F.R.I.E.N.D.S Bloopers Part Two

  • Published on: 17 July 2012
  • Runtime : 15:51
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  • Maria Elizebeth
    Maria Elizebeth   9 minuts ago

    They are all so good that it's impossible to just pick one!But, Matthew's smile is everything!

  • T. L G
    T. L G   1 days ago

    Matt Leblanc has a beautiful smile

  • T. L G
    T. L G   1 days ago

    I love Lisa's laugh

  • Wild Eye Studios
    Wild Eye Studios   1 days ago

    Why would they add the public laughter in post, it's just bloopers, better to hear just the raw audio and the crew laughter

  • Google Google
    Google Google   2 days ago

    An asshole must be your friend there is no life without assholes!

  • Audrey Chang
    Audrey Chang   2 days ago

    I could watch friends over and over and over, it is the best and always will be :)

  • Nikki Raby
    Nikki Raby   2 days ago

    0:33 - 0:38 gets me every single time. Omggg

  • Amy
    Amy   5 days ago

    Now imagine your 14, it's 5am, you never learned how to control your laughter and you find everything funny, your parents are in the room next to you, if they wake up and find out you turned on the WiFi to stay up all night you're dead. My life is fun.

  • Hazel’s Life
    Hazel’s Life   5 days ago

    Omg I am in love with Lisa’s (Phoebe’s) laugh! ❤️

  • Aden Yavuz
    Aden Yavuz   1 weeks ago

    "Somebody teach Matt how to use a door" HAHAHAHAH IM DEAD🤣😂😂😂😂

  • DomWeasel
    DomWeasel   1 weeks ago

    09:20, Matt unknowingly scraping the trifle David spat out onto his own plate, and then eating it.

  • Tasoq
    Tasoq   1 weeks ago

    It must be so hard to act in a comedy lmao

  • Kelly Day
    Kelly Day   1 weeks ago

    Ffs must have taken a year to film one episode 😂

  • Rojack Jantan
    Rojack Jantan   1 weeks ago

    12:01 Monica just revealed Rachel's real sex life! LOL...

  • Priyanka
    Priyanka   1 weeks ago

    Matthew perry got the cutest smile of them all.

  • Ian Bo
    Ian Bo   1 weeks ago

    I will never understand the people who put dislikes under such videos! What the fuck don't you like?

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith   2 weeks ago

    to have that much fun making a million dollars an episode, what a life

  • Miki Maus
    Miki Maus   2 weeks ago

    This was time od their lives, and u can feel that.

  • Usama Kamran
    Usama Kamran   2 weeks ago

    They wernt actors at all.. they really were a bunch of friends hanging out

  • TZ Baig
    TZ Baig   2 weeks ago

    The audiences and the extras were so lucky!

  • Bonnie Hoffman
    Bonnie Hoffman   2 weeks ago

    Love friends.watch reruns everyday.they never get old.

  • 24bidy
    24bidy   2 weeks ago

    To me Ross is the best actor from all of them