The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
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    The Sony Xperia 1 has received significant attention from the smartphone community. It features an unusual display (4k, OLED, 21:9) and therefore an unusual form factor. Has Sony finally created a smartphone capable of competing with the Samsung, Apple and others?

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  • Runtime : 10:20
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  • vic domin
    vic domin   8 minuts ago

    Sony has great phones (I have the XZ3). But in all the revue that I read, they say Samsung and Huawei are better phones. The only think possible is that Samsung and Huawei paid the evaluation in these tests. If I have paid attention to those tests, I would never buy a Sony. But I Know what quality is, and that’s why I bought Sony Smartphones. When I show the pictures that I took with my Xperia, all the people that has other brands ask me if they can have this pictures (the revues always said that the Xperia cams are not good). I only hope that Sony never give up the smartphones, because I wouldn’t know witch brand to buy. But I'm sure I would be disappointed.

  • Magnus Öhman
    Magnus Öhman   1 hours ago

    I'm so going Sony when Xperia 2 enter the market.

  • Therune
    Therune   6 hours ago

    My Xperia Z3+ sort of kicked the bucket, with over 3 years of use. It is bent, by account of me throwing it in the wall. Pretty hard, it bent but it was no problem with it. Recently the software is acting up. Certain keys didn’t work when I pressed them. Not being able to write a message. I’m sure a restart of the phone would have fixed that. Awesome phones

  • guyana kid
    guyana kid   13 hours ago

    Hello my name is anand i am trying to be a new youtuber i come from a poor family my father is past away and i wish if you can send me a cell phone

  • Hana Citra
    Hana Citra   13 hours ago

    I still use sony Z1 from 6years ago 😁😁😁

  • Travis Orozco
    Travis Orozco   18 hours ago

    Sony has had a dedicated camera shutter button for years. I remember it on my Sony Z2. Still one of my favorite phones of all time.

  • Brammetje Baas
    Brammetje Baas   1 days ago

    What’s the case he is using on the oneplus 7 pro?

  • Questionable Logic
    Questionable Logic   1 days ago

    I just want to be able to use the Remote Play app tbh. That's the only reason I even know about it.

  • Ashton Mitchl
    Ashton Mitchl   1 days ago

    You wish it was a bit snappier? Ur that impatient that point 3 seconds is to much for you? Come on dude

  • TheSido26
    TheSido26   1 days ago

    Sony phones is trash, don't waste your money, and more is difficult to repair.

  • Jose Fontanez
    Jose Fontanez   2 days ago


  • Larry David
    Larry David   2 days ago

    I can barely wait for the IPhone launch to feel better I will go look at the Note in 5 days😁

  • SpawnX
    SpawnX   2 days ago

    I still find the price being insane!

    GRIMM WESSEN   2 days ago

    Ugly like my ex 😂😂😂 Note 10+ is a king.

  • XGearCommander
    XGearCommander   2 days ago

    I have clicked on the link that’s been given, and it clearly shows those headphones are an extra charge. I don’t see anywhere where they will freely give those headphones. I was really looking forward to going back to the Sony Xperia.

  • Boy!
    Boy!   2 days ago

    Sony phones are sadly so underrated! They're reliable, fast and beautiful! Proud XZ Premium owner!

  • Loony Luna
    Loony Luna   3 days ago

    3k battery with 4k display? Yeah nah.

  • Kenneth Flaaten
    Kenneth Flaaten   3 days ago

    I own and use this phone. And let me tell you, it's kinda disappointing seing they put so much effort in the screen and camera, but not on the battery. I mean sure I survive as it is, but got kinda spoiled after using huawei mate 10 pro. Why? Well the mate had faster charge (even managed to stay cool unlike Sony xperia) , better battery handling (power saving features), could use it for longer, better standby time, battery saver that functioned as it should (not to mention, could pick own apps to have in their ultra stamina mode, and didn't have to restart the phone every damn time going out of the ultra stamina mode). Other than that it is a great phone. Also, as I like the side fingerprint sensor, I don't mind at all. Hated the back sensor. Other than that, it is a great phone. But for some reason, the battery always is an issue with the Sony phones (last Sony I owned before this one was z5, which had same annoyance as this one).

  • James Davidson
    James Davidson   3 days ago

    Headphone jacks have been around for a hell of a lot of years to be fair. But if you're in America, at least you don't have to put up with EU headphone volume limits like we do. Even when the limit is turned off and you up the volume to max, it's still too quiet on the bundled headphones in the box. I still use my old iphone4 to listen to music as it was out before the legislation passed. But it's the screen that makes this phone. Hands down the best mobile screen for live Premier League football

  • Wind Wolf
    Wind Wolf   3 days ago

    Sony always has a place in my heart. I hope they will stay in the game.

  • Jude LopeZ
    Jude LopeZ   4 days ago

    Use the camera in manual mode and be amazed on what it can do. It's like having a mirrorless camera!

  • Mithesh Shetty
    Mithesh Shetty   4 days ago

    I freaking love this phone. Wish I could afford it. Who knows , may be in a few years

  • buddy1065
    buddy1065   5 days ago

    Love mine. Initially it had overheating problems but after hooking it to my PC and using the Sony software repair program and after the recent update no more overheating when recording 60fps video. Looks like it's a keeper😁

  • hottrendz
    hottrendz   5 days ago

    Love ya so much for doing the speaker test aswell. So important for some ppl 🥰

  • hottrendz
    hottrendz   5 days ago

    Sony sucks... for 999 euros? Dont buy this you guys, samsung has all the pro camera features in "pro mode" so dont tell us something new bro

  • Exotic Alpha
    Exotic Alpha   5 days ago

    no headphone jack?? there must be a headphone jeff

  • Muddasser Awan
    Muddasser Awan   5 days ago

    Big fan, great content, but can you please share any product that can help share my phone music during the call, please. I am not sure mobizen earphones work like that. this from an android user. thanks again