East African Federation: A New African Superpower?

  • Published on: 03 April 2019
  • Within Eastern Africa, a new country might be forming. Or maybe not, things can be pretty volatile here. But yeah, what would it be like?

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  • Sunto One
    Sunto One   9 hours ago

    Sudan is the oldest country! You White people don't know, or just try to hide the facts

  • Enola Gay
    Enola Gay   12 hours ago

    Museveni will not accept such a damn thing

  • Michael Marsavin
    Michael Marsavin   12 hours ago

    Can you use the metropolitan area population instead of the city proper? Los Angeles has a metro area population of 13 million.

  • Danny Targarien
    Danny Targarien   15 hours ago

    I hope Morocco and Algeria and tunisie do the same this like old days

  • SaladMan
    SaladMan   15 hours ago

    As a Brit, it’s great to see Africa moving forward so quickly from the colonial days!

  • Riak Deng
    Riak Deng   18 hours ago

    Yeah together we can do better 🇸🇸🇺🇬🇧🇮🇰🇪🇷🇼🇹🇿

  • r2uuu
    r2uuu   21 hours ago

    Its a good video but when you feel like you have to make comparisons for every city with an equal sized US city. You make the video boring and quite honestly not universal.

  • Brensen B
    Brensen B   21 hours ago

    Could anyone explain what median age means if they watch this video and see this comment? Even as a geography "nerd", I have a hard time understanding median age.

    NASHER SINGH   1 days ago

    Great video. But for god sakes why are people using these creepy computer generated voice overs in their videos .

  • Amir Mh
    Amir Mh   1 days ago

    Your ass.... Get your facts right and remake your fuckn vedio

  • annabelle olum
    annabelle olum   1 days ago

    When I was a kid, we had the East African Community which included Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We also had East African Railways and Harbours, East African Airways and East African Industries. Our parents could worked in any of the three countries and we used the same currency. We grew up with Kenya and Ugandan neighbors as my dad worked with the East African Railways at the time! In fact the area where E A Community HQ was located in Nairobi is still known as "Community."

  • Çorba Zamani
    Çorba Zamani   1 days ago

    South Sudan: Joins EAF Sudan: YOU WILL DIE SOUTH SUDAN EAF: you dum dum messed up

  • M K
    M K   1 days ago

    Nairobi has a population of well over 4 million

  • D 123
    D 123   2 days ago

    I have noticed a tendency for people to say "remember the crusades?" like that started out of nowhere

  • Ian Cleary
    Ian Cleary   2 days ago

    This will not work if South Sudan is included

  • Raymond Gadreault
    Raymond Gadreault   2 days ago

    Lmaooo at African superpower...Africa as a whole is weak militarily, mentally and economicly

  • Chris Hani Omitta
    Chris Hani Omitta   2 days ago

    It’s impossible to have a single country in Africa due to tribalism based corruption

  • AK Iban
    AK Iban   2 days ago

    Clap for yourself... You spent all that content time just to tell us what divides us??? DUDE, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT UNITS US...

  • Emmanuel Juma
    Emmanuel Juma   2 days ago

    Sudan still see south Sudan as apart of the country and I doubt that Sudan will let it happen they also don't call south Sudan in their media with that name they just say south

  • cumquatrct3
    cumquatrct3   2 days ago

    Another thing: coffee. The East African Federation would be one of, if not the biggest grower of coffee in the world. They would have much more leverage over the price of coffee as a unified whole and have the resources to start roasting their own, rather than exporting the dried berries to European nations like Italy. Given the European reliance on East African coffee this would be a major economic benefit to the newly united nation, and potentially a unifying part of the new national culture.

  • Terangagainde
    Terangagainde   2 days ago

    I appreciate informative aspect of the video however, I disagree with the religious divisive perspective, we as African have coexisted for centuries religion was barely a divisive issue the success of other economic blocks such as the CEDEAO are good examples

  • Ian David
    Ian David   2 days ago

    That ain't the serengeti bruv

    MELVIN WACHIRA   3 days ago

    am Kenyan and this is only a dream. Honestly each state wants to rule themselves and if we having trouble in actualizing custom policies (ask Magufuli how he burnt Kenyan chicken lol) how can we achieve a political federation?!...personally i believe a customs union is possible and will spur economic growth but no way a president from say S.Sudan is ever ruling over Kenya. We are happy to remain independent.

  • rick ceader
    rick ceader   3 days ago

    You obviously have no idea of metropolitan areas and economic scale. For example metropolitan LA has a population of 18million and Chicago nearly 10million. unthought out videos do more to spread misinformation which can lead to disastrous consequences. Sorry dude

  • Senna De hond
    Senna De hond   3 days ago

    Lol are you kidding me? What they gonna fund their military and economics with..? Fucking food scraps? Dont make me laugh lol. And their currency? Welp guess thats going back to the slavery trade with fucking shells as currency. This country is gonna fail just like most african countries. Uganda is a dead meme itself, dont make the other 5 a dead meme aswell.

  • Abdishakur Hashi
    Abdishakur Hashi   3 days ago

    You leir bcz Tanzania 60% er muslim Uganda 45% u er apsidedown information

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed   4 days ago

    Can you do the same video for North Africa espacially the Maghreb union?

  • Pranay Chaturvedi
    Pranay Chaturvedi   5 days ago

    I hope this works and lead to changes in entire continent. Love from India