Famous Kids Who Ruined Their Careers

  • Published on: 08 September 2019
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    Every parent wants the best for their child. For example, they want their kids to become famous all over the world! After all, when you are famous, you are rich and you live an easy life... Who will say no to this? Unfortunately, things can be different in real life. Many stars, who appeared in every magazine and TV show when they were kids, have been completely forgotten. But what happened to them? That's exactly what we're going to find out today!
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  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha   19 hours ago

    The backpack kid shows humanity's retardation

  • Velakor
    Velakor   1 days ago

    backpack kid never even had a career. dude couldnt even dance, 0 talent lmao

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh   1 days ago

    What a shame - a talent like Backpack Kid comes along, what, once in a generation?

  • Ophelia Jeter
    Ophelia Jeter   1 days ago

    Backpack kid shouldn’t even be on here 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sahil Khalifa
    Sahil Khalifa   2 days ago

    Judging by the thumbnail we all came here assumeing the backpack kid got involved in drugs

  • Wellshem
    Wellshem   2 days ago

    As a parent of these childs, I would have totally use all this money to invest in safe investment like house renting. But I'm pretty sure that most of these used the money to go to rich party, get a sport car or eat some tasty lobster.

  • Mayra rosa Gonzalez
    Mayra rosa Gonzalez   2 days ago

    Hahahah backpack kid in the thumnail i know why he ended up like that it was his trash song

  • 0_0
    0_0   3 days ago

    9:49 = backpack kid

  • oof this channel
    oof this channel   5 days ago

    Backpack kid didn’t even crest the floss 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pierre Jecrois
    Pierre Jecrois   5 days ago

    Hailey is a clear example of no one out pizzas the hut

  • Ritika Kumar
    Ritika Kumar   6 days ago

    I don’t think most of them ruined their careers

  • :
    :   1 weeks ago

    What about the home alone kids

  • jaysheel bhatt
    jaysheel bhatt   1 weeks ago

    Why Does grownup richard sandrack look like Post Malone.......😂

  • YOYO_youlo
    YOYO_youlo   1 weeks ago

    10:48 thats just ready player one gear its availeble on netflix

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro   1 weeks ago

    Back pack kid, more like crack head kid

  • Allen Iverson
    Allen Iverson   1 weeks ago

    1:58 please even tho that kid is extremely riped he is and never was at 1% more like 4%

  • Keren Hapuc
    Keren Hapuc   1 weeks ago

    The title is misleading, I don't see ruined careers but rather normal people who decided that acting wasn't for them. The only "ruined" one here imo is Lindsay Lohan and we all know that disaster... LOL

  • LalleMan gaming
    LalleMan gaming   1 weeks ago

    eventually everyone ruins their career because you'll become rich and u dont give a shit about everything.what im trying to say is that you'll become a spoiled tard

  • LalleMan gaming
    LalleMan gaming   1 weeks ago

    back pack kid never asked for his career epic games ripped him off besides he's just a 2 year old dead meme

  • Paid In Full
    Paid In Full   1 weeks ago

    Where is the "Diversity " in this list it's all WHITE

  • Walter Xiao
    Walter Xiao   2 weeks ago

    the thumb nail looks nothing like the flossing kid. He goes to my school so I know how he looks like

  • Aafaque Tole
    Aafaque Tole   2 weeks ago

    I was hoping him to turn in to one punch man after so much training

  • AC games
    AC games   2 weeks ago

    Back pack kid tried to sue epic games at one point

  • Nightmare Invader Dragons& Squids reborn

    Honey boo boo was a reality pig show they basically her mom would force the poor girl into beauty pageants for kids and to me beauty pageants for kids is wrong on so many levels can't kids be kids and let them have friends and play and eat what they want beauty is in the eye of the beholder it's not in make up and not in clothing or fashion or anything it's about you and your personality I'm sorry these kids went threw a lot of abuse and now most of them are doing drugs and alcohol to numb they're pain but it's killing themselves slowly and most of them are too gone that they develop health problems such as cancer or heart problems but some these kid actors that grew up defeated they're pain with natural ways that didn't turned to drugs or alcohol abuse they are true champs like the little kid from problem child he turned out to be a better with a family so he's a family man I'm quite the thinker and the wise one when I think about stuff like they say knowledge is power

    SELENA CHARLES   2 weeks ago

    Anyone gon talk about the thumbnail and what tf was back pack kid famous for lol tf