Catching Flights AND Feelings

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
  • Met a girl at Los Angeles baggage claim on a chance encounter and things developed into a classic case of 'this could be us but you playin'.


    Shirt I'm wearing:

    Peeps mentioned in vid:


    Mystery video:
  • Runtime : 7:33
  • swoozie adande lax girl a list animation celebrity baggage claim


  • luis whiley
    luis whiley   1 weeks ago

    Finally, a swoozie art style I can recreate

  • Amina Hall
    Amina Hall   3 minuts ago

    I hate how when swoozie makes plans they always ghost him!🥺🥺🥺

  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis   18 minuts ago

    We all know you have a time consuming schedule kinda try to make a few more videos and if you are doing what you can do I respect that

    BNJMN   35 minuts ago

    should have gone for girl no.1

  • Appsro 44
    Appsro 44   1 hours ago

    “ Her fashion was amazing” 👐 Any girl who would wear a wu tang shirt would take the attraction to the next level for me

  • Lia Aquino
    Lia Aquino   2 hours ago

    just go after normal girls, not superficial plastic ones damn

  • Sherry Judith
    Sherry Judith   2 hours ago

    I'm I the only one wondering who A list celebrity is

  • ninja 101
    ninja 101   3 hours ago

    Man I feel bad for youBut this is a thing that somehow happens onli to story time yt's

    MEME TIME   3 hours ago

    Should have gone for baddy 1

  • Rex King
    Rex King   3 hours ago

    Homieeee 😭😭😭😭 I feel your painnn trust me. Check my dms

  • Shani B
    Shani B   4 hours ago

    What’s with all these flaky girls bruh?? 😅 my dude you’re worth more

  • Isaac Dolan
    Isaac Dolan   4 hours ago

    “But I unfollowed her back and it’s all cool” sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 😂

  • Tarik Lord
    Tarik Lord   6 hours ago

    Swoozie posting on schedule now. Its a brave new world

  • Bossman Theman
    Bossman Theman   6 hours ago

    Yooooooooooooooo this dude is winning. It's just that simple

  • Logan Wandrey
    Logan Wandrey   9 hours ago

    Now it be more like Catching flights and Corona

  • Ave_Muse_Mage
    Ave_Muse_Mage   11 hours ago

    So..... youre looking to date instagram models only?

  • Kamryn Gray
    Kamryn Gray   12 hours ago

    God if I ever saw you anywhere Swoozie I would die. You are adorbs.

  • l2ebel96
    l2ebel96   14 hours ago

    That LP lyric was a crisp close

  • MisCLiq
    MisCLiq   18 hours ago

    this channel is now just promotion for Instagram models.

  • Foxy Jai
    Foxy Jai   19 hours ago

    You could fly me out anytime 🙂

  • Muneeb Elyaman
    Muneeb Elyaman   19 hours ago

    It's alright bro, just find u a lil mama that matches your energy, that's the most important thing.

  • caden jones
    caden jones   20 hours ago

    Bruh, if Swooz is having a tough time making it, THEN WHAT CHANCE DO I HAVE OUT HERE 😅☠!?...hh, he's right though; Not my tea, not my concern.

  • GothiQ haQer
    GothiQ haQer   20 hours ago

    Full marks for the LP reference but maybe… just maybe… the girls you go for are girls who think they're better than you?

  • ZenTheOriginalDevil
    ZenTheOriginalDevil   20 hours ago

    SwooZie Iam sorry love your vids but you be simping 😂 flying all these girls everywhere

  • Kealan Braden
    Kealan Braden   21 hours ago

    Soleil still works at twistee treat so try her lmao. I’m kidding she has a boyfriend

  • Via Nguyen
    Via Nguyen   22 hours ago

    Swooz you’re tooooo precious💗

  • Princess
    Princess   22 hours ago

    "I unfollowed her back so it's cool"😂😂😂