lesser excised fuel might have influenced THAT decision!

    DARREL FUHRMAN   4 days ago

    How about TDF or tractor distalite fuel or distalite? Not sure that I spelled it right. This was used in tractors in the USA in the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Usually they had shutters on the radiator, heat stove on the carburetor. A small gasoline tank with a large TDF tank. They would start the tractor with gasoline, warm it up, shut off the gasoline petcock, open the TDF petcock. Dad said TDF could only be used in the field under load. Transporting the tractor to the field a lot of times he had to use gasoline. Dad said TDF was like 50% #2 diesel fuel & 50% kerosene. One place you could find a spec for TDF is the Nebraska Tractor Tests before 1958.

  • FungusHat
    FungusHat   4 days ago

    My sister once grabbed a 5 gallon gas can that my pop kept his RC "Missile Mist" in, for his RC planes. She poured all 5 gallons in her Austin America. Not surprisingly got a phone call from her later. Neighbor put some gasoline in with it, and managed to run it all out. RC fuel is basically Castor oil and Nitromethane. This was in the Seventies so the RC fuel may be different now. I greatly miss the smell of that stuff burning while watching all the fellas flying their toys around.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis   4 days ago

    kerosene and liquid oxygen were what launched the Saturn 5 on the way to the Moon. The combination put out 565,000 hp each engine, which equaled 60 gigawatts, or a total of 300 gigawatts for the five engines.

  • eleveninchfoamy Mastaflya

    How about jp5 and kerosene?...you will have to work out the jetting to make it work but this is what INSITU uses in their long range planes like the scan eagle.

  • {// WTF! //}
    {// WTF! //}   5 days ago

    outstanding! I'm super rural and power with a generator. I may run out of gasoline but usually have 20 gals of kerosene for the heater.

  • Wisest 1
    Wisest 1   5 days ago

    @Project Farm /Todd...Can you do a video on running an engine on pure Hydrogen gas. Show how you can produce it from plain tap water through "electrolysis"... then use the PURE byproducts (Hydrogen and Oxygen) to inject them into the Cylinder chamber which produces water as an exhaust product... and maybe even try collecting the water exhaust, cooling it down and pumping it back into the engine after running it back through the Electrolysis process again. This can demonstrate an "endless loop".Then let's work together on starting a business from this. ;)

  • GB Games
    GB Games   5 days ago

    As I understand it, Kerosene is much closer to diesel than gasoline. Kerosene is fairly similar to diesel, and jet fuel is basically a specialized kerosene. Jet fuel, diesel, and kerosene are (Relatively) similar to each other.

  • Brian Shields
    Brian Shields   6 days ago

    Early fordson tractors started on petrol then changed to power kerosene , the best kerosene is aviation grade

  • Billy Cook
    Billy Cook   6 days ago

    Your tests where on small low compression engines, I wouldn't use it on a modern automotive engine except in a pinch.

  • J T
    J T   6 days ago


  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker   1 weeks ago

    Wow thanks for taking the time and doing all that that's impressive had no idea kerosene to be used

  • Rebel9668
    Rebel9668   1 weeks ago

    Our old John Deere tractors (A and H models) were designed to start on gas and then run on kerosene. Had the small gas tank behind the larger kerosene tank but we always just ran them on gas in both tanks as kerosene is much more expensive than gas nowadays. When the large tank ran out of gas we had the small tank to get us back up to the barn to fill the large tank again.

  • MyChina 1950
    MyChina 1950   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if rice wine will work on your engine?

  • Sonny Dey
    Sonny Dey   1 weeks ago

    Once upon a time, I mixed a gallon of mineral spirits with a gallon of lacquer thinner to get me to the nearest gas station.

  • Roys Insights
    Roys Insights   1 weeks ago

    Will kerosene work for my Prius??? (This is a joke)

  • Roys Insights
    Roys Insights   1 weeks ago

    Have you done a comparison on preventive flat-tire products and then you could also do one on fix a flat tire additives

  • matt johnson
    matt johnson   1 weeks ago

    This is a BIG FAT lie. Because it not gasoline. Engines operate on gasoline. Get real

    DICK WILCOX   1 weeks ago

    Did it with a model A ford turned into a tractor start on Gas the. Switchover to kerosene....back then kerosene was 10 cents a gallon?

  • Rick Broussard
    Rick Broussard   1 weeks ago

    Diesels and jet engines will I’ve done regularly

  • C. Hooks
    C. Hooks   1 weeks ago

    Question slant 6 mopar engine since a longer stroke engine will give more time for fuel to burn can this change outcome of test using kerosene in a longer stroke engine?