• Published on: 10 March 2019
  • thank you louis vuitton and youtube for sending me, it was AMAZING!!!!

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    I LUV U,
    -emma chamberlain
  • Runtime : 19:36
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  • Kayla Michelle
    Kayla Michelle   13 hours ago

    I don’t even wanna know how much you spent shopping lol

  • Bri E
    Bri E   2 days ago

    plz cut your haaiaiirrrrr

  • Mya Ferguson
    Mya Ferguson   4 days ago

    I love how its l'indoor instead of l'interieur and fun instead of amusante tehe

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs   5 days ago

    No need to call yourself stupid. You are in France; they do that for you.Vous les Américains, vous êtes si stupide

  • Ayla Brooks
    Ayla Brooks   5 days ago

    I don't even like coffee but Emma makes me want to drink coffee all the time

  • Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

    Are you mentally ill? Truly. Are you manic? Your behavior and attitude is a visual demo of how fucked up young Youtubers and Influencers are! Making so much money and too stupid to even speak or read. Disgusting. Pitifully unaware..

  • Hope Mccc
    Hope Mccc   5 days ago

    EMMA you belong in paris hello

  • Mya Gomez
    Mya Gomez   5 days ago

    Almond milk isn’t vegetarian but almond juice is (aka almond milk)

  • Common Creations
    Common Creations   5 days ago

    Emma: on a plane for 11 hours. Also emma: I slept for 8 hours and the other 2 I watched a movie...Me: yes 8+2 is 11!

  • Shannon Clements
    Shannon Clements   5 days ago

    @emmachamberlain Serioysly though if you want to know if it's going to rain just simply watch the weather report. Duh! What's so fricken hard about that? Just kidding. Simply look at the air you can actually see the rain falling when it's not falling yet. Not even a drizzle nor a drop. Especially if you look towards the trees. You can literally see it falling down. Freaked out thing about it? It's not even raining yet! Othereise look for the steel gray clouds. But trust me you can see the rain before it falls.

  • Shannon Clements
    Shannon Clements   5 days ago

    @emmachamberlain You look like you were wearung something Miley Cyrus would wear.

  • H1gh P0wer
    H1gh P0wer   1 weeks ago

    You said you are vegetarian but you ate eggs lol

  • tara yip
    tara yip   1 weeks ago

    emma : gets sent to paris by louis vuitton me : does haul from goodwill by myself in my room

  • hxneybee XxXxXxX
    hxneybee XxXxXxX   1 weeks ago

    Emma:I hope I can go to sleep on the plane Also Emma: CofFeE tImE

  • VineetTheGamer555
    VineetTheGamer555   1 weeks ago

    3:20 Emma=omg I can’t believe I was on a plane for 11 hours!Me= I go on a 24 hour flight almost every year... Pfft amateur...😑

  • Madison Marie
    Madison Marie   1 weeks ago

    your editing skills are amazing!! um like what do you use to edit your videos?? they are great!

  • X jasmine X
    X jasmine X   1 weeks ago

    Emma goes to Paris same time as Ethan and Grayson

  • anna maier
    anna maier   1 weeks ago

    omg this makeup looks SO good on you

  • ̇ ̇
    ̇ ̇   1 weeks ago

    Got my Emma in Paris and she going to fashion week

  • ti- yeah
    ti- yeah   1 weeks ago

    when you come here from the dolan twins video about their pfw, it feels like a comparison of what you think you're doing vs what you're actually doing.

  • mei porkchop
    mei porkchop   1 weeks ago

    she said wanted the whole look to be a surprise and then she inserts a bunch of picture of her in the dress

  • lily Mitchell
    lily Mitchell   1 weeks ago

    Baby Emma does not look much different then Emma to day

  • Emily Blake
    Emily Blake   2 weeks ago

    I wonder how Ethan reacted seeing her like this !!!!!! 😊

  • Barney Rubble
    Barney Rubble   2 weeks ago

    I was watching this video. And I had a thought. If I ever see you.(Emma) on the street somewhere. Or anywhere. I would probably run and duck and take cover! Nuke me like a microwave. I'm sure most people you get around don't even see what hit them..?

  • idletrash
    idletrash   2 weeks ago

    Emma: I can't believe I was on a plane for 11 hoursAlso Emma: I slept for 8 hours and then for other two hours I watched the beautiful boy and cried...🤠

  • Elise Salcedo
    Elise Salcedo   2 weeks ago

    Is it weird that in the thumbnail Emma looks like Millie Bobbie brown