Aliens under the Ice – Life on Rogue Planets

  • Published on: 27 December 2018
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    Out in the vast coldness of outer space, there are planets that travel alone through darkness without the boundaries of a system. Here’s how this can happen – and why these frozen deserts might secretly harbor alien life.


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  • Runtime : 8:25
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  • M.U.T.O 1
    M.U.T.O 1   4 hours ago

    I feel bad for the aliens not knowing about anything outside the ice sheet, and then they die out.

  • Smart Shah !
    Smart Shah !   6 hours ago

    F in the chat for frozen aliens under the ice sheet...

  • P A
    P A   15 hours ago

    only dreams now

  • KEV In
    KEV In   22 hours ago

    I dream a vivid first person dream where I see a disruption of the structure of that solar system and I am so frightened I thibk to become roque planet :s

  • MiniBlackTigers
    MiniBlackTigers   22 hours ago

    The beginning is cool. It reminds me of a video game.

  • Brody Wooddell
    Brody Wooddell   1 days ago

    OMG this video just mad me realize planets themselves are life or organisms in the same way we are. many smaller systems working together to make a bigger whole

  • Itsme Alex
    Itsme Alex   1 days ago

    "millions of generations might live and die ignorant of what's outside the ice"Basically humanity on a smaller scale.

  • Hei Cua
    Hei Cua   1 days ago

    imagine kurzagt not saying the milky way galaxy (its real) had a collision a few million years ago and we surived or the milky way is a milky way(CHOCOLATE)

  • you called !
    you called !   1 days ago

    Who's here after watching the area 51 raid?

  • Space Aids Man
    Space Aids Man   1 days ago

    Can’t we just place bacteria on a planet full of ice and let it mutate After a million yearsWe’ll have alien friends or there dead

  • Golden Garuda
    Golden Garuda   1 days ago

    6:06 I feel like I felt like I had watch this before before..

  • Logan Twist
    Logan Twist   2 days ago

    Any one ever wondered how to pronounce the name

  • Michael Gonzales
    Michael Gonzales   2 days ago

    In addition to Aliens that are trapped under ice, there are also probably aliens that are trapped by gravity. Earth isn't that big of a planet, but escaping from its gravity is still rather hard. Now imagine escaping from the gravity of a planet that is 10 times as massive as Earth.

  • e21big
    e21big   2 days ago

    So Hell Star Remina might be real after all huh?

  • a purple crayon
    a purple crayon   2 days ago

    What if you could smelt the metals with the hot vents?

  • CaramelLeek
    CaramelLeek   2 days ago

    Knowing humans, we will probably send people over there to take over immediately

  • ZzZodiacZz
    ZzZodiacZz   3 days ago

    Maybe Earth is in a community of rogue ecosystem. The milky way that we are in is akin to the ice crust as shown in the video.

  • Scrandryle
    Scrandryle   3 days ago

    6:21 what if we can push through the universe

  • Richboi
    Richboi   3 days ago

    As an alien duck, I approve this message

  • C R
    C R   3 days ago

    4:58 The snail from Adventure Time! :D

  • 4pollyoN
    4pollyoN   4 days ago

    5:55 on the right side.Creepy