Not all Synthetic Oils are the same. What to look for.

  • Published on: 09 August 2017
  • Flatirons Tuning Tech Tip - Not all Synthetic Oils are the same. What to look for.

    When it comes to picking an oil for your car, there are a ton of options now if you are looking for a synthetic oil. But what do you look for?

    Synthetic oil has been changing over the last 10 years or so for a number of reasons, and we decided it would be helpful to put together a video that goes into detail about what the different types of synthetic oil are, what some of the popular additives in oils are to look for, and how some certifications, especially an API certification effects those.

    Hopefully this video helps, and thanks for watching!
  • Runtime : 11:21
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  • Cameron Beyer
    Cameron Beyer   2 days ago

    Hey I was looking at the Motul stuff and was wonder what the main difference is between the Eco and the X-cess was. I have a 19 STI and it burns the oem oil like mad, but doesn’t burn better oils I’ve tried (royal purple, ams oil) I change every 3000 so oil life isn’t my concern

  • Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson   6 months ago

    Great information video!    Have you  ever noticed when a oil lab tec takes a oil sample form a new bottle for testing he shakes it first?    Why....most of the additives have settled to the bottom of the container, especially if on the shelf for any length of time.  I always shake every container before pouring into any engine.  Thanks

  • Wes Hutchinson
    Wes Hutchinson   6 months ago

    I noticed that Amsoil wasn't included along with these top shelf oils. Maybe because it is inferior to the brands featured in this video?

  • Righteous RedNeck
    Righteous RedNeck   6 months ago

    I just want to know that if there are oils that are better why are they not readily available in stores

  • fatal3sgte
    fatal3sgte   8 months ago

    I've been using shell Rotella T6 for the engine and shell spirax S6 for the drivetrain with no issues so far, holds up quite well for smell and sight test between change intervals. I've seen Rotella T6 all over the forums but didn't hear any mention of it in the video. Any personal thoughts on it for long time use?

  • ERICMD82
    ERICMD82   8 months ago

    When running e85 what oil would be the best to use?

  • papa al
    papa al   8 months ago

    9:35 An oil analysis every 1000 miles?Spend a dollar to save a dime.Helpful advise.

  • papa al
    papa al   8 months ago

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is synthesised from natural gas/methane.What group is that.

  • Barry Thomas
    Barry Thomas   8 months ago my neck of the woods zinc was removed from all engine oils with the exception of Diesel oil. So if you need zinc for whatever reason, you just bought diesel oil. Now after a bit of lobbying from owners of vintage and veteran cars we now have Synthetic engine oil that is labelled "Full Zinc anti-wear additive package" .Although there is nowhere on the bottle or on their web site that tell you what percentage of zinc = full zinc.

  • Emmanuel Ortiz
    Emmanuel Ortiz   9 months ago

    Ahhh man love this topic all I tell people is whatever floats your boat buy whatever makes you happy. Ill just keep doin my regular oil changes at 3k regardless if it's synthetic or not trust it does wonders

  • Roy Giller
    Roy Giller   9 months ago

    Amsoil, Redline and Motul are just about the best oils available but are pricey.

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S   9 months ago

    Excellent explanation of a confusing issue... re the catalytic converter problem.

  • Pat Treu
    Pat Treu   10 months ago

    redline oil is all I use

  • Robert Stennett
    Robert Stennett   1 years ago

    Oils that are labeled full synthetic are not 100% synthetic, only oils labeled 100% synthetic are 100% synthetic.

  • Erik Huynh
    Erik Huynh   1 years ago

    ENEOS Sustina have group VI synthetic base. Their viscosity super stable, especially easy to know the different with Valvoline Synpower I used before in winter. My car operate like the engine already at operating temperature but temp gauge still at all the way down C.

  • cisa93
    cisa93   1 years ago

    BG makes their own oil and they don’t have it API certified. It’s supposed to be an excellent full synthetic engine oil

  • Google User
    Google User   1 years ago

    Mineral based oils are compatable with virtually all plastics and rubber.......Group 4 and group 5 oils can destroy many kinds of plastics and rubber.......With the growing amount of plastics and rubber used in modern engines, you better be 100% sure that the oil you are using is compatable with the polymers used in the engine.......If your manufacturer doesn't specifically say the oil is approved for their engine, you are taking a very big risk.

  • john brown
    john brown   1 years ago

    I live down under, where is the Shell, Castrol, Valvoline,Nulon etc in all of this, never heard of any of the brands shown here?

  • jogu123
    jogu123   1 years ago

    You guys are doing great stuff 👏👏👏

  • J B
    J B   1 years ago

    You guys should check out the BG 5/30 full synthetic. I use that and their MOA110 and don't experience nearly as much oil consumption or blow by as I did with other oils in my MY8-14 sti. (mild build, track days every other month or so)

  • M D
    M D   2 years ago

    This was a solid video. Really gets some new information out there on YouTube. Since the FA20DIT has naturally occurring carbon build up on it's intake valves from its EGR system, would a low SAPS or high SAPS oil be the preferred choice? I've been using Eneos 5w30 for the time being, and am unsure if I should switch to an 8100 or say with Eneos.

  • Mac Sti
    Mac Sti   2 years ago

    Great info I needed to see this.

  • John Auletta
    John Auletta   2 years ago

    Good info. Oil groups are new to me. What are your thought. on Liqui Moly 5-40 and MOS2 additive for pro-tuned subaru motors?

  • G1itzik
    G1itzik   2 years ago

    great professional info, thanks

  • Daniel Crescenzo
    Daniel Crescenzo   2 years ago

    Excellent info. Your bravery on approaching this subject is noted. I will be switching to the 8100 and have 2 mailers standing by for analysis when the time comes. Cheers!