Aliens under the Ice – Life on Rogue Planets

  • Published on: 27 December 2018
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    Out in the vast coldness of outer space, there are planets that travel alone through darkness without the boundaries of a system. Here’s how this can happen – and why these frozen deserts might secretly harbor alien life.


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  • Runtime : 8:25
  • Rogue Planet Rogue Planets Alien Alien Life Alien Life Form Universe Space Space Travel Sub-Brown Dwarfs Star Interstellar Terrestrial Planets Proto Planet Earth Core Water Life Bacteria Solar System Geothermal Moon Tidal Tidal Force Fish Deep Sea Ocean Gamma Ray Bursts Asteroid Asteroids Consciousness Oort Cloud


  • due to
    due to   7 hours ago

    Did you know that you're watching this from earth?

  • RadicalShuz
    RadicalShuz   3 days ago

    GRB cant penetrate thick ice?Impossibiru

  • PotterFanOmg
    PotterFanOmg   4 days ago

    Imagine if an alien watched this...…...

  • PotterFanOmg
    PotterFanOmg   4 days ago

    the failed star hhhmmm I wonder what that planet was

  • GG2K7AU05
    GG2K7AU05   4 days ago

    When an asteroid hit, it will have a hole there and those aliens will go out to explore, but they will die.

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    Rouge planets become rouge when they become so edgelord that the star just yeets them out of the solar system

  • Jake King
    Jake King   6 days ago

    Wait... Off in distant space... Possibly Eldritch and due to the long isolation could develop hyper-aggression towards other species... AND they can't use metals so they would have to build out of biomass... Are you telling me Tyranids might be real?

  • Toi Eagol
    Toi Eagol   1 weeks ago

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

  • Acharndael
    Acharndael   1 weeks ago

    Aliens:Kurzgesagt: Make alien videos;:: profit!

  • Silverstone Serenity
    Silverstone Serenity   1 weeks ago

    I wanna know more about sub brown stars Kurzgesagt, don't leave them behind.

  • BrickFire
    BrickFire   1 weeks ago

    Someone should write a science fiction novel about this theoretical world!

  • Titan BigBoy
    Titan BigBoy   1 weeks ago

    This Video: Life under the iceSubnautica Below Zero: 😶

  • KirbyGrandma
    KirbyGrandma   1 weeks ago

    Anybody else notice the adventure time snail with his creepy wave

  • vortex
    vortex   1 weeks ago

    The animations. I love this channel so much 😭

  • Snakinator
    Snakinator   1 weeks ago

    But couldn't a thermal vent be used as a natural forge for an underwater intelligent being?

  • IvanSensei88
    IvanSensei88   1 weeks ago

    Meanwhile, some more advanced aliens discuss how on rogue universes, the beings who live in it might think there's nothing beyond it, and can only observe as much as the speed of light in it allows them to.

  • MetalHeart8787
    MetalHeart8787   1 weeks ago

    2 of Saturns Moons are Frozen & have water under them Enceladus & Titan, also Jupiters Moon Ueropa  has water under the ice, SO it would just be easier to travel to them instead of trying to get to a Rogue planet

  • KMS Bismarck [HOOD AIN'T SHIT]

    It may be possible that they have no eyes considering there will be little to no light in their, meaning they may be dependent on echo location. Or something better

  • Ingleby
    Ingleby   2 weeks ago

    No oil!? Ok, we humans lost all interest there ...

  • Nikki Lee
    Nikki Lee   2 weeks ago

    At 5:47, he says "alien animals".Aliens are not animals. Animalia is a clade from Earth.

  • Dylan Cheng
    Dylan Cheng   2 weeks ago

    Rogue Planets should be the name of a band

  • josh
    josh   2 weeks ago

    5:57 There are some sicko's working at Kurzgesagt LOL "Shhhhh no tears ....."

  • Covellishus The Disliked

    “They’re a sort of failed star, and we’ll now stop talking about them”. Best roast because he said it so nonchalantly

  • TheBestBanan
    TheBestBanan   2 weeks ago

    i don't think i've ever seen a Kurzgesagt episode without a black hole

  • Yun Dazy
    Yun Dazy   2 weeks ago

    Hey I love your content. Made me wonder : is there a theory that exists, saying that we could use the earth as a spaceship ? That we could heat it enough to sustain through the -273 degrees of space ? And that we could migrate to a new solar system ?

  • HEM
    HEM   2 weeks ago

    This is giving ne claustrophobia

  • Mukul Chakravarthy
    Mukul Chakravarthy   2 weeks ago

    Me playing minecraftKurzgesgat:And the ice is as hard as BEDROCK

  • slip through
    slip through   2 weeks ago

    거꾸로 우리는 대기권이라는 벽에 갇혀 살다 드디어 진화가 아닌 도구를 사용하여 대기권을 벗어났지만 아직 상위차원이나 대기가 없이도 오직 자신에게 있는 에너지만으로 생존하는 생명체에 있어서 한참 진화가 필요한 존재일지도 모른다대기권을 얼음벽과같이 뚫고 들어오기 어려운 벽이라고 생각하면 좀 더 광범위하고 분자구조나 결합에 대해 느슨한 생명체가 존재한다고 가정했을때 그 생명체가 지구를 지나쳤을지도 모른다...

  • Robin Payne
    Robin Payne   2 weeks ago

    An interesting fact extrapolated from your Deep Sea video is the size of deep sea creatures. Whenever we depict aliens in movies, videogames or the like, they're always conveniently bipedal and around 2 meters tall. Well, since deep sea creatures typically evolve to beocme bigger, imagine discovering an alien species intelligent enough to communicate with, and their average size is something like 25 meters.