6 Roommates Decide Who Gets $1,000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
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    6 Roommates Decide Who Gets $1,000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

    #Cut #Challenge

  • Runtime : 12:12
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  • k a y l a
    k a y l a   6 hours ago

    thank the lord that none of these people are like jordyn ugh

  • Bewildered Skelton
    Bewildered Skelton   1 days ago

    U notice that the only 1000 to 1 they turn of the comments off is high schoolers cause soooooooooooo many people (all of the comments) were talking about how much of a absolute BITCH Audrey was, holy shit she was soooooo mean for no reason, I know some people are like she wasn't even THAT mean but she's got that " I am prettier that you and I know you know and I am gonna make you look bad by getting you mad and turn every one against you" attitude and she is all like "omg, we should do random challenges(because I know all of the people with at least half a brain cell would vote me out)" - sincerely, Bewildered skelton ☠👉👈Edit:(p.s I think Audrey probably smells like daddy's money) -XOXO, Bewildered Skelton

  • Raiem
    Raiem   2 days ago

    I got a feeling Ian and Joe were datingthis one was nice, particularly Ian seemed fun

  • Danielle castillo
    Danielle castillo   3 days ago

    They should make a YouTube channel. Cause those were some characters. 👍🏼

  • Amira Negoro
    Amira Negoro   4 days ago

    watching this video after the elders one is so heartwarming

  • Nikhil Jaggi
    Nikhil Jaggi   4 days ago

    You guys at Cut must have enough money to support the person you think really needed the money rather than who got itLike the guy who wanted to meet his family after a year or whatever

  • Nina
    Nina   4 days ago

    Okay but amy is litteraly irl monica

  • Btdcnrwdfhjuyr4632
    Btdcnrwdfhjuyr4632   5 days ago

    “I’m gonna graduate soon”Coronavirus: oh hehehe no u ain’t

  • jericho gaviola
    jericho gaviola   1 weeks ago

    This and the one with the construction workers are lovely to watch

  • Ben B
    Ben B   2 weeks ago

    A. I love the ones where people know each other. So much kindnessB. There is something hella attractive about Ian

  • Mr Park
    Mr Park   2 weeks ago

    Mans said first one to touch your nose lmao

  • I Win
    I Win   2 weeks ago

    When he started fake crying I was like wait what but then he started laughing then I was like oh

  • Bella G
    Bella G   2 weeks ago

    That flight probably doesn’t cost $1400 anymore w the coronavirus

  • S A M
    S A M   2 weeks ago

    This is honestly such a good bunch :')

  • Dana Elona
    Dana Elona   3 weeks ago

    What brand are her shoes at 7:02

  • GlamGoddes101
    GlamGoddes101   3 weeks ago

    First of alllll, why do people have 6 roommates ??

    FLAMINFALCON YT   3 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the girl in the black is cute

  • Fraist
    Fraist   3 weeks ago

    Nobody:Terrance: Scissors beats paper

  • Ashley Dixon
    Ashley Dixon   3 weeks ago

    Comment on this comment or Like on this commentIf u hate that marine biologist girl JorDyN

  • Bruh Jones
    Bruh Jones   3 weeks ago

    8:39 I didn’t need to hear that

  • Ariana
    Ariana   3 weeks ago

    I love them so much 🥺

  • Cierra W
    Cierra W   3 weeks ago

    Ok but Joe is a beautiful human

  • sya
    sya   4 weeks ago

    This is funnier than the comedians one

  • Selen Tolan
    Selen Tolan   4 weeks ago

    we don’t need no team10 and shit, we need this squad

  • _what_evss_
    _what_evss_   4 weeks ago

    Terrence was faded this whole time 💀

  • Victoria
    Victoria   1 months ago

    10:08 did she just say "scheiße" which is german for "shit"?

  • Morgan M
    Morgan M   1 months ago

    did i hear fremont??? are these guys from the bay?