Finding Out I'm Pregnant!

  • Published on: 16 May 2019
  • I’m pregnant!! I can’t believe it! 😭

    Here is our Pregnancy Journey!

    A little bit about our story, Connor and I have been trying to get pregnant since June 2018. Connor and I have always wanted to be parents, but the three years we had been married, it just seemed like the roughest of times. Our married wasn't strong, he was gone all the time with the military, etc. Then, finally in June we felt like our marriage was in such a healthy and loving place, Connor would be getting out of the military in 2019, and it was time. So we tried, and tried, and tried...and we didn't realize the journey the Lord would take us on with patience, peace, and trust.
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  • Eric Lehman
    Eric Lehman   2 months ago

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's wonderful to have a new baby!

  • Alexa Smith
    Alexa Smith   3 months ago

    My old ass trying to get pregnant with lots of negative test: 😭. P.s. this girl looks SO YOUNG. How old is she

  • Elizabeth Buchholz
    Elizabeth Buchholz   3 months ago

    Had to pause and cry... I know I’m late to the game but I’m so so happy for you!!!

  • Mookie Monroe
    Mookie Monroe   4 months ago

    Hello congratulations 🍾 I know this is old but I wanted to say I love your intro.

  • gracie jane
    gracie jane   4 months ago

    Congrats!! Just find out I’m pregnant with my first baby yesterday!! I know how you feeling!! Coz im so happy too .. hopefully this baby in my tummy grow healthy amen

  • Am Ha
    Am Ha   5 months ago

    If you were consistently late you probably just have a longer cycle then the average 28 which BC will artificially put u on my cycle is 31 days

  • Eman Fareed
    Eman Fareed   5 months ago

    When i did test one day before my period I didn't wait immediately got possitive.

  • Erin Mundo
    Erin Mundo   5 months ago

    Congratulations! I have a bit of a personal question. I'm on birth control and have been for a long time. Do you think the struggle to become pregnant was because of your birth control? My husband and I want to have kids eventually and it scares me to think I'll have trouble getting pregnant once I'm off the pill.

  • Brittney Stamper
    Brittney Stamper   6 months ago

    I'm 27 weeks and found out I was pregnant around this same time this year! When's your due date?

  • Lucy Ventura
    Lucy Ventura   6 months ago

    I understand you just PERFECTLY, my husband and I were trying to conceive for more than a year, we (specifically me) got frustrated every time, upset with God because he was not allowing us to become parents, but we never loose our faith, and God is perfect just as his timing! I'm 6w and 6 days pregnant now... And I'm so thankful with God, at the end he new exactly what the perfect time will be for us, and we learned that we need to keep believing no matter what 🧡 thanks for this video

  • deep blue
    deep blue   6 months ago

    many congratulations. so where did you finely settled guys?

  • Mary Rose Atillo
    Mary Rose Atillo   6 months ago

    are you really pregnant? i got 3 faint positive pregnancy test what do you think? am i pregnant or not?

  • Angelica Brutas
    Angelica Brutas   7 months ago

    after I got married I'm starting to expect to have a baby but its always negative. Now Im 2 weeks late at still got negative pregnancy tets I am so nervous, praying for a positive pregnancy test🙏

  • impeejjeey
    impeejjeey   7 months ago

    awwwe, it makes me so happy to see people have babies <3 could only wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy

  • Ash Creates
    Ash Creates   8 months ago

    You deserve this baby you beautiful awkward human being. Especially after how long you’ve been trying. You’ll be an amazing mama.

  • lacein abox
    lacein abox   8 months ago

    So this is the first time I've seen your channel but we found out we were pregnant on the SAME DAY! So now I'll be following you. Can't wait to watch and have this baby grow with yours!

  • Christina & Josue
    Christina & Josue   8 months ago

    After two miscarriages in a row we are now expecting our first baby girl 💕

  • Lanie Elizabeth
    Lanie Elizabeth   8 months ago

    june 2018?? she uploaded her 17 week mark only about a week ago that makes no sense she would have had it already

  • Amber Lewis
    Amber Lewis   8 months ago

    Just found out I was pregnant a few days ago, this is exciting

  • True2Live
    True2Live   8 months ago

    Interesting someone can surrender their very life and loved ones to God, but apparently not your fertility. Guess God’s in control, except with that. Go birth CONTROL (even the word control is in the name, Love the irony)! So great!

  • Xoxo, Kierstyn
    Xoxo, Kierstyn   8 months ago

    for people trying to conceive: the WORSTTT thing you can do when trying is to lose faith!!! never blame god and never lose faith!!! everrr!! trust in him! we’ve been trying for over a year and haven’t got pregnant but i have faith and i trust in god and i know TIMING IS EVERYTHING!! 💛💛

  • Karen Montero
    Karen Montero   8 months ago

    April 20th is my birthday 😂Congratulations by the way ❤

  • josiemonkey003
    josiemonkey003   8 months ago

    Ohhhh mama, CONGRATULATIONS!!!I know allllll to well that shaky, omg could it pleeease be this time, but a little bit already have the feeling it might be thanks to God's journey. I have our beautiful daughter who is now 14 months, and life with her has been so crazy that I haven't had time to come back to your channel and properly thanked you for that fact that I genuinely feel YOU had a big role in me conceiving our amazing child.... aaaaand then I see that YOU'RE on the same journey! :DYou look EXACTLY like I did taking the test. We had tried 4x (I was 38 yrs old with PCOS) before with an infertility specialist by our side. Buuuut.. during that time I found YOU bc my wife was joining the coast guard reserves and I was desperate for support. You are a true Angel in my life, Brit, seriously!! "Jesus calling" is a book I cling to now thanks to you, and prayer is what I truly believe brought me my daughter for try #5 when we screamed, jumped, danced and cried around the bathroom when we found out about our baby. I looked just like you.... GLOWING!I'm so happy for all three of you, you will be a beautiful family. Thank you for all you do on this channel. When you sleep at night, know that you have rejuvenated yet another heart and soul in the world out there. Your child is blessed to come to you both! <3

  • Abigail Joe
    Abigail Joe   8 months ago

    Every pregnant girl: So, I was late on my period.Me: HEY SAME!! almost panics Wait... I'm a 13 year old virgin, what am I even-?Congrats, girly!

  • Aresama Fekire
    Aresama Fekire   8 months ago

    Omg im happy for you i use to be like you but i pray and i just find out today im pregnant im so happy i didn't tell my husband yet

  • Natasha Sardi
    Natasha Sardi   8 months ago

    omg so i'm late and knew to this channel but i found out i was pregnant literally a day after you!!! how cool!!

  • Jeylin Martinez
    Jeylin Martinez   8 months ago

    I’m 18 days late on my period and my test came out negative but I’ve had so many symptoms should I just give up and stop thinking I’m pregnant or what ? Helpppp😩

  • PresbyGaming
    PresbyGaming   8 months ago

    Quick question for the ladies trying to conceive!So my breasts are sore like on the sides and I have mild cramping but I'm 15dpo and I'm 3 days until AF but tested negative on a pregnancy test. Never had sore breasts before until like now. Anyone can help me out with this? Thanks!💙🥰🤰