• Published on: 17 August 2018
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  • Runtime : 7:23
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  • Amanda Drinkwalter
    Amanda Drinkwalter   10 hours ago

    I'm sorry for my mom she is poor and I live with my rich grandma

  • Caden
    Caden   3 days ago

    When the yiay about things that sound like rejected yiays didn’t even make it into the rejected yiays

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi   1 weeks ago

    Wait, what’s bofa?

  • Boni Chodes
    Boni Chodes   1 weeks ago

    I’ll have a rap battle with telemarketers from now on.

  • America
    America   2 weeks ago

    #YIAY I am so sorry for my existing

  • Igi122
    Igi122   2 weeks ago

    3:33 if i was gabe i would release hl3 with this name to confuse people

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf   1 months ago

    For the —,—,and— Get laid, get paid and Gatorade

  • McCalder Bros
    McCalder Bros   1 months ago

    Everybody the comments getting rape and rap confused cuz the are dumb. There a big difference between being a rappist and being a raper idiot

  • Hawkclaw OFFICIAL
    Hawkclaw OFFICIAL   1 months ago

    #YIAYyt nothing, You stay inside all day-And to make you happy #YIAYteleMe me big boy

  • Tomato
    Tomato   1 months ago

    that i too late to get featured

  • XwingHax
    XwingHax   1 months ago

    Yesterday I asked you to leave your answers in the comments below Video Fucking Ends

  • Jorge Ozzy
    Jorge Ozzy   1 months ago

    "Rejected YIAY questions 3" the second one didnt have enough good answers

  • Peca Car
    Peca Car   1 months ago

    This shuld be an hour long

  • Ilee J
    Ilee J   2 months ago

    #yiaysorry my dad.

  • Bricktendo
    Bricktendo   2 months ago

    What I wanna know is why is there a scare me 2 but no scare me 1

  • LeahDell _04
    LeahDell _04   2 months ago

    The only YIAY's where nobody made it in!

  • JoeThePro
    JoeThePro   2 months ago

    Is nobody going to point out that he served ramen on a plate?

  • greysun
    greysun   2 months ago

    I love 1:15 because that's straight up what Jack Stauber did with Dead Weight