6 Roommates Decide Who Gets $1,000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
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    6 Roommates Decide Who Gets $1,000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

    #Cut #Challenge

  • Runtime : 12:12
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  • J Nicole
    J Nicole   1 days ago

    “Y’all shadyyyy” lmaooo Ian cracks me up😂 This episode is my favorite frrr there was no snakes💀

  • Bomi Yoon
    Bomi Yoon   2 days ago

    just outta curiosity, i kinda wanna know what university they attend 🤔🤔

  • TiredGamer
    TiredGamer   4 days ago

    These people are like my roommates in Sims 4

  • Yes Yas
    Yes Yas   4 days ago

    Why would maninder vote for herself😂

  • Amanda X
    Amanda X   5 days ago

    Yah its 1000 but they act on this show as if it's 1 milli like 😆

  • Jade Payne
    Jade Payne   5 days ago

    Joe: WinsJoe: "I hate all of you"

  • Simon Herculano
    Simon Herculano   5 days ago

    That guy reminded me of ZAYN from the vlog squad LMAO 💕

  • Christine A.A.A
    Christine A.A.A   1 weeks ago


  • Taii Finesse
    Taii Finesse   1 weeks ago

    The most wholesome one out of all of them 💕

  • drymu 949
    drymu 949   1 weeks ago

    4:11 sis in the red cheats and still lose, nice

  • Ava Hiatt
    Ava Hiatt   1 weeks ago

    you should do billionares decide. it would be interesting to see the contrast in their relationship with money

  • Dimi nati
    Dimi nati   1 weeks ago

    Joe wearing batik from Indonesia

  • Aryana Torres
    Aryana Torres   1 weeks ago

    this one was my favorite one forsure , it was so genuine n full wit love 🥺

  • kate tebo
    kate tebo   1 weeks ago

    The Indian girl looks so pretty and adorable

  • Arctic Wołveż
    Arctic Wołveż   1 weeks ago

    They should split the money so they’d each get $166.67 and spent it they way they want to because they all care about each other and they all have enough money to buy what they want to buy

  • Kristina S
    Kristina S   1 weeks ago

    I only came to this video to see if anyone commented about the marine biologist from the high school vid.. yikes 👀

  • Ms CHIN
    Ms CHIN   1 weeks ago

    Do one with mothers only

  • Dirty qtip
    Dirty qtip   1 weeks ago

    Bc the comments in the other one was turned off i just wanted to say jordyn sucka

    AISHA AHMED   1 weeks ago

    The high school one was so dramatic compared to this one

  • Jo Hoh
    Jo Hoh   1 weeks ago

    10:08 Did she just say "Scheiße"?It's the german word for sh*t and when I heard her saying this I was extremely confused because I wasn't expecting any german words in an english videoI'm german if you wondered😂

  • Formicidae Inc.
    Formicidae Inc.   1 weeks ago

    this is great to watch as a substitute for actually having friends