ethma being all cute n’ memey for 20 minutes straight (pt. 3)

  • Published on: 24 June 2019
  • in honor of the new holy trinity collabs, here’s the next part of the series.😉

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  • Runtime : 19:58
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  • Ava Minn
    Ava Minn   4 days ago

    Omg omg you should zoom in the part that they look into each other eyes

  • A A
    A A   1 months ago

    No one:Emma: looks at Ethan Fans: EtHmA cOnFiRmEd

  • Voom vroom
    Voom vroom   1 months ago

    What the fuck is happening at 3:00 through 3:10

  • Víctor gonzalez
    Víctor gonzalez   1 months ago

    “Emma why do we have a packet” welcome to fucking school

  • erin hart
    erin hart   2 months ago

    i feel like emma is more of the touchy one because she was the one who sat on him sorta, she kept on staring at him trying to get an eye connection between the two. but i mean i don’t ship anymore

  • allie watson
    allie watson   2 months ago

    i loved the ethma era but i feel like nobody ever watched for the dolan twins anymore. it was just ethan and emma. not ethan and grayson. kinda glad it’s over :/

  • Tsering Wynne
    Tsering Wynne   2 months ago

    tbh I really think their just good friends I mean..... like why do we even care anyway.

  • Tsering Wynne
    Tsering Wynne   2 months ago

    Why would they not tell social media that their dating? I mean everyone ships what are they worried about?

  • james charles
    james charles   2 months ago

    If she looks at him doesnt mean there is ethma

  • Abigail Gessner
    Abigail Gessner   3 months ago

    3:21 get you a man that looks at you the way Ethan looks at Emma

  • r wright
    r wright   3 months ago

    13:47 I've watched this video like 25 times and I never got that part can someone explain plsss

  • Aishah Begum Hafiz
    Aishah Begum Hafiz   3 months ago

    6:58 i really wish that i could have given Grayson a high-five :(

  • jamiyah
    jamiyah   3 months ago

    lowkey miss them i wish they woulda just went public

  • Enike Sefo
    Enike Sefo   3 months ago

    Emma: So I hAvE a LiItLe MoRe HiGh ScHoOol ExPeRiEnCe iN hIgH sChOoLMe: shit..... 😭

  • Enike Sefo
    Enike Sefo   3 months ago

    13:30 that was the cutest shit ever wtf 😭

  • Enike Sefo
    Enike Sefo   3 months ago

    *19 minutes of Grayson third wheeling* Honestly me though. I even third wheel myself how the fuck is that possible

  • A.L.K
    A.L.K   3 months ago

    this is my theory:you see the way e looks at emma? he's def in love. don't get me wrong emma definitely has looked at e like that but it was acc so long ago. since then she's stopped being all "heart eyes" and stuff. y'all prolly know that they aren't exactly "friends" anymore. they've stopped liking insta pics, and they haven't been seen together in a loooong time. now, what if ethan confessed to emma that he has feelings for her, but she didn't feel the same? that would explain why they aren't hanging out anymore. and the looks that gray gives basically being the "biggest ethma stan"? prolly cause he knew e was in love with emmaaaaaa. JUST. A. THEORY. or it could just be a simple fallout w friends but i mean you never know soooo...leave any other theories you haveeee :)))))

  • Nallely Posada
    Nallely Posada   4 months ago

    Y'all are crazy with this whole ethma thing😂lunatics

  • 말얀라인
    말얀라인   4 months ago

    Do a video wherein it was grayson being a thirdwheel.

  • Mimike Dolezal
    Mimike Dolezal   5 months ago

    grayson dolan third wheeling for 19:58 minutes straigjt

  • Blanca Sánchez
    Blanca Sánchez   5 months ago

    I always thought that emma was into ethan, james into grayson and grayson into emma and that's why the sister squad broke up (???)

  • Arlette Munoz
    Arlette Munoz   5 months ago

    i think were exaggerating when pointing out that she glanced at him.

  • PaXx Xx
    PaXx Xx   5 months ago

    10:15 also a tsundere

  • KC 2002
    KC 2002   5 months ago

    Ethan and Emma sit down on the couch together ETHMA SHIPPERS:Omg! They’re definitely dating. Like they sat on a couch together! That’s the biggest proof! Omg!

  • KC 2002
    KC 2002   5 months ago

    Umm hate to break it y’all Ethma shippers but...Emma is dating Nolan.They are even getting married next year.

  • millie d
    millie d   5 months ago

    ethan and emma breathe the same airfandom: OMGG THEY ARE DATING ITS SO CLEAR OMG WE HAVE PROOF!!!!

  • emily s
    emily s   6 months ago

    Literally this video is ethan and emma looking at each other. Grayson and emma look at each other two, omg they must all be dating

  • kit kat
    kit kat   6 months ago

    I wonder if Gray is jealous.

  • tiffany lei
    tiffany lei   6 months ago

    emma: breathes ethma stans: omg theyre dating

  • Wolfie Gamer
    Wolfie Gamer   6 months ago

    So is nobody gonna use the interview when the Hollywood fix was like “so are you guys dating” (something like that) and Ethan said “who said that?” and Emma was like “did we say that...not yet” and they laugh it off like nothing. I don’t really care if they are dating but just wanted to say