The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 2 Part 1

  • Published on: 02 April 2016
  • Thanks to cptsolo
  • Runtime : 13:38


  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom   2 weeks ago

    5:36 in timeline 666 hand gesture.   Most of the content seems to revolve around sexuality, and I wouldn't be surprised if the contestants came from the porn industry, secret societies and/or the occult.  Just pure garbage.   I was born in 1971, but I never watched garbage like this, it always bored me.   Can't even get past where I am in the video now, because it's just too filthy.

  • Pete Pan
    Pete Pan   1 months ago

    4:15 - "This man's flying airplanes for us..."....OMG I DIED !!!!

  • Amonthered
    Amonthered   1 months ago

    That very last guy looked like there was going to be some domestic violence LOL

  • Dolores Vargas
    Dolores Vargas   2 months ago

    Doesn't this make you want to stay single.Tony has spoken.

  • L. A. Draper
    L. A. Draper   3 months ago

    Where is the most unusual place you have ever made whoopee? "In da butt, Bob."

  • J Miranda
    J Miranda   3 months ago

    That’s Ontario Mills 🤣😂

  • Wally Therien
    Wally Therien   3 months ago

    why in hell don't they make great shows like this any longer? i love laughing my ass off . . .

  • Martin Erskine
    Martin Erskine   3 months ago

    That host, Bob is it? He seems like the kind of guy you could chat with and have a great laugh with.

  • ken Retherford
    ken Retherford   4 months ago

    Any ladies want to chat? Email me at ""

  • Stephanie W
    Stephanie W   4 months ago

    I bet most young people have no idea why the spider in the shower couple was such a big deal. 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Lang
    John Lang   4 months ago

    ANSWER: "A Drive in movie" HUSBAND: "Maybe that wasn't you"UH OH! He is SO dead!

  • Antonio Castro
    Antonio Castro   4 months ago

    11:01 rubber spider, it happened before we were married LOL

  • chippledon1
    chippledon1   5 months ago

    Comment @ 11:06 was scandalous back then ! Now?

  • Mohanraj Jk
    Mohanraj Jk   5 months ago

    Well some cops really are some famous robbers

  • Colin S
    Colin S   5 months ago

    Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario CA. I live 10 minutes away.. Lol

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M   5 months ago

    "Now my son is my step-son, he's married to my step-daughter" 😂😂

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M   5 months ago

    She lives without testicles everyday. .. umm.ok.then

  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez   6 months ago

    Bob Eubanks lol 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Ibhenriksen
    Ibhenriksen   6 months ago

    11:50 might where they came up with Marge Simpson.

  • Frankincensed
    Frankincensed   6 months ago

    Better than any scripted comedy because it's real. You can't write stuff this funny

  • Wendy O Koopa
    Wendy O Koopa   6 months ago

    every compilation forgets the Classic newlywed game moment where bob asks what a husband's favorite thing to do with a bunny is.

  • marina weikum
    marina weikum   6 months ago

    My son is now my step son cause hes married to his step sister......WAIT WHAT..?ll??? 🤣

  • moon glow
    moon glow   7 months ago

    My favorite game show Billy Bob Joe - - have any more videos ❓ I'll be a subscriber for life ❗😎🇺🇸

  • VectraQS
    VectraQS   8 months ago

    I thought the laughter on the "Yogi Bear" answer might have been sweetened, but I'm fairly certain that I can hear Gene Wood laughing.

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham   10 months ago

    Didn't care for him. Steve Harvey rocks it.

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger   10 months ago

    Can you name a human organ you can live without? Spleen kidney and pancreas? You cannot live without a pancreas. People have died from pancreatic cancer if you could live without it they would just take it out. Oh my gosh. You couldn't be more wrong that would be like saying you could live without a brain. No you can't

  • Cody Ray
    Cody Ray   10 months ago

    The Lady's answer about helicopters used for tuna fishing is correct. FYI.