The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
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    The Sony Xperia 1 has received significant attention from the smartphone community. It features an unusual display (4k, OLED, 21:9) and therefore an unusual form factor. Has Sony finally created a smartphone capable of competing with the Samsung, Apple and others?

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  • Runtime : 10:20
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  • Beastybeats1
    Beastybeats1   9 hours ago

    Please unbox more sony smartphones because i really wanna know how good they are now since i had xperia z3 are they better from you're opinion if so i m gonna buy the latest so Please unbox the Latest sony xperia smartphone . Grtz from belgium 🙂

  • carlz nazareno
    carlz nazareno   1 days ago

    Too bad SONY stopped selling xperia line ups in country (PHL) because their phones are too goddamn expensive!But then I realized oh, I'm living in a developing country and what's budget in the developed world is expensive for us

  • Suresh GO
    Suresh GO   1 days ago

    The XPERIA Z2 I had never gave a single complaint in 5 years of use. That happened neither with Samsung nor oneplus. Sony quality is top notch.

  • Ven The Guy
    Ven The Guy   2 days ago

    Who else is a team samsung but had sony as their first smartphone

  • Liam Lake
    Liam Lake   4 days ago

    They need to bring back the headphone jack

  • mikakami93
    mikakami93   6 days ago

    This phone's software pretty bad in service worth inside of shithole

  • Oaken Solstice
    Oaken Solstice   1 weeks ago

    "its way more pixels than my eyes could ever discern"

  • Claire Morgan
    Claire Morgan   1 weeks ago

    POLL CULTURE like this is I should buy the Xperia 1 for a bundle or not wait and hope the price of just the phone goes down

  • P.Tibor
    P.Tibor   1 weeks ago

    3330 mah well..........not soo good with a very good screen......1 year later half day the battery go to 0 per cent.........

  • A B U
    A B U   2 weeks ago

    Who has Xperia t2 ultra dual

  • jobs line
    jobs line   2 weeks ago

    Would love to buy one of your old phone as an upgrade for me

  • Giyuu
    Giyuu   2 weeks ago

    At first i didnt know what name of sony im using right, but i find out it was XZ men, haha so excited. Got it from my birthday, my first language isnt english sorry. But so proud with SONY.

  • Lil’ Benji
    Lil’ Benji   2 weeks ago

    Sony’s marketing on phones suck ass.I see all of these ps4 video game ads and promotions in like GameStop or Best Buy but Sony just let a 4K hand held display just to get glossed over.Like seriously, I didn’t even know Sony made phones before I decided to search up “4K phone” on YouTube for no reason at all besides just for fun.

  • Farhan Malik
    Farhan Malik   2 weeks ago

    Sony’s mobile division is not performing well. I can clearly see that the camera in the Sony Xperia 1 and 5 are having some issues. Hopefully, wait for the Sony Xperia 0 in 2020, which has a whopping six camera lens and they’re finally including their own main camera sensor. However, this is just a rumor.

  • Hazza Diesel
    Hazza Diesel   2 weeks ago

    Sony deserves your attention for the wrong reasons at the moment. Poor camera and poor battery life on the Xperia 1 is not acceptable. Hope they fix the next generation with the simple let downs as they are crucial

  • Sr4Turza
    Sr4Turza   2 weeks ago

    I wish i could buy this Phone

  • tesla cars
    tesla cars   2 weeks ago

    i watch on my 5 year old sony xperia z2

  • BD
    BD   3 weeks ago

    Most people dont know this, but Sony manufactures iPhones camera hardware 😂

  • Izzzi
    Izzzi   3 weeks ago

    You should've done an sony xz premium review

  • Liam
    Liam   3 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me if this phone will work with Australian network providers (telstra, voda, optus etc)