East African Federation: A New African Superpower?

  • Published on: 03 April 2019
  • Within Eastern Africa, a new country might be forming. Or maybe not, things can be pretty volatile here. But yeah, what would it be like?

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    "Night Cave" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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    "Deliberate Thought" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • David McBride
    David McBride   6 hours ago

    it's funny You only remembered the crusades !! as a sign of violence.It was the shitlam's violence that led to the crusaders, which were too few and too weak to save my country, my language, my culture and my identity from the evil cult of shitlam.

  • Azzre
    Azzre   1 days ago

    I think the EAF would kinda set a role model for the rest of African countries.

  • Kartikey Mishra
    Kartikey Mishra   1 days ago

    Love you africa 🇮🇳🇮🇳india. You will develop at the greatest hieghts in near future...

  • Victor Barros
    Victor Barros   2 days ago

    calling the median an average grinds my gears

  • Name Again
    Name Again   2 days ago

    There is no superpower without nuclear weapons.

  • Ben Andoh
    Ben Andoh   2 days ago

    And Swahili is the lingua Franca

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S   2 days ago

    Wow the religion distribution of Africa almost exactly corresponds to the desert bordersEdit : not the small deserts

  • sally jambo
    sally jambo   3 days ago

    East Africa is tolerant to religion. Stop lying.

  • RIP Capo😢🙏
    RIP Capo😢🙏   3 days ago

    Bro, imagine if Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Liberia decided to be on some powerful energy like this.

  • Ashi Aku
    Ashi Aku   4 days ago

    They really don’t have anything to loose

  • A Nother
    A Nother   4 days ago

    So Kenya Tanzania etc. would like throw their borders, independence, heritage, leadership in the trash can? Erm not happening.

  • Chris Keyz
    Chris Keyz   5 days ago

    This would be interesting but I'm pessimistic

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson   5 days ago

    That median age range stat is, troubling but interesting. What happened to the elders?

  • Luís Filipe
    Luís Filipe   1 weeks ago

    Let's hope all this power will be translated into the well being of the population and its development and not just to fill some politicians pockets

  • Holly Wood
    Holly Wood   1 weeks ago

    Thats awesome wishful thinking but the US will never let that happen

  • Victor Okoth
    Victor Okoth   1 weeks ago

    KOSOVO is the second youngest country on earth. NOT UGANDA!!!!! Do your research well.

  • Yurigan Smith
    Yurigan Smith   1 weeks ago

    Christian Subsahara-Africa will be the next China or India.

  • Laurence Pesima
    Laurence Pesima   1 weeks ago

    Africa never really had an issue amongst Christanity And Islam much.

  • Гавран
    Гавран   1 weeks ago

    He can unite. Bit big problem is rich people, politics, corruption, evil people,.....!I think if muslim country Libya with Gadafi try to unite Africa.I think her is not honest unite. Hir is doing because war against muslim, rich people make more rich. In the end if white people allows to unite, make. Then is more then whe can seen in this video.

  • Mohanrao G
    Mohanrao G   1 weeks ago

    China may use Africa. So Africans should be careful

  • Mohanrao G
    Mohanrao G   1 weeks ago

    Indians wants Africa to be developed well.

  • Scupa daddy
    Scupa daddy   1 weeks ago

    EAF let's make it happen Love from the west 🇬🇲

  • Aragti
    Aragti   1 weeks ago

    the best that could happen is if you can cross the border peacefully with ur iD card. Unity NEVA.

  • Utathya Manna
    Utathya Manna   1 weeks ago

    We know we knowThe byzantine empireAnd the calliphates

  • 02042013
    02042013   1 weeks ago

    Great video. It gives you a good abridged summary of several dimensions within the member countries and how they could benefit their success. If that union can achieve an atmosphere of safety by imbuing social and cultural stability with smart and ethical leaders managing each sector of the economy, infrastructure and education, we could see the birth of a new badly needed wonderfully prosperous nation in our planet.

  • Kingdom Of Punt • Somaliland

    My Cushitic brothers ! It’s time to unite ! Eritrea 🇪🇷, Somalia 🇸🇴, Ethiopia 🇪🇹, Djibouti 🇩🇯, Sudan 🇸🇩, Somaliland 🇭🇺 ! Let’s become a United superpower ! We need to defend our race !

  • tyson jonathan
    tyson jonathan   1 weeks ago

    why must you choose the worst clips of Africa when putting together this video? what did Africa ever do to you?

  • Howard Barnett
    Howard Barnett   1 weeks ago

    Population doesn't designate Superpower. That's reserved for folks with nukes.

  • Berserker1110
    Berserker1110   1 weeks ago

    Hopefully US forces don't assassinate the leader of the EAF

  • Caren Ogalo
    Caren Ogalo   1 weeks ago

    I don't agree with the idea of single currency. You can form a union with a single market but not sharing a currency.

  • KRYMauL
    KRYMauL   1 weeks ago

    The Christians and Muslims hate each other because the Muslim took over Byzantium, Constantinople, Alexandria, etc.