The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained

  • Published on: 31 January 2016
  • The last star in the universe will be a red dwarf. Red dwarfs in general might be great places to look for aliens – or planets for humans to find a new home after our solar system has died.

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    The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained

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  • Runtime : 5:51
  • red dwarf universe heat death end of the universe death space sun star physics astronomy life cycle hydrogen helium humans earth aliens alien life exoplanet gas giant super earth white dwarf black dwarf life last star funny kurzgesagt in a nutshell future


    KEVIN PEREIRA   1 days ago

    red drawfs? what are they and are they are last hope really?

    JAMES LE   4 days ago

    Stars can be formed o DONT LOSE HOPE

  • GamingDragon Gacha
    GamingDragon Gacha   4 days ago

    Is the beginning a "The Little Prince" reference? Or is it Beauty and the Beast? Or is it just a rose???

  • Sean Wu
    Sean Wu   4 days ago

    It's so sad how one day all life in the universe will go away, all the efforts and knowledge we gain will just disappear eventually

  • JPopRoxz
    JPopRoxz   6 days ago

    Kurzgesagt designed discord confirmed

  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin   1 weeks ago

    When the universe ends, it just loops back over. We'll all be born again and re-live out our lives. Hopefully you'll remember some of your past life and do things differently

  • Vapor Fish
    Vapor Fish   1 weeks ago

    Have you guys ever thought that if there are aliens(Microscopic organisms found on mars)You yourself are an alien

  • Mimi Ed
    Mimi Ed   1 weeks ago

    Too bad I’ll die before I even get to see the ending

  • SixtyOsprey393
    SixtyOsprey393   1 weeks ago

    Maybe nutrition stars will last longer then Red dwarf star

  • Kale Einstein
    Kale Einstein   1 weeks ago

    2019U know the video is going to be depressing if the intro music changes

  • M S
    M S   1 weeks ago

    If we are talking about red dwarfs, don't they have less gravity than our sun?So a planet closer to them might not be in a lock relationship.Thus creating some sort of parallel with our sun and earth with a smaller scale.

  • Roger Barrera
    Roger Barrera   1 weeks ago

    Red dwarfs stars are not conducive to life as we know it. Mostly because of the solar flares that can occur & also because of the close proximity to the star end short just go somewhere else yellow dwarfs like our sun would be the best ones to go to

  • tarun anbumani
    tarun anbumani   1 weeks ago

    Of course that is only if our estimations on the age of the universe are correct

  • Vitas Thanos
    Vitas Thanos   2 weeks ago

    I thibk i saw a red dwarf when i was going back home iy was flashing white and red my sister said it was a burnjng star :/ im dumb to think stars burn because they ctually do.

  • Labrador 67
    Labrador 67   2 weeks ago

    1:45 aren't the smallest stars neutron stars?

  • swagigaadam
    swagigaadam   2 weeks ago

    So this video gave me an existential crisis...

  • Tin Matesin
    Tin Matesin   2 weeks ago

    Depresivne theme + birds = kursesagt video

  • solid waters
    solid waters   2 weeks ago

    If known universe is simulation Than red dwarf stars are corrupt files hard to eradicate

  • Bob Skadoodle
    Bob Skadoodle   2 weeks ago

    Life only has 1 billion years left on earth, intelligent life capable of leaving earth and carrying on that survival time elsewhere has manifested just in time. Crazy.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith   2 weeks ago

    “On the other hand”....there is no other hand lol

  • Rafael Sirens
    Rafael Sirens   2 weeks ago

    “Why are they our last hope”Hello? We can’t live long enough to see the last star right?

    YELDAH   2 weeks ago

    50 shades of dwarf

  • mrkiky
    mrkiky   2 weeks ago

    Imagine a civilization reaching our level or even more advanced on a planet near the last red dwarf. They would have nothing to look at in the night sky. Could they even make theories on how the universe started? Would they be able to tell that trillions of years ago the universe was teeming with activity?

  • mrkiky
    mrkiky   2 weeks ago

    I fear for the black dwarfs, seeing as how the white dwarfs are degenerates, they're probably racist too.

  • Siva Reddy
    Siva Reddy   2 weeks ago

    Why can’t we just build a Dyson sphere using a red dwarf

  • tnt 467
    tnt 467   2 weeks ago

    "Made of degenerate gasses" hey its me

  • nippon19
    nippon19   2 weeks ago

    One of the few video that the universe or earth isn't destroy at the end and have a poetic sentence at the end <3

  • Mr. sir
    Mr. sir   2 weeks ago

    0:46 HEY dont talk about them like that!

  • Noah Shaw
    Noah Shaw   2 weeks ago

    The largest starthat we know of is VY Canis Majoris. Its name can be roughly translated to Big Dog